Miners of the Game Passed over by CCP

btw i’d do that for exhumers also

Actually it’s not stupid…
Well it is the way Naari suggests it.

But 1 base barge which with fittings can achieve outcomes similar to the three different barges we have now would be far more sense than the stats being hard codes into the hulls with minimal fitting room.
That would put more emphasis on player fitting skill and knowledge, not on just selecting the tank barge.


Actually it’s still stupid because you are disregard the #2 rule of EVE; Risk vs Reward

If I’m willing to risk it then I will use the best yield ship even if it’s a deathtrap. I normally flew Covs (for example) in LS as I’m very attentive and don’t get caught. I’d never do that in HS mind you and would want tank.

You could use your argument for any class of ship…why do we need 24 T1 frigates when 1 for each race that can be fitted bla bla bla…it’s silly.

Please stop trying to make EVE easier…

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you’re right, we don’t need that many.

Ah you’re on the “make EVE easier” wagon as well…what a shocker…

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Mining and industry is a core part of the game. removing it would kill EVE.
the NPE although clunky will teach a new player about every aspect of EVE
you start with Combat
then inter system travel
move on to mining
then to scanning
the to setting the expectation of loss (when your “Free” ship has to die)

through out this you are given skills, isk & assets to set you up.
originally you were given a rookie ship and told to have at it

as for the ship design philosophy.

in EVE

  • the mining barge is for extracting raw materials from rock, they are given good cargo space and have varying yields & HP Profiles, as well as a drone bay.
  • the frigate is designed to shoot back / suppress an enemy, they are combat focused, with varying degrees of deference (some have a drone bay)

A mining barge can kill a frigate

in real life

  • a Digger is a digger, it has no onboard storage, will die to almost anything and is the primary tool used in all majure mining operations.
  • a frigate is a WARSHIP. it has big guns, missiles, deapth charges, Sonar, Radar, Air support (helo) and onboard defensive weapon systems.

a Frigate will 100% of the time kill a Digger

24 frigates.
Roughly 5 per race, each filling a specific role in the field of combat and not homogeneous across races

in RL navies, you see a larger number of frigates then destroyers and carriers. its the same principle

the smaller ships are designed to fill a number of roles and as the hull gets bigger/more advances (T2/3) the roles are refined and narrowed. until you end up in a titan

The point is right now we don’t have a real risk vs reward choice with barges. It’s just pick a hull. It’s not about fitting your barge.
Having to pick your fittings to get the results most certainly does make a risk vs reward trade off, and in a much more consistent manner.

Also for dark drifter. WW2 engineering tanks.

Actually it is also about that too considering EHP fits range from 6K to 115K for the 3 ships. Also there is more than one mining doctrine a pilot can follow and that directly effects your fit.

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Tanks are not diggers or destroyers…

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They were however industrial vehicles which come armed. Because they operated in an environment where they were expected to get shot at.
You pointing at real life during an era of virtually peace doesn’t make a good argument in a game where war is constant.

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an armoured digger is still a digger…

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The real problem is that theres an excess of everywhing.

There is no real sense of shortage. Fly to any asteroid belt of any system and you can spend half your day and make dozens of millions. WTF. No competition, no thrilling moments, anything. Sometimes some NPC guys pop in and that’s called “resource wars”. OMG what a feature!!!

Stupid situation. Mining needs a complete revamp.

Most games will introduce players to elementary basics. They build a foundation of steps leading to more complex play. Let’s say in Chess, a new player learns each of the pieces in isolation. Building on this, there is the knight fork, en passant and castling. In Eve you should understand in isolation; low slots, mid slots, high slots & rigs. That is what the NPE should do.

Instead of miners got the July 2012 update. CCP re-designed Chess with a step-up where the minor pieces are all the same. Here’s one with all rooks, another with all bishops and then the option of all knights. It is at this point you are no longer playing Chess - it’s something else. Just like; Procurer tanks, Retriever hauls and Covetor yields. I will tell you: you are no longer playing Eve.

the problem here is that EVE is not analogous with chess. you have given clear distinctions for each or the 3 barges.
retriever is able to hold more on board (longer time in the belt)
the covetor is ably to break rocks faster (larger yield)
Procurer is able to take battleship levels of punishment. (tanky)

Each has a purpose, resigned abount on the RVR principle.
if you are in a fleet then covetor would be the best option as there would b e logistical support.
if you were mining alone then the hulk would be your ship. (with confidence in no ganks)
if you wanted to mine some place where there were active gankers the a procuror would be a better choice.

the venture is just a stepping stone in to this line of work it also presents less up front risk but can be profitable if you and jump in and out of hostile situations, where a bigger miner would be more vulnerable. this is further exemplified in the T2 mining frigate lineup.

moon mining was a massive buff to industrialist game play. with on demand asteroids.

recourse wars is a dead-spaced combat mining activity.
ore availability is a separate issue altogether. and is a hard thing to fix without breaking the game economy and making it harder for newer players to make isk. mining has never been an attention intensive game play feature for any mmo.

yes CCP guys are really screwing up this game

I’ve been playing this game a while, and I can’t say it any better than this:

There have been a ton of improvements for miners and industrialists over time. I would like to see some more ship variations, but the ships that are out there now are good.

Why do people want to whine about everything in this game? I’ve never understood.

Many people are all too ready to SLATE the Miners on Eve, but with out our Mining theres No INDUSTRY so NO SHIPS to Fly……….
the Belts in high Sec are CRAP, the roids deplete after 1 or 2 miner cycles, so we Deploy Athanors, only to get some NINJA miners stripping the Moon Ore, and we can do NOTHING to stop them because the HIDE in NPC or NON War decable corps…

The Athanors in 0.5 space have mods that we CAN NOT USE in High Sec. IE Bomb Launchers and Burst Projectors, so they are HARDER to Defend against War Decs, Even a OFFSET of a few fighter tubes would go towards Owners better defending them against High Sec War Decs

INTRODUCE a way to Deter Ninja Miners, give them a SUSPECT timer if they mine from an Athanor that is not in their Corp/Alliance,
Corps/Alliances must be added to the Structures Allowed List to Prevent the Suspect timer

Allow Rorquels to be used in 0.5 Systems so we can MINE our Athanors. or give the Orca,s a BIg Boost

Introduce a MTU module for the Athanors.


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Can I have your stuff?

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