Minmatar rebellion was a catastrophe

(Diana Kim) #82

Because I never did, you little troll.

(Makoto Priano) #83

The State Protectorate disagrees.

You fired on State Protectorate-aligned forces.

Why did you engage in piracy?

(Diana Kim) #84

No, you little liar. The State Protectorate doesn’t.
And you have no merit to speak for the State Protectorate.
You have no merit to speak for the State.
And you have no merit to speak even for single Caldari.

If any significant and respectful person will have to blame me in piracy, I’ll answer as State Officer, in front of the tribunal.

But you are NOT. You are not honorable. You are not honest. You are just a disgrace. And you are not accusing, you are slandering and derailing threads.

Vacate the channel and take your idiocy away with you, people come here to talk and discuss things, not to read dumb slanders that liars like you spread about State officers.

(Arrendis) #85

Well, they did blow you up with station guns.

(Natheniel) #86

I wish I could have seen that, must have been amusing.

(Makoto Priano) #87

You were shot down by the State Protectorate. I don’t need to speak for the State Protectorate, because there is already concrete evidence that according to standard rules of engagement, you engaged in criminal action.

Your opinion that certain other StaPro pilots are traitors is yours to hold. However, the State Protectorate clearly did not consider the Pyre Falcon pilots to be criminals, traitors, or pirates., and considered your behavior criminal. You can hold whatever opinion you like.

However, your opinion is not fact.

Much like your opinion about other State loyalists.

What’s more, your opinion flies in the face of the State’s stated policy.

(Diana Kim) #88

Me being fired upon by security sentries? Happens a lot, come around - and you’ll see. Typical combat situation.

That these trolls make drama out of it, is beyond my understanding. What’s more surprising, they pull out a fight that happened like what, 4 years ago? I don’t even remember that. They what, couldn’t find more recent killmail to troll me with? They are just so pathetic, that I am out of words, considering them themselves have little to no combat experience, and basically have no idea what they are talking about - just running their mouths.


Keep clean the place where do you live!
(Makoto Priano) #89

It’s just a convenient example of your delusion.

I could be talking about Heth-guri, or your refusal to turn in Templis Dragonaur even as you admitted to harboring them, or other things besides.

It’s doubly convenient because you have no excuse.

You’re not a loyalist. You’re a genocidal maniac.

(Arrendis) #90

So you often fire on allied forces and engage in unsanctioned acts of piracy? Good to know!

Yup. That’s me. No combat experience at all. Does this mean it’s my turn to accuse you of lying, Diana?

To end The War
(Diana Kim) #91

Speaking about delusions, looks like it’s you who are having them, not me.
You are a liar, Priano. A coward liar, who lost her honor.
And these are even more lies about me.
I’ll just leave it here one more time, so people will always remember that when they speak with you, they speak with a liar:


(Vaari) #92

Minmatar rebellion was indeed catastrophe, but not because they are somehow less intelligent than rest of the mankind.

One cannot point single starting point to said catastrophe. Freedom fighters will point fingers to the day when blessed Amarr Empire decided to conquer minmatar tribes. Others to the day of starting of rebellion and some when we decided to let them go.

One thing is certain. Subjugation of Minmatar has brought our Empire nothing but misery. Yes, some holders have gained ridiculous amounts of money, but in general it has been one slave uprising after another until it reached its pinnacle and thousand world were set on fire. It was easy to foresee, and that is why my own house has never kept on slaves. It is only miracle that slave rebellion were contained on matar origin slaves.

It is hardly difficult to predict uprising, when entire planets are populated by mainly slaves.

If we had been wise, we would have used Minamtars incredible weakness to create a vassal state, much like Ammatar Mandate is now.

No one can change the past. Now best we can do is to ease relations with the Republic so much that they allow our missionaries to enter and try to convert them to the True Faith voluntarily.

(Diana Kim) #93

Lord Vaari, do you think they could appreciate that?
Minmatars are those people, who were dancing when they heard about the death of the woman, who has liberated more minmatars from the slavery than any other person alive or ever lived. Just because she was Amarr.

They are ungrateful swines, irrational and hateful savages. Look, for example, at Arrendis, at Raske, at Anabella Rella. Do you think easing relations with them will improve the situation?

You will stretch them hand - they will spit on it.
You will give them gifts - they will grab them and insult you.
You will ease relations and open borders - they will come with second Elder fleet…

(Vaari) #94

My right hand is Turri Spacepilot, who could only described as a minmatar patriot. He has learned to trust Amarr Empire and one of its most faithful servants, me. together we have carved our name and our corporation’s insignia on this world with blood, sweat and almost with tears. Our common goal has been same despite of our root loyalties. I challenge any amarr loyalists to find general flaw from my right hand that is against Amarr Empire. I have not found it.

I know minmatars can be…difficult people to deal with. Because of CVA’s tyrannical Xhjfx, who is real power behind CVA, Im exiled from Providence and now live in Great Wildlands. Now one of my closest allies are the Electus Matari. The very same group I year ago were ready to put on torch.

After getting some information of them, they seem to be almost reasonable people. If they would live in Providence I would ignore them for sure, but not demand them on kos because of their behaviour.

Now I strive to learn from them so I can better fulfill my dream to cooperate with them and to make GW next really NRDS region in our galaxy.

I have not betrayed my loyalties, nor my dignity. Im still same Lord Vaari as in Providence, except this time I have minamtar loyalists, who are minamtar loyalists at the end of the negotiation table, not capitalists who pretend to be amarrian loyalists.

(Deitra Vess) #95

What the… what the Hek am I reading? Great, now i have to stop blindly hating what you say and your causes… i wish you the best on that, truely i do.

(Diana Kim) #96

Well, I can only wish you good luck in this enterprise, Lord Vaari.
And still, I do not trust them.

(Arrendis) #97

Nah, he’s still insane. He’s just insane and hates Provibloc.

(Deitra Vess) #98

Maybe so, but hates Provi and working for a place i hold in high regards (GW), I think I’ll hear this one out.

(Arrendis) #99

He’s not working for them. He’s trying to get them to live the way he tells them to. Typically Amarr.

(Deitra Vess) #100

Well, that is expected. Only thing I can say is the groups in that area probably wont be pushed around easily and if anything a backlash from such a thing would probably cause more help than harm.

(Halcyon Ember) #101

The station guns are clearly Gallente sympathising traitors