Minmatar rebellion was a catastrophe

(Arrendis) #102

Sympathizers or not, I don’t blame them for deciding to shoot a racist liar like Kim.

(Diana Kim) #103

Arrendis is a liar and troll, please ignore whatever she tells about Caldari Officers.

(Vaari) #104

We all want our ideas to spread. Otherwise we would be quiet about them. Of course I want Electus Matari and all other residents of Wildlands to live like God wants us to. I still know difference of background and can except different things from them than CVA.

CVA boasts to be old and mighty amarrian loyalist alliance, when their only loyalty can be found between legs of a women (or men in some cases) and from their purse. When organization claims to be champion of the Amarrian way, I expect them to be so in more ways than just talking about it.

I dont remember Electus Matari for example swearing fealty to Her Imperial Majesty, nor following the ideas of the Amarr Empire. That is main reason I, Lord Vaari do not constantly pester them about their impotence to do what they so much talk.

I however promise that if Electus Matari some day make it official that they are amarrian loyalists and continue their current path, with talks, deeds etc I will start pestering them same way than I pester CVA.

It is important not to tolerate charlatans and dark apostoles. When someone claims to work for God and Empire, loyalists must make sure they do so. CVA’s deeds have torn colossal fracture in ranks of amarrian loyalists, because they are charlatans among loyalists. I think they might be only amarrian loyalist organization ever, that tolerated from their own members disloyal and disrespectful talk towards reigning monarch of the Empire DURING HER OWN CORONATION.

(Woodrow Ormand) #105

Kim. I hereby challenge you to a duel. You claim others are cowards and are dishonorable trolls. I challenge you to a duel, the stakes being exile. Though it is not fessable to attempt to enforce a ban of military operations on your part exile from the IGC, and racist rants will suffice. I call upon your “honor” to defend yourself and on this “honor” for You to hold up to your end. If you win i will forever leave the IGC. You may choose the ship class and place. Time can be worked out later. You may decline if you wish but know that if you do, you will be seen as a coward among your people, your honor will be gone and any credibility you believe that you have, will dissapear, since duels are how you judge a person’s worth, in your own eyes, you will have no honor. If you lose and return anyway, then the point will stand that you have no honor. As I said, you may decline, but anything but my defeat will brand you a coward with no honor by your own standards

(Pieter Tuulinen) #106

I can get you that logo on a flag, t-shirt or tasteful lingerie in a wide collection of colours and styles.

It’s not just a logo, Arrendis, it’s a brand.

(Arrendis) #107

Still haven’t even offered a rebuttal there, liar. All you got is whining.

(Arrendis) #108

I double-dog dare you to send Kimmie a set of ‘tasteful lingerie’ with that logo. She won’t know what to do with them.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #109

Come on, can we not encourage all this crap? She’s bad enough, but it’s the enablers that keep making this place pure cancer.

Stop. Poking. It.

Get in that sneering insult, and leave it be. Please.

(Diana Kim) #110

Elunala, frigate (or anything that can fit into novice military installation), lets show what your flying skills are.

However, while accepting your duel,I’ll gladly put you down, but I do NOT accept your stake. Mainly because you fail to provide me with anything that will interest me when I will win. Considering amount of scum that enters these forums just to stain my honor, I find your demands about the stake unacceptable, and I am pretty sure you will not be able to silence all these morons, who were slandering me, after I put you down. So, you can see that your demand is absurd and honorless, and thus can not be accepted.

(Diana Kim) #111

I’ve provided you with many, your inability to read is not my concern.

(Arrendis) #112

You’ve provided me with none. Your delusions and evasions are not my problem, liar. At this point, you’ve told so many, you don’t even know which one I’m calling you out over, do you?

(Mizhara Del'thul) #113

… stop… poking… it.

At this point, you’re making this place worse than she is.

(Woodrow Ormand) #114

what terms for myself would you accept to accept my terms for you?

(Woodrow Ormand) #115

i just checked elunala. its a .3 system. i would recommend you choose a hi sec system because if you dont, and i dont make it to your currently chosen system alive, you will be to blame and you will lose your “honor”

(Ria Nieyli) #116

Amen. I still cherish my Caldari Navy boxers.

(Deitra Vess) #117

With respect, your going there with the intention of fighting, fighting on the way is hardly on her I’m afraid unless its her allies (littetal allies like Mika, not stapro, ect). Not taking sides, I just respect honor duels heavily.

(Woodrow Ormand) #118

it is suspicious that she would choose a place that would allow anybody to help her at a moments notice

(Deitra Vess) #119

Odd, ya maybe. Hek, I dueled her in hs a few years back. I also know shes actively there pretty much constantly so its not a major stretch. I can also tell you that system isnt exactly booming with activity.

(Diana Kim) #120

My honor and reputation is known among combat pilots. On the other hand, it’s you, who dared to approach me with a dishonorable stake. And thus from us two it’s only you, who will try to cheat or act unfairly.

I do not intend on continuing conversation with your kind. Appear and we’ll solve it in space, I do not need to hear your coward excuses. The location I offered is logically acceptable for all kind of pilots, if someone thinks I gave unreasonable offer - speak up (anyone except Ormand, obviously).

(Arrendis) #121

I don’t think it was unreasonable, but if his concern is low-sec gate camps or other low-sec inhabitants interfering with your duel, why not go the 3 gates to meet him in Samanuni? 3 gates isn’t that far, is it?