Monthly Economic Report - January 2021

No, go back and look through the convo again. The reason you can’t cut off Delve from highsec is there’s too many ways to get through lowsec. Delve doesn’t have a direct HS connection, or any direct HS JF routes. So we were always talking about routes through lowsec.

But, you know, we’re back to ‘get a clue’.

The point is to kill your route when you think you’re home free. Jf pilots get lazy the last jump because they’re going home.
It doesn’t honestly matter where you disrupt the route, but I think it would be funnier after all that work was put in.
I don’t think you thought this through. I have. I have reasons to go after goons, and after you lose delve, I’ll still be hiding in the ranks, plotting.

Bad JF pilots do. Competent JF pilots don’t get lazy, because getting lazy is always inviting disaster. I’ve been doing logistics work from Jita to different parts of nullsec, from Tribute and Branch, to Fountain, Delve, Stain, Immensea, and Wicked Creek, for almost 10 years. I promise, I’ve thought this through.

“The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation, because she never cackles until the egg is laid.”

I have found through experience that Goons are had to kill and I respect them for that. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

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No no, it’s fine. After all, Clary knows the secret plans of goon leadership, whereas a lowly peon like me, an alliance director, knows nothing.

Edit: I always love it when people claim to know more than I do about the plans I’m involved in making.


I have faith! I learned it the hard way.

I’m not. I’ve waited over a year, and I’ll keep waiting until I think I can cost them enough.
I’ve partitioned several sets of alts in the hopes to make a decent impact.
If I fail, I fail. I’ve been listening for a while, so I know there’s a lot of strategic minds involved. That’s why I don’t give any details at all, because I’m pretty sure I can be found out before I can do anything worthwhile.

You won’t. The number of people who can make a ‘decent impact’ is pretty much 3, and I’m fairly certain you’re not them.

We both know you can’t lay out your plans in public. I’ve probably only heard bits and pieces of the grand design. I’m ok with that.
I keep my inquiries light for a reason.
Until the berries are ripe, I’ll just keep watching.

The somewhat confusing and interesting thing is I’ve heard what appear to be extremely similar plans on both sides.
That’s part of what makes me believe this is just a war for show.

I’ve waited almost 10. Oh, and don’t you worry, I want to hurt Goons more than most. Nothing personal against anyone of them. Just good gameplay.

I’d be shocked if you’ve heard anything of anyone’s ‘grand design’. You’re wanking off on your own cleverness without having the first actual idea what you’re talking about. Kinda like when you suggested that GSF should go live in j-space. Because a bunch of high-end systems can support the whole damned coalition, right? And we’re all just gonna toss away our supers and titans?

At best, you’ve heard some D-tier FCs speculating on nonsense, or a SIG leader who thinks he’s a lot smarter than he is trying to act more important than he is.

It’s been discussed several times in corp chat, as well as in comms.
You expect me to believe they’re lying? :roll_eyes:

To your edit; I’ll give you that. It’s not been actual management talking about it. However they do seem to be good friends with management.

No, I expect you to believe they’re idiots. Because anyone who’s telling rank-and-file corp membership about the top-end plans of a coalition involved in the 8th 9th month of a war that’s going to last probably another 4-8 is an utter moron.

Right now, on both sides, all the top-end plans have to be extremely fluid—almost conceptual, really. Everything can and will change when people don’t expect it, over and over again, just like it’s done already.

Hard to read the comments without getting depressed. Every thread… anger & sourness. It’s been this way for years. Breaks my heart.

I’m not sure that’s wholly true @Taldarin


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Less than 25k on. Plex prices are dropping. I am curious to see what the next yr brings.

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It is not just Eve, but the state of the world right now. Many embittered people disconnected from themselves and others, and thus God. Illness then naturally ensues. Some are affected differently and therefore behave differently. Yours is heartbreak, perhaps it could be worse?

Well…this looks okay. /sarcasm

This famine/scarcity thing is just stupid.

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I actually look forward to seeing what becomes of this experiment, though I do not have much to do but merely get my feet wet - for I started playing just last year. However, were I much more involved in wars, and “big” operations, I think I would find this a hindrance.

It’s not stupid. Since only minerals spiked and nothing else. Not even PPI. That means (at lest in my understanding) that stockpiles are still so huge and economy is so oversaturated that this changes didn’t have any reasonable impact.