Monthly Economic Report - March 2021

Of course.

Despite being newcomers, they certainly brought their corrupted mentality with them, making into all time top alliances by amount of botter bans within first year.

It’s silly to the point that botting ban waves affect their ability to form for combat, they were winning against FIRE by a landslide last year, until a ban wave has brought their offensive to a halt, and resulted in their eventual defeat.

But those are the prime customer of CCP 2019-2021. Bots are determined to be better than us, they are welcome, we are not.


Who would have thought?
Serenity again.


No. Anoikis is not a region. It’s 31 Regions… at least. All C1 Wormholes are in the regions A-R00001, A-R00002, and A-R00003. C2s are B-R00004-8. C3s are C-R00009-00015, C4s are D-R00016-23, C5s are E-R00024-29, all C6s are in F-R00030, and Thera is in the region G-R0031.

There’s also H-R00032 and K-R00033, which might be the Frigate holes and Shattered systems, but I’m not 100% sure. Incidentally, just between the C1-6 regions, there are 330 Constellations, numbered A-C00001 through F-C00330.

31 Regions. All of which would show ‘0’ for their bounty totals. Mining would likely look ok, but because all of the ISK-faucet of sleepers is in the blue loot, there are no bounties. Also, they’d need to track where blue loot drops and how much of what drops in each region actually makes it to market without being destroyed in a hauler along the way.


No, Anoikis isn’t a region. But it probably should show up on the MER. :wink: As it is, those 31-33 Regions don’t even show up in RegionalStats.csv… which they probably should.

@CCP_Fleebix—Something else to mention to Larrikin, perhaps?

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@CCP_Fleebix In the “raw data” the actual raw data for the commodity faucets is missing. Is it possible to get it? I am rather curious what are the facets that are responsible for roughly 35T out of 36.2T ISK (based on the Sinks&Faucets graph and top 6 commodity faucets). It feels strange that top 6 faucets are responsible for slightly more than 1.2T out of 36T this month

Totally balanced gameplay and rewards for the risk. This is what CCP Rattati and CCP Psych think balance should look like.

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Well, meant as a ‘region’ as “Anoikis” iirc is all of Jspace… Don’t think anyone would even comprehend the MER if every region in Anoikis was included.
I seem to recall it was included once or twice. Its a shame that it isn’t.

Also, what would fix bots would be to just ditch bounty systems in nullsec. In high/low I can understand bounties, but in null, who the hell pays it anyways? The player-owner(s)?? CONCORD and empires don’t have any presence out there, so not sure why they would care to pay out bounties.

Make the loot drops a bit more consistent, and require people to scoop and salvage. Bye-bye bots. Also would increase risk vs reward.

Tying into above, make the Noctis an actually useful boat again. MTU’s have completely neutered them, as well as any of the boats with tractor bonus. Noctis should get a chance at additional salvage on top of what you normally get. Would make them somewhat useful again. Right now they’re paper mache loot pinatas. And more often than not, the hull is worth more than the salvage… so it’s always worth popping one, considering the lack of effort required in doing so.

(Also, note, just recently had shoulder surgery, so excuse typos or extra craziness - typing on a phone and on pain pills on top of that…)

You do know the botters aren’t stupid right, just have a lack of a morale compass. When the ESS gets super high, they just steal it with an alt… They lose a little bit, but dont ever lose it all. Its a dumb system, that only affects dumb people.


CONCORD pays the bounties in null. CONCORD pays them because CONCORD has placed ‘standard’ bounties on various types of pirate vessels, in order to ensure that those vessels don’t reach empire space, because capsuleers are thinning their numbers.

As for ‘presence’… Remember the Blackout? That was CONCORD, reducing QE-He4 use in the local fluid routers, while they focused on ensuring the stability of the (CONCORD-operated) stargates. And remember, all nullsec sovholders pay up to a billion or so ISK every month, per system, to CONCORD in order to keep the IHUBs turned on.

They’ve got more presence than you think. They just don’t advertise. :wink:

Eh, I’ve got a crazier idea for the Noctis: Let it haul the wrecked hulks back home with a “Grapnel” Hyperspatial Tractor Unit—basically, a high-slot tractor beam only the Noctis can use, that lets them basically carry subcap wrecks. Through warp, through gates. Each Grapnel is basically a tractor beam that gives a 1-item ‘Wreck Bay’ that the wreck gets pulled into like it’s an MTU. When the wreck hits 0m from the ship, you get a ‘Prophecy Wreck’ item in the bay (for example) and the loot from the wreck auto-dumps into your cargo hold. Get them back home, drop them in station, and the wrecks turn into hulls that cost 50% of build cost to repair if it was a capsuleer ship, 75% if it was an NPC (because it’s got to be converted to pod-compatible).

Do that, and you do more than just make the Noctis useful. You make pvp profitable. If you think you can win, and hold the field long enough to get the noctii into play, the risk/reward calculus massively favors you. If you don’t… well, then picking off enemy stragglers lets you make some money off the encounter, anyway.

And then… put in a capital version of the Grapnel that only fits on Rorquals, and let the Rorq be a boosting ship, and a capital/supercapital salvage vessel, and don’t worry about giving it a really good mining yield. Hell, the fact that you can jump from system to system means it’ll keep being the most-used miner in null, even if it’s just using Miner II drones. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: had to clarify that I meant 50% of the build cost of the hull to ‘repair’ the hulks, not 50% of the normal cost to repair damage, since the damage would be total, and there’s no repairing that.


I think that’s probably the greatest idea I’ve ever seen on these forums.

Any word on if the amount of Composite Molecular Condenser’s being found in high sec is what the dev team is satisfied with?

The report on this that Nth Dimension gave on Talking in stations is that you generally only get 1 can with them in a site, and generally it’s 10 of them that’s needed. He’s expecting a massive price hike on faction ships and more hikes on battle ships. Please let us know when ever you have anything you can share. Thanks for your time.

Here’s a link with a time stamp: Exploration, data site updates, and making isk with Nth Dimensional - YouTube

So… null sec is dead except in vale of silent… i hope ccp is happy about the changes they did. When you do more isk in hs than in ns something is wrong and this report shows that.

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Hi Nit Idun, I’ll forward your request to the data team and see if it’s something they’re willing to add.

top 6 commodity faucets shows daily breakdown. That’s why graph shows only 1/30 of total faucets.

This would be a useful statistic to know.


The CPI appears to be fundamentally broken. Either something is in there that is hiding inflation in the game or they have screwed up the calculations. And if it is skins, injectors, etc. they should probably be taken out and put into their own index as those items are not the really the result of player activity in game.

The entire idea of the the “ecosystem rebalance” is to make many items much, much more expensive. But we see absolutely nothing in the CPI? Something is wrong and the information being provided is misleading. Misleading to us players and misleading to CCP.

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CCP mislead us? :crazy_face:

CPI don’t show full picture because (legal) RMT items are included. They have almost zero relation to in game economy. But since CCP provide actual data on top of graphs. It’s probably not so hard to remove RMT items and make new graph on your own.