New EvE playing cards

I know EvE Gear produced EvE playing cards.
I bought a pack.
I was very unhappy about how small the cards were, but that’s another story.

The Pack I bought depicted Eve player characters (somehow I wasn’t very interested in any of them).

I suggest there is a much better way.
A set of playing cards for EvE online would be the ships of EvE online.
EvE online has four main factions/kingdoms, which fits the four suits of playing cards perfectly.

O.R.E. could provide ships for the ‘wild cards’.
Since EVERY PC starts flying one, the venture should be one of these ‘wild cards’.

Each ‘kingdom’ had a titan, so that ship can be that suit’s “Ace”.
Each ‘kingdom’ has 3 CVs (Carriers) listed, so these can be the face cards (King, Queen, Jack).
Each ‘kingdom’ has a Dreadnought, which can be the “#10”.
Each ‘kingdom’ also has a startup corvette, so this could be the lowest cards (#2).

For the numbers #3 thru #9 (7 slots), each kingdom has;
3 BBs (battleships)
3 BCs (battlecruisers)
4 CAs (cruisers)
2 DDs (destroyers)
and 6 FFs (frigates)
This is NOT counting the wide classes of variants available.

So I am quite sure each kingdom can provide ship portraits for their particular suit in the playing deck.
I just hope the deck is a FULL-SIZED deck this time.

So I would be able to tell when you held a flush? :wink:

Don’t know if it’s still available but there was a full size Deck Of Playing Cards featuring the 4 major Faction’s ships. I purchased one years ago, along with 4 Empire Shot Glasses (each one had a different Faction logo) and two black wetsuit type Can Koozies with Eve Online logo.


Just checked the Eve Store and I see they still have the Empire Shot Glass set available. Sad to see they don’t have all the stuff they use to have, Coffee cups that changed scenes due to temperature, Eve Beer Mugs, Hoodies, Board & Card game, etc.


1 Like may be of interest. Though old ship models

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Yeah, that’s the Deck of Playing Cards I was talking about.

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