New ship Skins, disapointing that we don't have a free sample (EDIT: to give more context of content.)

I mean, to get people hooked up to it it would make sense. Similar to how they dished out the Free 7 Day Omega thing.


OP has admitted this is a low effort post.

OP admitted probably wont care within a month.

OP admitted this thread actually brings no value to this game.

What more do we need? This was just to generate outrage like the endless posts on other social media channels. The real theme here is how social media has destroyed critical thinking and people just post to yap about non-issues to get people like us to generate more posts.

In the future I am going to be more aware of rage bait posts at least here… I blame myself for feeding into it. This is just crazy. It brings me back to all those app ideas about generating a notification about if you should REALLY post this comment to combat useless threads/bullying online.


People like you? You mean easily triggered rage queens?

Everyone needs a hobby. And poking NPCs is as good a hobby as any other.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Yah I blame myself like I said :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can a mod please lock this post, it has quickly become quite toxic.

Closed due a request of the Op.

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