Next Summit Brainstorm - Ship Balance

(Mina Sebiestar) #104

Any way to listen to recap of a meet?

(Makshima Shogo) #105

They usually post notes some time after.

(elitatwo) #106

Mina, don’t forget that they have to add cat videos to the NDA part of the minutes.

(Brisc Rubal) #107

Meetings are every week, and we don’t usually talk this level of detail.

Summit starts end of next week, and that’s where this stuff is useful.

(Sasha Viderzei) #108

Great information, thanks Brisc !

(elitatwo) #109

Ouuuh, I thought it was a special meeting and that we can’t give any more input after the deadline.

(Pattern Clarc) #110

Please buff the fleet tempest, kthanksbie. x

(Sasha Viderzei) #111

Why ?

(elitatwo) #112

Because the regular tempest is better at everything and according to our balance template graphics, it is supposed to be the other way around.

Speaking of supercaps, there is still an Amarr supercap missing in the mothership lineup.
Keep the +4% armor resistance bonus and give it a 7.5% fighter damage bonus per level to offset the sadness of what that Aeon is supposed to be.

At the moment you can either fit tank or damage and the kids always want damage. And the other side of the Aeon is still on vacation, when will it come back?

About the IWIN module, please restrict the cyno to force recons and t1 ewar cruisers. No other ship may fit it.
Give all 4 tech 1 ewar cruisers a 50% liquid ozone consumption bonus and a slight cycle time bonus for the cyno. They may also receive logi while the cyno is up.

That will reduce the cyno module to 8 ships that can fit one.

(Anderson Geten) #113
  • add 1AU/s on all ships
  • move the hard warp deceleration speed cap from 6 AU/s to 12 AU/s

profit !

why T1 ewar ? I think BC would be better for this (bonus to tank)

(Lugburz) #114

Rorqual can either enter panic mode or cyno, not both at the same time.

I feel Rorquals have enough option for defence as they’re often sat at athanors and have fleet mates around them; those fleet mates that arent in rorqs can fit cynos but honestly, an invulnerable cyno?
It doesnt fit in with risk vs reward.

Add random amounts of spider drones to the lower tiers of anomalies; may help to stem the tide of ‘botters’ but also increase the variety of ships seen ratting.

Cyno inhibs.

Add medium and large ones, each tougher and more effective range than the last but also takes longer to anchor; increase the time these stay up or decrease the materials needed to make them and add t2 that last longer.

At this point in time with the capital proliferation i think this is really needed now.

LOWSEC facwar; make an npc rat that is more able to kill players in facwar plexes; at least those that warp in with no defences or brains (farmers) simply make some that are kind of random and roaming and that are more aggressive (none of the rats in these ever attack me its stupid) but dont make them as tough as burners rats ffs…

Add lowsec faction incursion effects, a bit like sanshas incursions but instead of being sanshas its the faction navies getting involved to ‘‘clamp down’’ on nefarious pirates interfering with their ‘policies’.
I dont think faction rats scrambling and neuting people at gates over whole constellations woudl be a good thing but certainly adding some random system cyno inhib effects could get people moving about again.

You all nerfed combat ceptors because of ‘seafety’ and ‘lack of counters’ well when the only counter to caps is more caps; thats basically f all counters.

(elitatwo) #115

I thought the t1 ewar cruisers lead to the recon ships specialization if a pilot wants to specialize that way, so the t1 cruiser would be an entry level recon so to speak.

(Sasha Viderzei) #116

I agree with elitatwo. That bonus is interesting on Force recons, but shouldn’t be given to T1 EWAR cruisers.
Currently, I see little use for the short-time cynosural field of Recon cruisers, people generally prefer to use way cheaper ships, like a Corvette.
So everybody will simply go for T1 cruisers and completely forget that Pilgrim, Falcon, Arazu and Huginn ever existed.

(Makshima Shogo) #117

That is a great idea, it will stop the spread of cap proliferation and suppression, every tom dick and harry being able to fit a cyno mean’s absolutely anything in eve can be kept alive while ratting by having a super on standby, super safe nullsec ratting isn’t doing eve any favors.

(Buoytender Bob) #118

Any chance we could get a partial rollback of the Proteus nerfs?
It just sits in the hanger and watches all the other T3s undock and go out and play.

(Maria Loudon) #119

First, as odd as it is I’d have to second @Lugburz. We may not get along in game but I have to agree with him on the forums. Cyno Inhib tactics could be better. At least make it so they cancel any active cynos in range. We have tried using these to attack probable cyno ships and the anchor time pretty much kills it.

These suggestions come from another thread, see the following link for more details.

Why: High angle guns need to go. A lone capital should not be a thing, these are fleet ships and with fleet support should not need high angle guns. With high angle guns these become very difficult to counter for small corps and alliances. No ship should be effective in all situations.

Why: The ship is almost impossible to field for small alliances when faced with larger ones that can field massive numbers of capitals. See above issue. Currently only alliances with supercap umbrellas can really make effective use of the PANIC module. Couple with the drone bonuses this becomes a problem as those who can use these can out resource those who can’t and you end up with a unbridgeable gulf. Either the ship needs more modes that enable it to be used in more ways or the PANIC + drone bonuses need to go. Or I guess you could add larger bonuses to the orca and make the progression smooth.

Why: This is more of a suggestion to be coupled with the above two things. Add something to T1 hullers that enables their use as suicide bombs. There could even be polarized versions that increase the explosion damage at the cost of increased risk that the ship is kill before it can explode. I think this would add a lot of dynamic to both capital+ and ganking play. Have the module consume like 12k m3 or it reduces the cargo hold space to something very small. The idea isn’t that this can be used as gank insurance. You should not be able to move cargo while also fitting this module. The explosion should also pod the player. The area of effect should be fairly large and the damage massive. In this way either the attacking fleet has to leave the huller unprotected while it makes the bombing run or accept they will be blown up as well. This also limits the number that can be used at once on a single target as they will blow each other up without triggering the module. You should NOT be able to fit a cloak to the ship either while this module is fit.

(Sasha Viderzei) #120

I thought anybody engaging in ganking already lost their ships to CONCORD the moment they pull the trigger. That wouldn’t change much to know the hauler would simply go in a big and shiny candyeye explosion.

(Maria Loudon) #121

True, but it could be used during wardec instances. Either way, I think it would add an interesting dynamic. Heck it might be used for ganking as well. For sure would make the jita undock a lot more interesting… Hmm, might need to think about that. Maybe make it so if you enable the module within a range of a gate or NPC station in high-sec you get blapped. Courtesy the CONCORD AT force. So not super useful for ganking but bombing the jita undock isn’t workable even though I personally think that is a fantastic idea. Either way I think it would do a lot to make the game more “realistic”. It might have to simply be you can’t use the module in empire space or something.

(Anderson Geten) #122

@Brisc_Rubal Did you notice this proposal ? I think it’s very interesting (limiting the cyno to a few ships).

(Brisc Rubal) #123

I did. It’s on my list.