No depth. Bloated Space (RANT)

Why does ccp keep adding half arsed features into the game without any depth whatsoever.

The game just gets bloated and bloated and bloated with random crap literally nobody asked for instead of building on what is already there and adding depth and excitements to features instead of literally spamming the game.

It feels like since about Apocrypha (the last somewhat good release) all CCP has done was spam random crap just to have something to fill trailers and release notes with.

CCplease just stop. We dont need new new new new this that all new oh look we got triglavian upwell bounty hunter blops dreads now. Only 6969 PLEX ! BUY NOW.

Just Stop.
We need to build on the foundations that are already here. Depth and Excitement to Exploration. EXCISTING!!! PVE Content. Etc etc.

Sometimes more is less and going horizontal instead of vertical content wise is crap.

Pls pls pls stop. The game is so full of spam and sh*t it feels like I am dumpster diving everytime ai log in. The UI cramped with all sorts of crap to somewhere make room for agency project discovery daily rewards big red dots notification xyz ping ping ding ding u got mail skill training completed ding ding ping ping standings hypernet.

The Game literally looks like I am playing f*cking bonzi buddy online. Stop plssssss

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While I usually don’t like rants I too would prefer improvements of existing systems over the addition of new systems.

And meaningless yet visually very present things like log-in rewards, daily challenges and the red dot should be thrown in a black hole. Please keep the visual clutter to a minimum, I’m trying to play this game for my enjoyment.


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