No Downtime - Again!

I almost suggested that but figured it was sort of obvious. Now that I think about it though I haven’t looked in the agency in a very very very long time so I actually have no idea if it’s changed. For all I know it could be nothing but popups telling you that you need plex to get revenge and expert systems to survive goon gate camps. You know, all those things that look good on paper and yet don’t do anything.
I wish I could revert to not knowing anything about Eve so I could try those things out, spend a lot of money and experience winning Eve by rage quit.
This would allow me to have a full blown temper tantrum and I could get my self openly mocked on the forums and have people ask for stuff I don’t have anymore.
Alas it’s too late for me, I have seen to much.
If I were bald I could wiped the sweat dripping from my head and whisper “the horror”.
Melodrama at its best.

Aside from the obvious part of having to log off and wait to log on, and that all this stuff replenishes after downtime, what would be the advantage of the current system over things dynamically replenishing on a constant basis? It seems to me that if things come back after some amount of time always it would be better than them getting wiped out at some point during the day and then coming back all at once. During the course of a day they do get wiped out in a lot of places and the people who login after that happens kind of get shafted while people who tend to log in just after downtime have everything handed to them.
Wouldn’t this be better? I can’t think of any way that it couldn’t be better, but I usually don’t run into this unless I’m up super early and in one half of daylight savings time. This part of the year I’m almost always on right after downtime, but I have played a lot right before and it can be hard to find stuff.

Right, that was kinda the intent. It means there’s less ore available for the folks who get mining right after DT, but there’s some ore available for… literally everyone else.

No I did not know that CCP tried this before. Do you have a link to any of it? If they could not get it right last time or even with the new ice anom spawns. I wonder what makes them think they cen get it right this time?

Neither time was ‘get it right’. Both of the one-day ‘No Downtime’ experiments were to see how well things held up and what elements would break/need alteration.


Think it was old forums thing. I’ve been around a long time.

It was 2019 so current forum

Stuff that happened in 2019 is so… 2019.

@Ash_Beldrulf easy, all you had to do was search “no downtime”

@Arrendis , I know, but they questioned the last NODT experiment

Yeah since this idea i have been having connection issues that never occurred before the NDT process almost makes the games sometimes unplayable for more then 30 minutes and this is increasing each day, but i dont expect ccp to view these comments unless a $ sign attached

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Submit a bug report or support ticket. @CCP_Explorer

soooo since this experiment began - a bunch of us in NZ particularly are actually finding is difficult to play the game. Connection keeps dropping every 15m or so, in essence if you are in the middle of hacking, or a battle or well - anything really - you end up losing probes, a ship - or worst case be killed in your capsule.

literally - its just too risky to play at present.


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Downtime is good for numerous reasons.

But a video of something Eve Online related is needed for the 20 minute downtime.

Maybe news, space clips of new players venturing into Null, etc.

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I see your point and it’s totally valid. Yes, your explanation of the old vs new way of belt replenishing does seem better.

BUT… yes, there’s always a “but”… I was not one of those who mined and logged for reset then mined again… I simple woke up early right after reset to start my day of mining. AND, come to think of why I started doing that: because that’s the only way to get the ore I needed. Your version, the new way of no reset and having the belts resupply throughout the day does mean I can go back to a normal sleep schedule and not wake up at 3:55am to be ready for the 4am reset (my local time)… along with the fact that it had never dawned on me, until reading the threads, that players in Australia would launch the game just to find absolutely nothing to mine - ever (especially in hisec) - so I concede my gripe was invalid and rather selfish on my part.
I am not being cynical when I say “thank you for making that clear to me”. A sincere thank you is what I hand to you.


There’s nothing wrong with what you were doing, and you didn’t know what was happening to other people, it’s hardly your fault at all.
But seriously, thank you, you just made my day.

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