October Release - Known Issues

So… on the topic of the ultra-distant emerging conduit sites, the ability to bookmark those locations, and set up a structure at that spot… which is now considered an exploit…

What is the farthest legal distance from the sun that one can setup a structure? Is CCP going to enforce a limit? How far is too far?

Usually, after I right click on my market order and click “view market details” (typically to update it) for the first time after logging in, “groups” tab gets shown first.

Also, if I try to buy an item remotely, a popup tells me that item(s) will be delivered to station where they are. If I’m buying something like ship, this makes sense, but it’s also showing when I’m buying PLEX which can be activated remotely. While this popup has a “don’t show this again” checkbox, it is still slightly annoying to see it not only because I’m buying PLEX, but also because I’m pretty sure I disabled it years ago.

32-bit client no longer launches.
Launcher box to run 64-bit is UNchecked.
Wine version chosen (which worked yesterday):

Yes, I trashed the wine folder and waited 2 hours for the new one to download since the launcher does not show any download progress bar nor any indication that it is downloading at all.

This all started this afternoon PST. I had not changed anything and was happily playing until about 3am PST. 12 hours later when I tried to launch a client, the UI background was black.
I potato’d my graphics settings which fixed that but then I noticed the combat probe window was also black.
I quit the client. Quit the launcher. Now, the launcher lets me log in but when I press PLAY, nothing happens.

Late 2014 iMac
Mojave 10.14.6
4GHz Intel i7
AMD Radeon R9 M295X w/4GB

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Warp Drive Active” update reduced base speed of Victorieux Luxury Yacht from 6 AU/s (double speed of regular cruiser) to 4 AU/s.

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Seems to be a bug in the Show Info, because it simulates at 8.0 for me… Machariel and Cynabal have the same issue.
Edit to add: also, the cynabal is now faster than the daredevil… that can’t be right, CCPlz…

I think simulation now applies Yacht’s Role Bonus of “100% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration” and Information window does not.

Anyway it is in now faster than it was. Before changes Yacht with 3 x Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II was 10.4 AU/s. Now it is 13.91 AU/s.

Guy´s what have u done? Unplayable since the October Patch… Lag lag lag… for example HAcking… 8 sek. untill the next field is open… Ratting… guns shooting 4 cycles… but target is death… cant Shoot next target. pvp … targeting… lag lag lag… target is gone und write by… i saw it left by my side… then lokal was clear and target was gone… püls what have u done guys? turned it back or fix it.

How many points to I get for accurately predicting the warp speed changes in a PF&I post back in May?

Glad to see that it went live. I think it’ll be a fantastic change.

Emerging Conduits aren’t being cleared from Agency/Combat Anomolies window when site is done. Local systems are showing 23, 14, 13 Emerging Conduits etc, clogging up the info

When I enter a system it seems to automatically activate the gtfo modules on residents causing them to warp off to the nearest citadel!
Please fix