Operation Lingering Shadow

Special Research Troika 27 (Abbreviated T27) initial research report concerning Operation Lingering Shadow Phase Ia follows:

Initial testing of Vedmak:Rodiva 2:1 mix commenced testing at approximately 00:00 hours New Eden Standard TIME (NEST). T27 under the lead of Bing Kaz consisted of himself in a Rodiva, Kylie McVan in a Vedmak, and Ino Fokke Krikari in a Vedmak. Testing commenced in -Redacted- and continued in -Redacted- of the -Redacted- region. All three cruisers were fit in consistent fashion with established doctrine pulled from combat data mined from Clade achieves, and first-hand data gathered from T27 during previous operations.

Haul for this phase was approximately 30m ISK in salvage and approximately 40m ISK in bounties per pilot, netting nearly 120m ISK in total bounties.

Initial findings look promising.

Vedmaks are performing nominally against rogue drones found throughout the Region, though their Heavy Entropic Disintegrators have difficulty tracking such small targets. Using light drones is effective, but timely. Standing up an additional Troika within this mixed-hull fleet composition will likely cure this problem. Fighting against EDENCOM forces has proven highly effective, as their signature radius is more suited to the Vedmaks tracking profile.

The single Rodiva in use provided ample repairs to keep the Vedmaks at maximum armor despite large attack waves of drones or EDENCOM arriving on grid repeatedly. As expected, hostiles are quick and consistent about attacking the Rodiva, attempting to apply ECM and sensor dampening modules. Due to configuration, the Rodiva is well suited to counter these methods.

Consider initial testing phase complete. Results acceptable.

Initial purchase of filaments in preparation for further testing is complete. Purchase order as follows:
10x Glorification-15 ‘Devana’ Filaments - Filled
10x Cladistic-15 ‘Krai Perun’ Filaments - Filled
10x Noise-25 ‘Needlejack’ Filaments - Filled

These filaments will be used in initial testing. Ironically, Noise 25 filaments are currently less expensive than Noise 15 filaments.

If testing proves successful, filaments purchased for use in official fleets may warrant an internal purchase order through the Clade.

Phase 1b Objectives:

  • Gather additional pilots for a Kikimora Troika to accompany Cruiser Troika.
  • Gather additional pilots for a second cruiser class Troika
  • Attempt strikes against Sleeper hostiles
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