Operation Magic School Bus

Rixx, having some fun at my expense. Love the art.



I was curious why it didn’t have your face, but it has YOUR face… nice… @Rixx_Javix that is awesome.

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Glad that you mentioned that as I was wondering about that myself. Nice touch by the artist. :+1:

It’s a beautiful thing. Make it real, make it a teaching moment; make it about your modified eight golden rules!
Manifest destiny.

Hi Mike.

I want to thank you for driving the Magic Schoolbus around for newcomers like myself. “*Magic Coercer 3.1” not only helped me get better established in-game but introduced me to skillbooks I was not aware of but really needed to have.

I also want to thank all the veteran players backing Mike’s efforts too. I am glad those players still remember what it was like when they were in my shoes…capsule…whatever…


Just wanted to pop by and say thanks to Mike for surprising me in-game with a Slasher. Really cool gesture and the videos explained a lot of what he’s doing. Really admirable.

Thank you and supporters for making eve more magical.

Yup … confirmed … this gentleman is awesome !! Enjoying lvl 2 missions in my new and fitted out Oman I got from MIke !! Super generous and very appreciated. Thank you Magic School Bus !!

just got a ship worth almost double my net worth from mike. you saved me from a lot of grinding.

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the cynics will say I have not . . . I just moved further down the same road.

you are very welcome


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That would make a great NFT.


I feel like Mike should be giving away Procurers …

  • too soon?
    Wouldn’t want to make too cheap a joke a CCPs expense.
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Nah, that is a perfectly good joke.

IF there was a midsized mining ship available to alphas? Those who have not bought a pack? I would be carrying it.


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I fully endorse this.

Being who I am I would never monetize an artists work like that. I dislike NFT concepts and the above was drawn for me, not for me to make money off of.



Hmm, Gnosis?

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1 day old - saw some guy in Rookie chat asking about the Magic Bus. Saw there was some guy that flies around and gives out free fitted ships. Saw the mention in chat and made 24 jumps to make it to his next location…

Got a Caldari Frigate maxed out to the core - I dont know what half the stuff on this ship is, cause Ive only been playing for a day, but im guessing its badass!

Long live the Magic Bus!

If theres anything I take away from Eve Online, It will be my second day playing when some random guy gave me a badass ship.

Thanks Mike!

P.S. I just noticed it came with 6000 Rockets to load the rocket launchers with…

You the man Mike!


Just a few days old capsuleer here.
Been seeing Mike mention The Bus in rookie chat, so tonight I scrolled through and found a nearby rookie system he’d be in after a couple days of each being 20+ jumps.
Docked at the station and awaited his arrival. Ended up with a fully-fit Caldari frigate with ammo, like LazySl0b above.
Nothing shady here. Mike is a stand-up guy doing a great service for us n00bs, handing out ships and answering our questions.
I’ll be sure to blast as many pirates as I can with this bad boy!
Long live the bus!


That’s pretty awesome.

But a singular piece of advice. Don’t get attached to it. Ships are tools, not trophies. And it’s not a matter of “if” you will loose it (by exploady goodness) but when. If it’s by an NPC, a ganker or wandering into low/null sec.

The first rule of EvE, don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose.

And if you do loose it, just know, you can and will recover from the loss.