Photon UI - General Feedback

I play with 2560x1440, which is the native screen resolution in and out of game, and Small font size scaling.

I strongly doubt that this is the case at all. You see: In the last screenshot, all the menu buttons only appear when you hover the mouse over the Drones In Space header. If you do not hover over the header, there are no options. This means that CCP failed to properly implement a background fade that hides the text and focuses the new menu buttons.
Which is particularly striking because CCP implemented a proper fade background blocker for the SAME menu buttons that show up by hovering over individual drones. CCP is just way too incompetent when it comes to coding, and Photon is just an incredible mess of small and big details gone wrong on purpose.

Or in this Buy Order window here Photon UI - General Feedback - #215 by Dyver_Phycad
CCP simply did not implement the clean cut-off of text that would go beyond the intended column.
In the same post, you even see that they can do it sorta properly in the window tabs.

None of these issues have anything to do with text scaling on the client side. It has everything to do with poor and bad UI programming.


Disgusting quality of UI - text doesn’t fit the window.
Also, reported many times, but you still not fixing glaring issues.
Customer’s loyalty decreased.

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I was searching for “corp” to find the “Corp Management” skill. Why is it that the Search does not yield the skills even though there are several skills with that name? :thinking:

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because it is still a piece of ■■■■


Interesting Cargo Deposit quirk. The number field on items expands when you drop it in the CD.

Since I haven’t used Asset Safety in a long time, I didn’t see this earlier. Why is this Deliver To button first of not following the Photon button design principles and secondly so bright that you can barely read the text?

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It seems like with the expansion update, there are a lot of new issues with the Photon UI.

First, it seems like hotkeys are inconsistent. sometimes the default ‘v’ for refreshing the probe scanner does something, sometimes it does nothing but the sfx for it going happens anyway.

Usually the right click menu populates correctly, sometimes right click does nothing on certain overview items (and it stays consistent for the specific item trying to be right clicked), but upon leaving or re-entering system will fix that specific thing but unfix it for some other things. Very odd behavior.

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