Photon UI - Now in Beta (Opt-Out)

I have a black screen after ALT+TAB if Photon UI is enabled. The black screen has duration 3-10 seconds, after that everything is going be good, until next ALT+TAB. That sucks because I play EVE using 4 clients. I can’t wait for 10 seconds each time I need to ALT+TAB between them.

I have high end hardware, 64 gb of RAM and 14 physical cores in my CPU, that doesn’t hardware issue

Try Borderless Window mode.

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The entire PhotonUI is packed with too much deadspace not enough information fails.

I want to see some space & combat situation, not enormous windows with pointless empty borders.




I love it, best is you can close local chat completely :slight_smile: i have bit lag on multi accs, but i will keep testing it

edit: try to make font smaller or optional

you use that to drag it around like when you lock some target you have it there also and can move it

No, you do not. To drag the icon around, you long-click on it and then move it. That plus is not present in the existing UI, and it serves no purpose whatsoever except for being useless.

Photon has not changed this behavior. If you actually tried to use the Plus to move the icon, you click outside the Notif icon and move the camera around. Hence: pointless, useless, confusing and not helping to make the UI better or easier to use.

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I just log on an alt that thing wasn’t yet disable and come on!

  • How come you have NO quality control over your patches?

Who tested this?

I disabled it first because its taking too much space, but even using and ALT for few sec your don’t want to get that thing active.

You cannot even have a windows on top of another. lolllll


EVEN just a right click menu is completly unreadable , mega LULLLL

So much deceiving for a game that old. You should know peoples want you to FIX issue and stop adding more and more issues on top of the issue you haven’t fix yet.

  • Guess you will never learn of your mistakes, new content is COOL, but useless change remains useless.

You just did, for free. :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down_face: :smirk:



all fixit pls


You wouldn’t believe it but there are actually a crap´load of people who like this transparency madness, and they even say that it makes the UI easier to understand and read. Weirdly enough, they never say how that works. They just keep insisting on that this is the case. And CCP obviously LOVES to listen to that than to reasonable counterarguments like your pictures.

Fortunately enough, they still allow you to turn this transparency crap off and make the UI usable – even Photon becomes ever so slightly useful without transparency.

Bad thing is that it’s not consistent, as the neocom again ignores transparency settings.


This are page numbers in the contract window, but the problem applies everywhere else where these are used:


Photon keeps this inconsistency between button highlights up and makes it worse. The highlight for the arrows should be the same square as the numbers. What’s worse in Photon is that the highlight of the arrow is significantly fainter than in the existing UI.


Heya, i like how you try to improve, yet, i question if you have User Experience designers in your team. This is not meant as an attack but my honest curiosity.

I did not try out the new UI before the opt-out phase since i wanted it to test on one client. Yet you have the remaining isuue that if i make adjustments on one client it affects all clients I tried Photon on one client on Singularity and it affected all other clients. booo!

Since the new UI is Opt-out i had these issues with it:

The new Ui is too bulky and especially in the cargo hold window, informations overlap, due to big fonds, huge symbols and to big unused borders. compact mode does not have a seach function, otherwise it’d be perfect. Old UI is better here.

Docking does not work from the radial menue when i interact with the station in space. Radial menue has been not working constantly (especially while multiboxing) ever since, but i love it and would love to see it work reliably. Also radial menue does not work for warp and dock with a set cource when i am in the target system and interact with the hollow square (just warping works, usually) in the set route.

The drone window does not let me adjust the distance theween the two headlines “drones in bay” and “drones in space”. i’d love to have the distace minimal. seeing drones in space is more important to me than in the bay. i want the window as small as possible and still see what the drones do atm.

Overall performance has decreased. Between giving a command and execution there is up to 3 seconds. :((( Eve Online felt already slow for an online game, before this.

Higer security LowSec Systems can’t be indentified safely with the new Sec status colors. 0.4s look still like HighSec. Definitively a step backwards in terms of clarity.

Probably there is seven other things that i am missing right now, but there is still a lot of work to do and certain topics should be reaproached completely imho. Maybe start redesigning the sound layers, so players can crank up wormhole and gate activations without going crazy over the station humming. Also use the opportunity to fix the issue with setting one client’s sound (i.e.) and all others are affected, same with the UI. Different toons do different things and need different settings. You might implement an easy way to copy setting without playing the .json-game. :wink:

Please get that UX designer and listen to them.

Love and hugs,
a player

You made it harder to filter the Personal Assets for region (needs more attention/clicks)

Recover Probes and Solar system map buttons in scan probe window are too small, signal str is hidden, scan dev and scan dur can be in one info window. Replace the icon by value and give the additional info when hovering the mouse over it (like now)


Can’t set the D-Scan angle to 5 degrees using the slider.
I also agree with many of the comments above concerning screen real-estate efficiency, and feel fonts are hard to read (but that’s also a problem with the normal UI).

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This is ridiculously inconsistent. Why are the Setting icons not separated from the text display box. Why are there so many different hues? The darker color in the text input box would indicate that the active part (where you clicked in) gets darker; but no, this is not the case. The userlist stays brighter when you click in it.

That’s a worse UI experience than the existing UI which lights up the last-clicked-portion and indicates that this portion is now active. That tells you immediately that you cannot enter text if you are in the user list.

Not to mention that you need to use transparent windows to really see this as the effect is much, much fainter in opaque windows.
Another thing that Photon makes worse than the existing UI.


I have used the new ui for a month tops and turned it off 2 days ago.

What i like about it:
The drone window, i like how it changes its layout to show all drones in space while still being able to scroll the docked ones without adjusting window size.

The logos in the context menus

What i do not like about it:
Lots of empty space between the lines,
Still too much empty space using compact mode
This is the main reason i do not like the ui and turned it off.

More clicks to minimize or expand the cargocontainer list when in compact mode

Buttons were moved,
Other Buttons were (also) made smaller (retrieve probes)

Window highlight is unnecessary but definitly too bright imo


Hi, with the proton UI, mark my order option is selected but it doesn’t highlight your order in the market view.

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They separated it into “Contacts” and “Locations”.
Locations is now shortcut “L”, and the previous shortcut “L” for “Locations in (systemnamehere)” is now Ctrl-L if I am correct.
Check your shortcuts from your settings.

I just wanted to say that I agree with pretty much everyone’s complains against this abomination called UI.

I didn’t post myself because there is so much wrong that it would take me at minimum three A4s walls of text and hours of playtesting to documentate the issues with screenshots and my own painting of proposals. Especially when I know my feedback doesn’t matter and they will force it on us anyway without changing anything.

So I just ignore this crap, as long as I can switch back to old UI I just forget that Photon exists and CCP wasted ton of $$$ on developing it instead of making the actual game better.