Photon UI - Now in Beta (Opt-Out)

CCP, most of the UI changes since Photon UI was introduced, including the many changes to the Old UI, are poorly planned, badly executed and quite frankly, bad for the user. Despite many players pointing out glaring errors/omissions, you still push ahead. It’s meant to be a User Interface, but all you seem to want is to show off some shiny new front-end at the expense of usability.

There were so many broken “little things” that could have been fixed. But no, here’s some shiny new crap to gloss over all that.

Is anybody at CCP taking any player feedback into account?


But of course, player feedback is very important to them, they take it all into consideration, then decide to ignore it all… unless you agree with them of course. :wink: :psyccp:

As a result of CCP not addressing the issues with the UI in a meaningful way… if at all, my original assessment still stands:


I have now tried several times to get used to the new interface. It’s not going to work. The graphics are partly a disaster when displaying ships in stations. Too much space is wasted (graphics, fonts and spaces) and irrelevant things are brought to the fore. For me, this is not a further development but a deterioration. The conclusion for me is the following: Should this become the standard view, it would be a reason for me to turn to alternative games.

It would make more sense to invest time and money in more important projects like Copr Ally Management, server performance, etc.

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Repeating the same as many others have said: still issues with Photon.

I like the idea of Photon, both in the revamp sense as well as tying together things in a new implementation that doesn’t have the various things that cause bugs in the disparate implementations in the classic UI. But the problems will make me disable it until they’re fixed.

  • excessive border space on many elements
  • lack of divisional lines on UI elements (e.g. in the overview, also assets etc)
  • inconsistent application of design “ethos”/approach - different UI elements seem to get subtly different application rules

Lastly, making Multiple Overviews a Photon-only feature to try is kinda a dick move. I understand it might’ve been because of technical reasons, but even so: people have been complaining about these above-mentioned issues (to absolutely no avail) for MONTHS, then finally got a bit hyped for multiple overviews (which sound legitimately useful), only for … this to happen.

Do better. Acknowledge players’ issues with the UI, give a timeline by when you’ll be implementing adequate changes.


I still don’t use. It looks better and better but still not good enough.

  1. There are too big fileds inside windows. I mean the area between their borders and content. It’s a blank, unusfull area that “eats” the part of my monitor’s display. In order to see what I need I have to make windows bigger than I have in a regular UI. I have 18 inch only.
  2. The second thing is concerned not Photon only but UI in general. The border of window is hardly observable and when I have several windows opened it’s really hard to understand where each of them ends. Very offen I close a window that I didn’t wanted to close. Please make windows’ borders more marked, more observable.
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One issue i have with the new UI is that the hotkeys are not always the same. For example, when I hit “L” in the new UI, it doesn’t pull up my local bookmarks, but a huge directory of bookmarks.

Oh my gourd, please get your act together before you shove this down our throats yet again.

it’d be nice for my pretty reasonable setup (windows 10, RTX 3080, 1920x1080 resolution with default settings from the installer) for, you know, text to actually fit, stay in borders, etc. also, intensely glowing and throbbing accents do not belong in text, please be subtle, please use your own software!

as a software developer, if i consistently pushed broken experiences like this to my users, i’d be encouraged to explore my employment options elsewhere. it’s not unreasonable for a user to believe that the code is tested and looked at… look at long module names, solar system names, flex resizable boxes and address where letters wrap without vertical adjustment, where characters pile on top of each other, where words run over column boundaries in grids.

you all have been trying to get this out for quite a while, and it’s frustrating to log in to have to go and reset the option to opt out and then restart my client so very often.

and while we’re at it, if you’re gonna screw up the overview please actually make the save and restore overview settings would actually work. really wanted it to work, but ended up having to reset the settings and re-apply the z-s overview before i could get a usable overview not to mention that some stuff that was working fine for a couple years now now seem broken…

so many times, these user experience changes seem to just be thrown over the wall without testing. i’m sure you guys try, but it’s really not working…

and before you go with the bittervet slur yet again, c’mon, we’re here, we’re paying subscriptions, we clearly care about the game and really get frustrated time and again with ‘thank you for your feedback’ and then it seems that bugs are still there and stuff that was working is changed…

i love eve, been using it for way too long, wish it felt like there was as much love put into these releases as we have for the game. would prefer to have readable text and overviews than a buggy hangar animation that sets the camera below the floor…every single time…

there’s just so much frustration with the ui lately :frowning:


Currently in the process of giving it another shot now that it’s been re-activated.

I haven’t been around long enough to really get used to using Alt+E for people and places, but not being able to see the “places” part there any more seems like a bad move, even if you can use L for “locations” to view both local and all marked locations. Keeping the old placement and ADDING new options makes more sense than taking away existing tools to put them ONLY in a new place. Not a big deal but one you have been told multiple times and should really have listened to before now.

Compact mode doesn’t make the space-wasting parts of windows waste less space, it instead hides useful information that was visible in the old UI while taking less space than it does in photon. That’s not beneficial. Similarly, the “compact” setting for window margins doesn’t reduce the wasted space within windows, only on the header bar, and even then, not as far as the old UI did. Actually reducing the waste INSIDE the windows has been a consistent detail within user feedback.

Next time you are considering pushing photon onto everyone again, take the time to think through whether you’ve actually addressed the major functionality-breaking problems people are raising. If the answer is “no” (which it was this time), DON’T push it onto us until the answer is “yes” (which, as mentioned, it hasn’t been yet).

EDIT: Adding this… drone window is still as much of a mess as people have been complaining about it being since the first announcement of photon. Maybe, like… actually fix SOME of the problems people have pointed out repeatedly and consistently every single step of the way? Would be nice…


yet again forced onto players who view the waisted space in the new ui as a hinderance to playing eve yes it has some niceties in it but a lot of barely working stuff as well
constantly ramming stuff at players with a system that has drawbacks , will only entrench the ideas and views that ccp doesn’t care i do go on the test server to have a look at what ccp is doing when its a better option i will implement .
if its a case that ccp needs to remove the old legacy from the game make the new work properly and remove the old from the game give us the option to build and populate the fields our selves with probably only an all single option to start and you recommended so we have a decent choice .
at the moment going back i have a load of scanning options i have to scroll through that i don’t want don’t use didn’t ask for and no idea how to remove them
i understand you want rid of the old text box method in the game as its not visually that great but the new ui i loose to much for the gains on offer


wow, I thought I had this turned off. everything is blurry. I dont like it. Why turn this back on if I chose to turn it off? It was turned off for a reason. explain why you would change the settings I chose to turn off?


When I look at locations, the bookmarks that are in the same system as me are no longer highlighted, although on closer inspection they may be a brighter white, this is not good, another colour, like the old green would be fine




In my opinion, the overview really sucks…

It requires the columns and rows like in the non-photon ui to be there…without it it hurts my eyes, especially trying to glean intel at a glance…and when i mean hurt, im talking about that socket pain you get in the back of the eyeball after only a few minutes and it takes an hour at minimum to go away…

If this Photon was to go live as it stand today without a perma opt out I would have leave this game for good.


sucks. fleet window sucks, chat windows suck. everything sucks, its like playing a broken game


Hey Guys !
I feel the UI made some significant progress with the new release today. But I still miss the option to change the font size for title rows - to make them smaller again. When I have the current target preview window, the overview, the drone window and the fleet window all beneath each other like I had before - the sum of all that bigger window title rows just add up so it won’t fit anymore. :frowning:

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Fix the excessive padding around everything already. It’s a waste of screen real estate. We’re not playing this on tablets.


Its terrible. Do not implement it. Keep classic UI.


I had disabled Photon UI several weeks ago already on all of my accounts and I have given a (negative) feedback to the Photon UI as well. Why do I have to disable this horrible “feature” today again on all of my accounts?
Photon is a nuisance. Please keep the Classic UI.
After playing for half an hour using the Classic UI, the Eve client stopped executing any hotkeys.
It almost got my ship to explode having to switch to purely piloting by mouse clicks amid a fight… Is that meant to be a new incentive for players to use the horrible Photon UI?
What does a “Test”-server even exist for?..
Why use a Test server when you have a community of customers you can dump an unfinished product upon to test it for you. The players will even pay you 20 bucks per month to do the job…


I opted out of Photon when you pushed it earlier and then I logged into the game today to find that you had enabled it again without fixing any of the problems.

We still cannot expand collapse the left pane when we have the inventory window open. We can focus a window on the selected area, such as mining hold, but can’t expand the pane and change to the cargo hold then collapse it again so we can see more of the contents without resizing the window.

Although the glowing aura effect is an interesting visual effect it doesn’t bring anything to the game and is a bit distracting when I am trying to focus on other things in the game.

Please stop turning on beta options that don’t really help me but instead take away functionality I use on a regular basis. If I can suggest anything it is to not just enable this UI but instead offer it like you did the overview change.


Upon logging in today, it looks like you’ve ignored my settings to disable photon and once again forced it on me. Well, unsurprisingly, it’s still bad. The feedback you’ve received has been consistently negative, and you’ve fixed only minor issues.

Here’s a clear experiment that shows why Photon is strictly worse: (1) organize a default UI where everything displays necessary information in minimal space. (2) turn on Photon. (3) Every window now displays LESS information and is unreadable. In order to fix this, windows must be expanded, eating up more precious screen real estate.

Photon is bloated. The UI design goals behind it are fundamentally flawed, prioritizing some vague notion of ‘modernism’ at the expense of actual utility. This is a terrible idea, and you’ve been told this over and over.

Please. Have some semblance of humility and rethink where you’re going with this. It is not working.


я не стал искать где тут тема по отзывам о фотонном интерфейсе, поэтому напишу сюда. Без сомнения есть интересные и удобные нововведения, но лично для меня: стилистика тяжело воспринимается моими больными глазами, очень сильно давит на глаза и раздражает практически все. Старый интерфейс может быть и является громоздким, но в нем четко различимы линии внутри окон, хоть чата, хоть инвентаря, хоть обзорной панели. А в новом интерфейсе очень много внимания сконцентрировано на мелочах типа “куда тут ткнуть, что бы попасть куда хотел и надо, а не туда и не за этим”. Переключил настройки на старый через пару часов использования из-за таких мелочей и давящего на глаза оформления…

I didn’t look for where the topic is based on reviews of the photon interface, so I’ll write here. Without a doubt, there are interesting and convenient innovations, but for me personally: the style is hard to perceive with my sore eyes, it puts a lot of pressure on my eyes and annoys almost everything. The old interface may be cumbersome, but it clearly distinguishes the lines inside the windows, even the chat, even the inventory, even the overview panel. And in the new interface, a lot of attention is focused on little things like “where to poke here to get where you want and need to, and not there and not behind it.” I switched the settings to the old one after a couple of hours of use because of such trifles and the design that pressed on my eyes …