Photon UI - Now in Beta (Opt-Out)

and even more - if you move all those funny pictograms with probe grouping into one DROPLIST


как отключить этот кал?

only one question. WHY???






ответ от службы поддержки: никак. Мне так и написали

Despite all the complaints that have been brought forth by numerous players including myself during the last months CCP forces this nuisance upon their customers.
Well, every company is free to ruin a former good product as best as it is able to.


Старый интерфейс: хочется играть и интерфейс помогает в решении задач, приятен, удобен, не давит на глаза. Играешь сутками, наслаждаешься игрой.

Включили фотонный интерфейс: 2 часа игры, а дальше унижение, страдание, боль.
“Чувак у тебя были глаза? Сходи купи новые.” - Это ФОТОННЫЙ ИТЕРФЕЙС! Ты будешь унижен!
я все понимаю, мир EVE Online жесток, холоден и неприветлив. Но не настолько же…

Old interface: I want to play and the interface helps in solving problems, it is pleasant, convenient, does not put pressure on the eyes. Play for days, enjoy the game.

We turned on the photon interface: 2 hours of play, and then humiliation, suffering, pain.
“Dude did you have eyes? Go get some new ones.” - It’s a PHOTONIC INTERFACE! You will be humiliated!
I understand everything, the world of EVE Online is cruel, cold and unfriendly. But not as much…


Please allow us to keep opting out from this terrible new UI for just one or two more infinity.

It’s supposed to be the user interface not the devs interface, and the user keeps telling you it’s utter crap yet you force it on us.


Don’t like the new Photon UI. Stop forcing it on us. Why did you have to fix something that wasn’t broken?


I’ve cancelled subs. Forcing a worse UI on users, when devs receive such robust, practical, but negative feedback, is the final straw.


So you ■■■■■■ up our UIs. Great.

Now can we at least have an “export” feature so that we can duplicate our settings across accounts and characters after we finally spend enough time making this garbage remotely usable?


It is obvious that CCP have no UI design personnel and even more obvious that they have no QA department. This PHOTONIC UI is utter rubbish and just causes eyestrain.


You guys still don’t seem to get it.

This is a mobile UI. This is how a mobile UI is supposed to look and function. Large low-contrast buttons and icons, big borders, and a focus on context menus instead of direct control, are all signs of this.

They’re doing this because they must have plans that deal with the mobile gaming market sector in the future. I don’t know what they are, but to give you some context, this new UI looks much closer to the UI that EVE Echoes has, or other mobile games like Nikke and Diablo Immortal have, than to what EVE Online had previously.


THAT is exactly what it looks like !!

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Not a fan of the new UI but something does definitely feel wrong with it. One comment I saw on reddit described one of the “Off” feelings perfectly.

The picture attached to said comment below

Good example of the issue is below.

Its all there, just thrown together without any “Areas” divided between each section. The search area works best since its basically color coded differently so it is its own area so to say, but would really prefer to have dividers like the example of the old market UI showed above.

The chat window as well has the same issue. Picture below.


That is how the chat looks when its not focused on (Selected with the mouse). When you however choose it with the mouse, it looks like this.


Instantly! Much better and visually more clear. If I had to guess the thought process at CCP is “Lets make the UI as dull as possible when the player is not focusing on it so they’re not distracted” or something. That’s my best guess anyhow.

The hangar UI has the same issue (not sure what to call said box so I’ll just go with that since its only visible when you’re docked). Picture below.

Dull, flat when not selected. Everything just meshed together into a big blob. Its like someone took some UI assets and slapped them onto a blank canvas. However once selected.

Instantly a little clearer. The window has a background (even if it isn’t all that visually popping, but helps the elements stick out by themselves). There is a dividing line below the “Guests, Agents, Offices & Hangars” selection and so forth. Could we get a toggle or better yet could it be made so that the UI acts as if the entire UI is always “Selected” so the more detailed UI windows are shown instead of the blank, dull boxes that just speak “Please give some life to me!”

This is just one bothersome issue with the Photon UI. I get the point, rework it so its nicer to deal with internally and update it to bring it to the 2nd decade of EVE since it does have some useful features (even if hidden within menu-menu’s which is still bad). Decent ideas but the execution leaves a lot to be desired with. Would change to the old UI if it wasn’t ripped from the game. :frowning:

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the ridiculous non-compact interface is a parody of a mobile, and we play with the mouse, we don’t need big buttons, for example, this is so in everything … scroll scroll scroll


I don’t play Eve on my smartphone. I use a PC with a big monitor. So Photon is about as useful as a rubber crutch for me.

But since I can no longer opt out of a UI I literally can’t use 'cuz I can’t see it, I’m opting out another way.

Until I can use the ‘traditional/old’ UI, I’m opting out of buying more Omega time & opting out of Eve.


Now the update is so bad that the white font almost blinded my eyes. Under this background, I can’t play the game for a long time. If there is no change later, I have to leave the game

I wonder if the fact that people refused to test the new interface made you think that the new interface is not needed by most players?

I think it’s time to say goodbye to EVE online.

I hope the next generation will be able to accept it.

And so why is there still no way to express that I don’t like the update.

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Отсутствуют границы полей внутри окон, отсутствует хоть какой-то намек на выбранную цветовую схему. Все черное, абсолютно все. Если открыть все окна и поставить их плотно друг к другу будет ощущение что монитор выключился. Насыщенности нет, есть пустота. Границ нет, есть слившееся воедино ничто… В старом интерфейсе было видно и хорошо различимо, как границы окон, полей внутри окон, так и цветовая схема. В новом интерфейсе это все отсутствует, добавьте четкие границы полей в окнах, добавьте заливку задников окон, соответствующих выбранной цветовой схеме.
Если старый интерфейс передавал насыщенность, яркость и жизнь игры, то фотонный интерфейс отображает холод, пустоту и безжизненность. На похоронах веселее присутствовать, чем в игре! Мы любим игру и нам больно видеть, что игра катится в помойку.

There are no margins inside the windows, there is no hint of the selected color scheme. All black, absolutely everything. If you open all the windows and put them tightly to each other, it will feel like the monitor has turned off. There is no saturation, there is emptiness. There are no borders, there is nothing that has merged into one… In the old interface, both the borders of windows, margins inside windows, and the color scheme were visible and clearly distinguishable. In the new interface, all this is missing, add clear borders to the fields in the windows, add a fill to the backs of the windows that match the selected color scheme.
If the old interface conveyed saturation, brightness and life of the game, then the photon interface displays cold, emptiness and lifelessness. It’s more fun to be at a funeral than in a game! We love the game and it pains us to see the game go down the drain.