[PIE] Jubilee Celebrations

Little known fact: the assault on Tanoo was “ill-fated” because a tenant of the Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar alerted LUMEN to the fact that the Fort was being shot at.

Said tenant was Minmatar.

Hi, bitch.

Now for some math: How many lives would Matari have to save via proxies to cancel out the lives that we’ve allegedly taken via proxies?

There probably aren’t enough people alive in the entire cluster to make you happy in that respect, Newelle.

So maybe you should drop this topic before I also make you start counting how many lives this Minmatar and others have saved by helping Amarr loyalists kill Blooder FOBs.

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Where exactly have I blamed you for anything, Ms. Ramijozana? You sought to help the rebellion on Thebeka but in the end your efforts were paltry and forgivable in comparison to the weapons and encouragement the likes of Electus Matari and Samira Kernher provided in the conflict.

I recognize the good you are doing as a result of your contact with Khimi Harar, and am grateful for it; you need not berate me for being unappreciative. However, you should also recognize the insulting hypocrisy of those who complain of “insensitivity” over who we choose to mourn when they are the reason we must mourn in the first place.

Like so:

PIE had deployed troops to the planet under direct orders from the Throne, and when the Minmatar began their operations we were forced to respond. Thousands of PIE crew died to hinder and stop their efforts, both to protect the people of Thebeka and our own soldiers as they did their duty. Those are who we shall be mourning at the ceremony, along with the fallen of the forces the Excubitoris legions served alongside and those civilians we failed to protect. Yet, we are to be judged for not including those related to people who quite literally expanded the damage of the attacks in the Empire?

It is ridiculous. We are not responsible for the deaths of her kin, but Elsebeth Rhiannon is responsible for the deaths of ours. I personally gave my condolences to her the day that the attacks in the Republic happened, despite what she had done in Thebeka, under no other obligation than common human decency in a time of tragedy, even between enemies. I hoped that perhaps she might realize some things now that the shoe was on the other foot, and that next time the Empire experienced such a thing again that she might send commiserations instead of high explosives. If not, I suppose she can judge us from her place of self-imposed exile, wherever that may be. So long as she does it far away from us as we try to sort our messes.

As for you, Melisma, respectfully, thank you for your efforts in helping us make things right. I pray that you may be a bridge between our peoples rather than a wedge, and I apologize if I offended you with my tone; I assure you it was not directed towards you, but certain others. May I be forgiven.


So now you’re blaming Elsebeth for the Blood Raider attacks?

That’s a clear misread of the point Aldrith is making. Try again.

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You’re right, it is. After all, let’s look at who’s being mourned:

So if Aldrith’s gonna go claiming Elsebeth and the rest of us Minmatar are “the reason [you] must mourn in the first place”, then I guess he’s saying we’re responsible for all of ‘those who have become martyrs to the Faith in the past year’. THE reason. Not even ‘a’ reason. The only one. Without us, no reason to mourn.

Muh bad.

Edit: Yes. Obviously, I’m being hyperbolic. I’m being over the top. I’m wildly exaggerating to make my point here. Aldrith is explicitly blaming Elsebeth for deaths in a conflict where PIE dec’d EM. PIE did that. PIE doesn’t do that, PIE doesn’t lose anyone. PIE could’ve just as easily contributed to the interdiction of baseliner traffic, since we eggers can’t go traipsing on down in our egg-ships, without an active wardec.

But you can’t even admit that Aldrith could maybe have not been such a mouth-breathing fool in the way he expresses his self-righteous ‘let’s blame the people we declared war on for daring to shoot back’. And why?

Because your long history of ■■■■■■■ other people up has ■■■■■■ you up, too.

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For any one unwilling to read her post, or may lose the point that Arrendis is trying to make:

She is saying its PIE’s fault for losing PIE lives.

A reminder that the Empress’s Jubilee is tomorrow night. A fleet will be forming in Amarr at 19:30 and will be on parade by 20:00.


I’m hostile to PIE for various reasons, but today’s celebration told me our common point.
Thank you, PIE.
Thank you, Amarr and Khanid holders.

Glory to our Empress and King!

It is with regret I inform you that the memorial tour fleet and service will be postponed until October 12th due to various matters coming to priority following the revelation of the Pax e Kilizhi Do.

Scheduling and itinerary details will be made available soon.

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