Placid Central Police - PCP0 | GALMIL | FW | New Player / Alpha Friendly | UK/EU

Spudden Impact moved into Gallente FW (Faction Warfare) under The Potato Alliance. We are a tight-knit group of people that are mature and relaxed with a very simple goal and that is to have fun together when online. We specialise in sub-caps but do use capitals when required. Real-life will always come first and we do not have any CTA’s because of this. We will help with Ihub defensive fleets when online and on our Corp and Alliance structures if they are being attacked (We don’t have any at the moment).

PCP0 - Placid Central Police was created to help us find new players and friends. In Potato Alliance everyone is seen as an equal with only a hand full of people having directorship to make things easy and effective.

What can PCP0 offer you?

We have free fitted ships available to all players that join. These will be Atron’s, Tristan’s and Incurses. You can use them and abuse them while you learn how FW works and gain your footing in the corp and in the alliance. Once you have flown with us actively for a month and acquired 3 vouches from the members in Spudden Impact, you will be allowed to join our main corp.

Please note that if you cannot fly our free ships we will happily get you the race ship you can fly and provide you with 10 or 20 fitted ships for free. We want you to use the first month with us as a trial run to see if you enjoy our content and our company online. We would not want you to have to pay for this. We will, of course, teach you how to make ISK in FW so you can get your first Federation Navy Comet. (Takes about 20 min really)

What will your day-to-day life be in PCP0?

  • We run daily joint fleets with our blues in the Placid area. There is always a fleet up and you can jump into it and go PEW PEW crazy if you want. The more you PVP the more ISK you make.
  • We do Low Sec gate camps.
  • We run High Sec gate camps now that we are in FW
  • We run weekly Null Roams into Pure Blind to go steal ESS but it’s really about getting fights with Brave (Love the GF’s, Brave guys).
  • We run small gang-style wolf packs for corp and alliance.
  • We also do a Weekly Blackops Fleet with some friends. (More for the VETS)

We have a no-drama policy in Corp and Alliance. You will be removed.

If you join us, you join a family.

We are looking for people who will fit into our corporation and form new friendships. The alliance’s goal is to become one of the top Alliances in the Gallente Faction.

We will achieve this by operating as a tight-knit tactical combat group, using our in-house doctrines to increase their combat capabilities whilst also providing a fun environment to play in. Placid Central Police will help mould this with new people and new friendships. We will need numbers to help Gallente push out the Caldari. We need you more than you need us. You will never just be a number with us.

We are not Killboard warriors.

As the CEO of the Alliance, I really don’t care what Zkill says. I don’t care about your losses or how many you have had in 1 day. What we care about, is our reputation as an Alliance that will take the fight even if we are outnumbered because why not give it a go. We care about everyone having fun and learning.

No fleet is mandatory, but PVP is and so is having fun.

If this sounds like something you want to give a try. Even if it is only for the first month, just to see if FW is for you, then please join our public in-game channel: SPUD5

You can also join our discord to find out more: SPUD5 - Potato Alliance
Killboard: Placid Central Police | Corporation | zKillboard



All jokes aside, these guys are fun to fly with. Join them, I’d say. It’ll be fun, I’d say.


I have your fireworks ready

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These guys will steal your ■■■■. But then, you can steal their ■■■■. It’s all fair games.


When you logging back in so we can go PeW PEW?

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I had nowhere else to go so I joined these guys. They’re pricks, but they’re alright.


bumholio approves of this come and pew pew with us


I joined with intention of stealing all their stuff but I kinda like these guys now.

So I’ll only steal half their stuff.

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buy my plex, I might play :wink:

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You want me to Plex your account?

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We are looking for some more people.
New Player and Alpha ships are available. We will give you training.
Come join us today

Up you go

We are still recruiting

Bump it up. Come join us

Still Recruiting

We want you!

We are still recruiting

Our numbers are up to 4 now so jump online and come help Gallente win the war.

We are still looking

We still looking for some new blood. Join us now.

Come join us today