Play without a PC?

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Yes, you heard right. And I promise interesting content, but at the beginning a little background story.
I do not have my own computer, but this is an account registered to my comrade.
Even if my name is “N”, I’m a boy I’m soon 30, and it just so happened that being disabled, I was subjected to domestic violence. I said this not so that we all cry, but to show the sincerity of our motivation. I don’t need a hype, or something like that, I am convinced that the new Eden can give me something more. I am convinced that playing will help me to rehabilitate after what I have experienced, so I approached the matter creatively. I want to play a fighter for justice in a new Eden - against high taxes, toxic communication in the corporation and everything that displeases most capsuleers. But enough about me, and let’s get to the game.
How to play without a PC? - simple, and I’m starting right now.

An ordinary Caldari hard worker decided to assemble a team and move into space to carry the banner of the fight against toxicity, exploitation and other nasty things. This means that even ruthless pirates will be nice to me if they are friendly and share the loot justly; but the most peaceful traders will become my enemies if rudeness and deceit flourish in the corps.
While I am saving up for my first capsule with a clone, I can go into space, but without synchronization with the ship (my friend’s PC slows down even with the graphics turned off).
But that’s not all, I have a communicator (the browser hardly slows down, and I can write here!)
A little later, I will build my own PC and try to create a lot of interesting content, but now I would like to ask you to help me.

  1. I want a private chat with someone who knows Caldari history well. (I want to have a deeply worked out image from the very beginning). I’ve read a lot myself, but I want to play it safe.
  2. If someone responds, I will ask him a few more questions, and perhaps create interesting content without even getting into the capsule.

With excitement I will wait for any reaction.
Thank you for your attention.

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I’m not that into the RP aspects of the game, but if you haven’t found this yet, I’d start here:

Read the chronicles especially.

This game can play fine on some really low-end hardware, by the way. Like even an entry-level laptop with integrated graphics should play a single client on native resolution without any issue. If you have something like an entry-level graphics card like a xx50-series Nvidia card from the last ~5 years, you can run multiple clients on high settings no problem.


You could use Eve Anywhere. Then you dont need a PC.

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I’ll read it all, thanks.

As for the video card, so far I have only ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro at my disposal.

I will wait for Eve Anywhere in Russia. Thank you.)

What? Jesus…That’s like 15 years old.

You need to do something about your computing situation ASAP.


Sure. This will take some time.
You say that you are not a specialist in history …
Do you know a lot about politics?
Where can you read about Raata Empire?

Like I said, I’m not very into the RP aspects of the game, but I’m sure some of the locals who are will be able to help you, like DeMichael Crimson or Geo Eclipse Oksaras, who I know runs NPC missions.

One thing I will tell you about the game is that the aspects that deal with player interaction (the PvP) are mostly decoupled from aspects that deal with NPC lore (the PvE). This is to say that the reasons that players fight against each other or cooperate with each other for the most part don’t have anything to do with the story behind the game. We have our own corporations and our own reasons to interact each other.

So when you say you want to be a “fighter for justice,” you have to realize that that would mean two very different things, depending on whether you approach the game from the PvE or PvP perspective. There is some overlap in a few places (like faction warfare), but it’s very minor.

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We want to fight against high taxes in one part of eve that’s player run, :kissing_closed_eyes:


Let me disagree. ENT influences the actions of the players. I have been following the new Eden for a long time, and I know, for example:
1.) Mitoni committed a purely political act related to ENT.
2.) Sometimes corporations call themselves branches of the Concorde, making the corporation more entourage in this way.
3.) My plans are connected with a deep knowledge of political theory in reality, and I will apply complex strategies for the development of sorption, taken from real life.
/ I do not want to disclose my plans too early, so I will cite anarchism as an example. /
It would be vulgar, in my opinion, to use earthly symbolism and the name of the movement. I would look for similar trends among the Minmatars, and call myself their supporter.
Well, or if I wanted the style of the Templar Order, then the Ammar aesthetics is my choice.
In addition, if other corporations understand that our actions can be dictated not only by calculations, but also by ENT, this will diversify life at 0. This is my maximum task for today.

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He should join your corp when he can play if he wants to fight injustice.

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I play EVE by postal mail. Two weeks per game server tic.

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Who’s your friend who won the last war for the goons aka something guy, sounds like the same play style

PostMaster Mike

You cannot play EVE Anywhere on anything but a PC at the moment… I tried using my tablet and it will not bring up the icon… maybe as it comes out of beta into an actual version it may… but for right now, its still only available on PC

Everything is a little different.
Once I figure out how to write private messages, I will begin to invite caplovers to the secret inter-corporation Resistance Council.
As the major toxicity issues in the new Eden are discussed, the Council will become an institution for the study of these issues. Gradually, I will take some of my friends into space, and I myself will go there. In this way, my team will become the core of a corporation that will become an example of brotherly communication, and will always be ready to conduct operations aimed at combating such behavior of players that arouses the righteous anger of the majority.

This is really funny.
I was embarrassed about starting this for about a week.))

Have a look at eve portal , as you have a character already you can log on to that

Too shy to ask…
How do I write a private message here?