Play without a PC?

Here on the forums, you cannot…

however, has pointed above, you can send a mail via EVE Portal App on your smart device.

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I have been studying Eve for a long time. )))

Such good advice …
The computer will not be pulled by the android simulation, but my phone is a push-button)

If you turn off the graphics, then the interface in the hangar is slow, but reacts.
So I can write down the names of the pilots from the forum and write them in the game, right?
What is the likelihood that they will answer me?
I’ve heard that capsuleers are reluctant to respond to strangers.

I played it on my android tablet last month to test it.

Just use a browser where you can request the desktop site rather that the mobile site :wink:

Hey presto, the button to play in browser appears

This topic has logically developed into this.

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