Pochven: Current Issues and Gaps

You can get out of Pochven with a filament costing 10,000 isk. Very affordable. However, not all systems have stations. You can also use the daily giveaway null-sec filaments to get out.

In that case i understand why players complain about be stuck
Thanks for the heads up
And link to Pochven discussion threads? This thing’s being up for some days but it seems not many have entered them

Here is the most active thread:

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It’s a little hard right now to get started in Pochven (see the OP :slight_smile: ).

But if you are serious about visiting, or want more info, try here:

or in-game join the channel:

‘Raravoss Proving Grounds’

I am -4.5 to trigs. This content is firewalled off for me.
Good luck and enjoy your content.

Spending loads of time and effort to make content that is very limited to max a couple of hundred pilots? That seems like a total waste of time if that is actually the case.

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To be fair there is not that much content at the moment, except enjoying the skybox and being hunted and killed by OP rats. :wink:

The drone rats are kind of “cool”.

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At least better than the always “Aroused” sleepers …

… btw, who comes up with that names. ;D

You know who.

I agree with pretty much everything in the OP.

I would also like to ask attention to how the trig-exclusive standing requirements completely screwed up half of the participants in Chapter 3. Our current situation is we have assets in systems where our enemies can freely take gates but we don’t even have static wormholes. Us defending is a game of luck and attacking back we are seriously disadvantaged.

I for one sort of understand wanting to give exclusive content to participants in the previous stage. However, they wrote a deterministic outcome to a two-sided conflict and then rewarded only those participants who flew on the same side as devs.

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Three (or more) static/wandering/direct (I’m not sure about the correct terminology) Pochven:Pochven wormholes would go a long way towards fixing this space.

We just wrapped up the weekly CSM meeting and we had a VERY long discussion with the content team that is working on Trig space, and we laid out all of these concerns. They have seen most of this stuff, understood where the players were coming from and acknowledged that they are actively working to resolve some of the biggest issues. (and they cleared us to say that, lol).

So thanks to folks who commented here and elsewhere - CCP heard you and they are likely going to incorporate this feedback in continued work on Pochven.


They had better give us some good treats for Halloween!

Im stuck in that system, or all my assets are in there and im not in there… so … what to do ?

Thanks Brisc! But just to bust your butt in good humor, that’s not much detail. :rofl:

I know, but still had to say it. :wink:

Not what exactly they consider the biggest issues though, I assume? :wink:

No, I think these are pretty serious issues for the team working on this.

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The first thing they fixed was the exploit where you could get enough standing to get in there. I wonder what they will fix next.

You should still be able to create contracts remote. Firesale it.