Poor little Timmy Gallente: Why Gankers are bad people, IN GAME

Thought that is how it looks by default. :wink: (see picture in below post)


Perhaps we could suggest a few skins to CCP ? Or a hull paint kit to express yourself without having to use Local, or anchored cans…, in true, old-fashioned EvE style ? A true ecological solution for many communication issues!

Idea of the ability to make custom skins is brought up every now and then similar to other subjects (bring back captain’s quarters and such) so not sure if CCP just simply ignores them at this point or actually encouraged to consider the concept.

But personally I think it would be too much of a headache for them to moderate the completed player made custom skins and remove EULA violating content and it would also hurt their own skin releases thus their bottom line for it to be worth considering for them. So don’t see much of a chance for it to happen unfortunately, would be cool though.

There would be technical problems, not to mention extra server load, true. Hence it won’t happen.

But one can dream, and especially grin, make highly inappropriate plans, and bring a ray of joy to the coldness of space and its denizens’ hearts. And joke about it.

Some gankers are 1
Some gankers are 2

Or a mixture of motivations.

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thats probably why after fanfest 16 they decided against custom SKINS
so apparently i “liked” that image from his thread already as well :stuck_out_tongue:

if you remember the built a tool for creating custom skins that prevented such… intricacies

Cue one of my favourite comedy sketches…


I was with you till this. It’s a blasted Venture. A Venture can mine enough for another Venture fairly quickly.

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