Praise Aiko Danuja, Hound of Halaima, Mistress Mercenary

Not if you fight dirty

Just stumbled accross that post about a week ago, and it took me an entire week to find my words to tell you and @Aiko_Danuja that your actions are a blessing to humanity! I’ve had so much bad and toxic interactions with these absolutely pathetic miners when I started playing eve in Oipo, and I am pleased to know that the great alliances Safety. and CODE. are taking actions against the Absolute Foolishness of Absolute Dishonor’s members. All praise Aiko Danuja!

I tried to read this whole thread.

I didn’t make it.


I invite @Aiko_Danuja to make a formal apology to Frostpacker (spelt correctly & not some other variant) on Crime & Punishment openly where it shall express remorse for saying what was said on that blog that was so hateful that had changed your standings level from good to bad. You need to do that before future transactions are ever made, that thread shall be written truthfully that shows how you actually want to make amends with Frostpacker.

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If you pay me 1 bil isk, I can guarantee you that I can get you an audience with Princess Aiko, saviorette of highsec.

Classic move bro, asking for the impossible.


The comment’s section is always so much fun to read.

What if I think aiko is a joke, and the rest of you are just brainwashed cultist… What then?

You’re saying that now, but when the rapture happens, you’ll really wish you had that seat on the spaceship.

Pour the gas, burn the spaceship

If a mentally ill pirate princess amber sends me a billion ISK, I will let her gank me…

Ewww. Miners are so disgusting.

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1944 total pieces in the box

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Aiko, Aiko, she’s so pretty
Reminds me of Hello Kitty

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To you like miner plebs perhaps but no, it’s all about what her Majesty brings to New Eden.

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Yeah at some point it’s impossible to keep up but if you only read the comments from ABSOH/ABSOW members it makes the whole thread very funny since they are always bragging about things no one cares about or spitting nonsense. It’s also a lot funnier when you know that Lee’s “nullsec empire” has fallen in a matter of hours, that his lowsec empire is just one guy in a marauder, a blops and a loki/arazu alt, and that the entire alliance is being scammed by a single guy who offers 90% buyback to people who are living about 6 jumps away from Jita

Does this mean it’s finally safe for me to put up a Fortizar?

@Governor_Lee if you had given me all your stuff, and put me in charge of Absolute Order/Will/Harmony/Etc it would actually be a stronger organization.


My dear Mr Serious. You left Eve. Obviously couldn’t cope. I am still here.


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