Quantum cores make stations unaffordable for Joe/anne Sixpack, average EVE player

You can’t tether to a mobile depot or cargo container… that’s why people are complaining about structure spam. It’s a shitty system that, yet again, makes PvEers too safe in Null sec.

Get over it, High Sec carebears are SUPPOSED to be poor and most of you have WAY more isk than you should. If you’re not willing to take risks you do not deserve rewards.

rasta andersen best andersen :+1:

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When you said 6-800b in loot, i was like “Huh? Quantum cores cost several hundred BILLION isk? Wow, thats too much”, then i went to go see it and its million not billion.

Since its a lot safer in hisec, this makes no sense.

You get a good 24 hours heads up as to who is attacking you. You get to see their full list of corpmates and who is attacking you, and how many people they will potentially bring. No one can come along and help them out without being flagged. They can only bring battleships and below to attack your citadel which means it will take longer to take down. They have to pay a fee to attack your station, and another fee if they fail in the first week, and so forth.

Everything about this is made to make citadels easier to defend in hisec, and harder to attack, than compared to low or null.

And yet you want it to be cheaper to place in hisec?


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Of course they are.

Its like that joke with the Buddhist and the Christian. The Buddhist says to the Christian:

“I think everyone should be free to do whatever they wish”.

The christian replies:

“So you think I should be able to just go around and freely kill anyone I want?”

The Buddhist says:

“Yes, and the police will be free to arrest you, and the judge will be free to sentence you, and the Warden will be free to keep you locked up.”

This argument of “Whenever I try to do X, some guy does Y, therefore Im not free and this isnt a sandbox because I cant do X!” utterly fails when you realize that the nature of a sandbox game in a multiplayer setting is that everyone is free to do whatever they wish.

You are free to own and operate a station.

Someone else is free to tear it down with superior force.

This is stupid. Then no game could be called Sandbox, because programmers always program the game with restrictions.

Those two are not mutually exclusive things, you know.


Ok that’s just broken

But I thought Eve wasn’t a sandbox? I’m confused

Well, I guess its a good idea to defend your station, and also to be sure to be able to defend it.

It was the same as before, too, when we had XL construction yards, and people were building Titans, another group would get wind, and swoop in and destroy it, so that the person making the titan would have wasted all his materials.

The ‘that’s just broken’ quote was in response to the POS eating materials with no output, period - not that the POS would be destroyed and you lose the materials, but that it doesn’t produce any output, at all, ever (since the POS manufacturing capability was deprecated), but still eats the mats. It is, in fact, broken code.

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Quantum cores was a truly stupid idea for hisec, while I could see its value in nullsec and lowsec, it just destroyed hisec indy. Not a smart move CCP.

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I think structures were a bad idea for HS.

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If Joe/anne Sixpack bought one less sixpack, they could afford a quantum core.


I just don’t see how it’s even possible to get through a mining session without at least one six-pack. One time I had to join a mining op in a corporation I infiltrated for a war, and I burned through nearly an entire fifth of whiskey in four hours.

I don’t know how these people do it sober.


Wait. I thought mining was what you did when you were so drunk that titan roams sounded like a good idea.

That was, in fact, what I was talking about - I should have been more clear. I’ve no problem with you losing your materials, etc, if you can’t protect the facility. Supercap abortions are a long and storied tradition.

But in this case, CCP just failed to deprecate the code properly, and should correct their mistake.

It’s basically impossible to defend a highsec structure. All the cards are in the hands of the attackers.

But whatever - this is having an interesting side-effect - with fewer and fewer player-owned structures, there’s fewer and fewer places that you can clone-swap and bypass the cloning timer. This is causing the game to be less playable - I’ve seen my own gameplay change (less gameplay), as well as that of corp/alliance and other players I interact with regularly.

I’m about to suicide a clone to get some of the implants back just because it’s actually too difficult to use that clone in a meaningful sense any more…

Then why did they put them in the reach of individual players then?

Irrespective of that, it’s not just individuals losing out. Corps of 50+ players (who built their expensive structures from blueprints by grinding the mining/PI/manufacturing required) are losing their structures because CCP chose to make structure kills a guaranteed loot event.

We wanted to defend - but there was just no way we could. Sure, we could have put up a fleet today - but then the attackers just come back tomorrow for the guaranteed pay-day. My biggest peeve with Quantum Cores is that players who simply played by the rules CCP had in place got done - they had to spend more money just to maintain a status quo in terms of services whilst at the same time having a large target painted on their structures - and they got NO benefit out of that at all.

Want proof that it’s the cores driving this? We had three structures in system - one with a core, two without (all pre-dated the Quantum Cores patch). The Fortizar was destroyed, the Athanor and Raitaru (necessary because of the fuel block consumption bonuses) were left untouched.

A big issue at present is that the structures are TOO specialised by design, and this mechanic causes a real need to create multiple structures just for basic widespread operation types. Not only do certain structure types get efficiencies around specific activities, they also get bonuses on fuel block usage, AND certain activities can only be done in specific types of structures (moon mining from refineries for example).

IMHO, what’s needed is either a new structure that can do multiple things (jack of all trades but master of none) or to grant the Citadels the ability to do all things (potentially at the same bonuses/efficiencies as the smaller specialised structures - an Azbel at Athanor/Raitaru levels, a Fortizar at Azbel/Tatara levels). Make it more expensive to start with, no worries - it’s more useful after all. This would reduce the prevalence of smaller structures (three structures could easily be condensed into one) but not cut back other capabilities in the game (the lack of player-owned structures in highsec is really impacting on clone usage, I am sure).

Alternatively, give NPC stations better capabilities (the clone jump delay is stupid anyway, just get rid of it already, make the infomorph skills that reduce the delay do something else so that the SP isn’t wasted, or just remove it and hand the SP back to be used elsewhere), and make the NPC stations more varied in their capabilities and bonuses). That’ll reduce the number of player-owned structures too.

If you think it’s too difficult to use the clone, just wait until you try and get the implants back…


I’d have been fine with it had they left existing structures as they were, and only required a core to bring a new structure online. That’d have at least let those who’d played by the rules to maintain their status quo.

That bit’s easy - 50% chance for each of them to drop right now. 50% return is better than 0% that the clone gets now…

there was a time in EVE when CCP thought Titans is only something for really huge alliances … maybe 10 or 15 in game … there are players who own 10 titans alone today … so … somethimes you plan something and then it turns out totally different … a keepstar BPO ist 700 billion isk … there are players who could buy 20 without a problem …
a astrahus BPO is 7 bill … not much but noch cheap … you can buy a build pack for a few millions … build it all alone … it is possible but it was not planed … yea that happens …