RadStar Entertainment is Proud to Announce Its New Holo-Game!

This is a strange problem, considering Maria Daphiti isn’t in the game! Perhaps you are playing a user-created mod?

Thank you for your feedback!

I have Investigated the issue. The reporting User had misidentified the character of Amicia Cora. Curious.
I have Instructed users to be more Careful when submitting Issues, to avoid such Errors in Future.

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Considering the constant level of whining I need to listen to from Maria in the Gottin’s Lamp that she is not the game and is constantly being confused for me or Amicia, I hope a toon is made soon!


I am perturbed by the number of bug reports submitted on the issue of my chest animation in this game.

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I just found this game. And it’s amazing!

Shame I didn’t make it into the final line up.

But Naup is the best character. Especially his “milking the yak” finishing move!

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Milking is indeed a powerful finishing move.


Its been a while since we’ve seen any updates, and new content for this game.

I’d like to propose a new finishing move for Remilia Malitia.

Name of the move: “My name is Remilia”
Action: Remilia would say “My name is Remilia” then proceed to pull out a giant pencil, and erase the opponent from existence with an oversized eraser.


Yes, yes! We’ve been busy!

There’s been some legal challenges to our game, but our crack team of lawyers has the whole thing held up in court nice and good. There’s a lot of convoluted loopholes in various pieces of legislation for them to exploit! Gods bless the Federation!

In the meantime, the game developers have been working 70 hours a week on the upcoming patch and accompanying DLC that’ll release on February 1st! For their dedication, I’ve awarded the 10 developers who have spent the most time working this month with a coupon for a free meal at NomNomBurger (My very favorite fast food joint) in addition to their usual salaries!

The patch will be a big one! The ■■■■posting is about to hit the fan!
See you on February 1st!


Just in time for my birthday



I would not count on it.


Why is it that easy to sway you?


I have a bug to report.
One of Julian’s initial taunt lines seems to have faulty code. The line “Well, ain’t you a sight for sore eyes” and corresponding animation is played with the round timer already running rather than before the round starts.
This is usually unnoticeable, probabaly because the opponent’s taunt triggers round initialization normally.
But in mirror matches (Julian vs. Julian), if RNG chooses same line on both characters - the round timer starts right away and both characters get stuck in an unskippable loop, repeating “Well, ain’t you a sight for sore eyes” at each other until the timer runs out.


I hear there’s going to be a crossover with that tv-show Doctor Spice. Is it true?
I don’t like the idea, it’s going to break the mood of the game. Adding a fictional character to a game based on real capsuleers feels just… wrong.


To be fair, Julian being trapped in an autonarcissistic spiral if he encounters his mirror self sounds pretty realistic.


Ikr. I thought it might be an easter egg rather than a bug. But for an easter egg to make the actual game unplayable… What if it’s an indirect nerf in a form of an easter egg? :thinking:


Au contraire, I would love to be included. Unfortunately, if I were, my character would be pretty useless as they’d have to get destroyed by Concord at the end of ever round…


Oh crap, that’d be hilarious. Hell, your finisher could be getting yourself CONCORDOKKENED only to duck behind the other character and have them eat the blast.


Have you ever considered game design, Arrendis? Because that is inspired!

I’ve considered it, but I have no head for code, and a game developer who has to rely on unmaintained tools someone else built is just asking for balance problems and an increasingly bad customer experience.


Brilliance. Sheer and utter brilliance.

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