Rebalance Incursion Mothership Sites


Making up an excuse for your grieving does not make it less grieving.

Yeah and you can also pretend things without a basis. It only makes those pretense, stupid.

You avoid the point.

No it’s not.

This latest focus saw the highsec incursion spawning on an island (that’s highsec completely surrounded by lowsec/nullsec). This would be an example of incursion runners denying content to other incursion runners by finishing the mothership site while still well into established phase of the incursion, not just localized to some highsec gankers making plays or whatever. Any comments about “Just gank them back, lol” are pointless as these few people boxing 60+, brought cruise ravens and suicide ospreys, losing over half their osprey wing, and a few ravens in the process. This doesn’t prevent anything, or deter people from doing so. Once again restating my proposal of moving the kundalini site spawning until mobilizing phase. Also upping the difficulty of the mothership site; the site to close the incursion should be the most challenging, not something a few megaboxers can do with cheap fit t1 hulls.

I totally agree with Malcom Galora.
Incursions must be reworked and rebalanced or changed with suitable content replacement for all the HS PVE-ers

But you have not payed your ganking permit.

I do as I please.

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You’ve just shown your customers the correct response to permits :]

You are forgetting the reality that I can destroy the miners, as I please. So they are, of course, free to not purchase a permit - I prefer when they die.

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And if they are smart enough to stay in high sec and go through pochven wormholes to mine there will you follow and destroy them there?

Yah, sure, why are you asking?

Because I want to start a movement to get all the high sec miners into poch day tripping :]