Remove suicide ganking from high sec

Then secure yourself more stringently.

You have the tools to do so - use them.


Well, it’s a huge problem for new players and CCP should consider it.

Maybe they already have and thought “Nah…” :blush:

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Maybe you should just L2P…ever thought of that?

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There is a dedicated AFK cloaky thread - so why isn’t there a dedicated “Ban Highsec PvP” thread?

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At least not fair pvp at all

I will point out that Incursion runners do this as a matter of course. And there is crying from gankers the activity is too safe; it needs to be nerfed or removed from High Sec. If miners actual did these things - how long before the whinging starts about safety?

Please give me some kind of source where a known ganker has whined about that.

We didnt whine when the buffs to barges came and we didnt whine when they buffed the freighters, we didnt whine about the three min warp… We asked ourself how will we fix our game play…

We dont whine we overcome

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Hang on a minute.

How come you can be so concerned about new players, yet make suggestions that capitals such as Rorquals be allowed in high-sec?

It’s almost as if you haven’t even…

Yeah you know what I’ll just leave it there.

So true.

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At least we can gamble now and it will be funnier.

Doesn’t seem that hard to avoid Code, several of them even stream and give sound advise how to avoid being a target–usually starting with fly Procs and paying attention.

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No need to read the responses I’m just going to… hahahahahahhahahahahahahaaa at this thread.

You can mine in our wormhole, better ore and better security

You consented to PvP when you pressed the ‘un-dock’ button.

CODE was all over us nearly every day. However, they only went after Ventures and Retrievers. Still, made it tough for new players in our corp. We ended up moving 19 jumps away. No more CODE. THey got me once in a Retriever mining solo, and only because I wasn’t paying attention. I skilled up and now run a Procurer safely. It’s part of the game, and will stay that way. hunters and hunted. Just for fun, one of our guys super-tanked a Venture to something like 11K ehp. CODE jumps in, he flies a couple of Hobs, and CONCORD shoots them down before they get halfway through his tank. He even got the kill shot on one of them. Good times…attacks were fewer after that.


No scrub

This basically wipes any reason for any further discussion…


Move to null. It’s much safer than HS since almost every neutral is hostile.

What is this fair that you speak of?

If you find yourself in a fair fight in Eve, one of you messed up.