Remove triglavians fleets from high sec or let us get easy way to get possitive standiog

Very true epically now days. Frigs are cheaper, easier to pick your fights or run with and “learn” while you’re at it.

Have to admit, I did have the most fun when I could only fly cruisers. :grinning:

The Wise asks, the Idiot knows.

There is a slight difference in Eve is Pvp and Eve has Pvp. You’ll get punished for doing pvp in Empire without consent.
Also CCP wants you to, dosen’t mean you have to. Your a paying customer and paying for a game that lets you ‘not doing anything much at all but wait’ is just stupid.
And third, if you just hug the station in LS, you don’t do pvp either.

Yes, they’re two different verbs.

Yes, I’m really scared now.

I never said it was great.

The station is too big to hug.

I agree

Bigger is not better.

It takes about 3 mil and 10 minutes of your time to get positive trig standings.

people still moaning about trigs fleet ? maybe go into pochven and tag one sleeper ship

You cannot be THAT stupid…

Why not? There is no limit to stupidity and your post shows that.

Indeed…as i feared your stupidity has no bounderies…

Brainwashed and CONVINCED that ONLY his opinion is the right one…

Pretty sure the game is PVP-centric, where no PVE activity cannot turn PVP really quickly.

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I’m pretty sure this is a: wrong and furthermore b: complete irrelevant because PVE is done for a reason,it is a CHOICE and there is no need for pod killing npc

bottom line…

yep…going into a gankers dreamzone and getting killed is a wise choice and DEFINITIVE the way to go for every pve player…

Don’t play that stupid…

No its not.

CCP has, on multiple occasions, stated that this game is PVP, and that you consent to PVP when you click “undock”.

So literally every activity that you are undocked for, is PVP.

Yes. You chose to undock. You chose to go afk. You chose to ignore the system clearly marked as triglavian. Those were all choices you made.

And the consequences of your choice, is death by NPC.

You realize that triglavian systems give you a pop-up warning telling you you are entering contested space, right?

Bottom line, its a PVP game, you shouldnt be afk to begin with, if you pay attention you can easily warp out or even outright avoid the systems that are contested by triglavians, etc etc etc…

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Absolutely right.

You consent to PvP when you click “undock”. - the second of the 8 golden rules of eve

Pochven is not as full as you seem to think it is. You can easily go in, shoot some rats, and get out (or get yourself blown up). You actually have to search for a PVP fight.

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You are right here…

This was wrong 20 years ago and it still is…

It always was and always will be a pvp gane at core. This game couldnt survive on pve alone without a massive overhaul.