Risk vs Reward ninja mining

Why do you care? If you don’t want to read a thread, just don’t click on it - I don’t understand this obsessive need to control what other people want to discuss.

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It has run it’s course. Back upstream there is a decent suggestion on giving everyone who mines the belt a flag unless they are in the corp/alliance that did the fracking…which subjects them to a war dec.

Nothing left to discuss unless you have a new idea that is…


You can just leave the thread, walk away and let other people talk. No need to tell everyone else to close the thread and demand they stop talking to each other.


Let me see…

There is a person who is actively flagging posts to get them hidden. Nothing new is being posted and you come along like a white knight shitler and stand up for integrity…I think I’ve found one of Anderson Geten’s alts…

This post will be hidden in 3, 2, 1…


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Now you’re talking nonsense that actually warants a flag…
What benefits are there to close a topic?

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Because there is nothing new being posted. Your post is an example of this.

What is the benefit of closing the topic?

I’m curious, why did so many people even bother to (try to) read and reply to the actual content of the OP? Someone that cannot be bothered to properly write whatever it is that she’s trying to say is never worth reading.

I was about to simply ignore this thread immediately after I started reading that gibberish, but then noticed the high number of replies and got curious. Turns out there are some quite well written and worth reading replies here, even though the OP kept showing a complete disregard for everyone that might be interested in the topic.

Aren’t there any other threads with a better written OP actually worth reading about this issue or what?


Knowledgeminer, you just don’t understand humans.

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I’ve seen enough people who plausibly have medical issues like dyslexia, to people who don’t speak English well but want to post in the English form for greater visibility that I give them the benefit of the doubt.

It is annoying to read, yes, but in the long run I’m happier with myself for all the times I did not give up on someone who needed education, patience, or understanding than I am happy for all the times I let people wallow in ignorance, even if some would ultimately waste my time by being determined to stay ignorant.

On a public forum, a helpful and well thought out answer can help many people who are looking for answers to similar questions. The OP is the most obvious person to consider, but everyone who lands on a topic via a forum or google search can benefit from adding a bit of quality discussion to that topic.

I guess it could be said I’m just a softie, but I wouldn’t want to be any other way.


Oh, c’mon. I do make typing mistakes quite often too, and English isn’t my native language either, but I’m typing on a computer (or a smartphone), so you’ll rarely see any of those get through to what does actually get posted precisely because I do care.

You’ll see me making typing mistakes where I don’t have a spell checker readily available, e.g. in game chat, but not on a web forum. Posts like those in this context are very suspicious and always an indication of some disregard for the people that have to read them…

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*that have


Benefit of the doubt? You didn’t read the OP at all, did you?

Risk vs Reward of ninja mining in high sec

Getting Wrecked by the Defenders

A hold full of rocks a fraction of the price of one of the modules of your ship

Fixed, thanks. :wink:

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Lol yah, the issue wasn’t his lack of punctuation, poor grammar, or bad spelling - but the ideas he chose to poorly express.

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Just wanna say that I’m a long-time industrialist and have operated in every type of space in-game. I absolutely DO NOT think they need to make it any easier to make money in high-sec. Where it’s at right now is just fine. The system, as it works, is more than adequate for a casual gamer to make plenty of ISK in high-sec.

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Do you think high sec rewards might be too high though?

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Edited to please the forum trolls here. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have certainly looked at that and thought maybe they are.

But then I recall mining in Null Sov making [HOWEVER MUCH ISK YOUR PALTRY SKILLS ALLOW] per Hulk load of ore. Or living in [WHATEVER FITS YOUR NARRATIVE] making [MILLIONS] or more every 15 minutes or so. This was in a sub-cap ship in all cases. I know we all know what a cap can make in those places.

So, no, I don’t think it’s unbalanced. I can’t make anywhere close to that in high-sec, but it’s perfect for my casual game style. I love this game and just want to play it.

I would say that low-sec has been woefully mistreated, however.

As a lowsec player myself, I think there may be some truth in that.

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