Rixx Javix for CSM16

A hidden gem within the EVE ranks.
Rixx has been a pleasure to work with and is a man true to his word.
He comes through time and time again for anyone who needs him, both in game and hosting events out of his house.

This man has the support of Sixth Empire 6E and that of EVE North.

I wish you all the best
Love and Lasers

Ivy - Founder EVE North
Pandora Singularity - High Council Sixth Empire Queen of Safazon

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In terms of haulers, I only ever seem to see occators, iterons, bustards…impels. Prorators. No minmatar. Do you think that the mammoth and mastadon are underused and in need of a buff?

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An actual question. Believe it or not I do a lot of hauling on my alt and exclusively use Amaar ships on that character. So Ark, Providence, etc. but I have to admit that I don’t see much Minnie haulers in space. I’m not an expert on this topic so I’m going to look into this and educate myself. I do wonder why this is.

Thanks for asking. I’ll be back.

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You have my support.

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Thank you for that and for the support. I sincerely appreciate it. Running as an independent is a tough road and if I’m going to stand a chance it will have to be with the support of players like yourself.

You’ve got my vote.

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Thank you! I wondered who that was hiding under my Garmur’s wings.

Thanks! You are rapidly becoming a great pilot and it is encouraging to watch.

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Thank you, and endorsement from you means a lot to me. And yes, probably best to stay out of scram range if possible.

I will do my very best to ensure that low sec continues to improve and become the space we all believe it can be. Thanks.

It’s worth a lot to me, thanks!

Thank you! One vote at a time and I might have a chance at this thing.

Thanks Jorrien, I truly appreciate the support.

Wow thanks. Be sure to tell all your friends.

Thanks Omni, and thanks for coming on board the crazy train!

I’m going to work hard for low sec and hopefully we will see some improvements in the coming year!

Thanks Martin, I really appreciate that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

Thank you! Every vote counts and I’m glad I can count on yours.