Rixx Javix for CSM16

I’m so glad to hear that story and it certainly sounds like something I’d say :slight_smile: Glad to hear it helped you.

Thank you! Even though I’m on the pirate side of the ledger doesn’t mean I don’t understand how important FW is to the lifeblood of LS. It’s a critical choice for players looking for more and it deserves to be addressed properly.

Great. Hang onto that Rifter, we might need it later.

Thank you my friend! Your support means a lot to me.

Too many good, solid candidates this year! We need more votes!

You’ll definitely be on my ballot, Rixx! Followed your artwork for a long time now!

Good luck!


Thank you! Ten votes is never enough, but hopefully I can be a part of that mix :slight_smile:

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I adore individuals who create arts for their passion of the game they play. I also respected those who are active in the community and engages with the community.

With that Rixx Javix has my vote for CSM 16 along with Hy Wanto Destroyer, RonUSMC, Lucrative Business Opportunities, and finally Jim Halescott

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Thank you so much!

you have my votes! we need to make low sec and FW better!

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I’ve been with Stay Frosty for only a short while, but It’s been a blast. Before joining I had a view of lowsec as this mostly dead area of space where nothing happens. Rixx and the rest of Stay Frosty have shown me otherwise and I’ve had way more blast here than either in High Sec or Nullsec.

Rixx is a great roaming companion and I never feel I’ve wasted my time during my roams with him :slight_smile: He’s a knowledge’able and all-round awesome guy :smiley:

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Thank you!

Thanks Z’an, much appreciated.

You can count on my vote, Rixx!

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Thank you my friend, really appreciated.

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