Rixx Javix for CSM16

Thank you!

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Thanks Ken, much appreciated. YARRR!

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Im absolutely thrilled to see you have taken this step Rixx. I know for sure I’ll be voting for you, a chap with the growth and experience of low-sec (certainly the black sheep of the game) at his heart, a heart that still has room for everything you do for the wider EVE community, from FFAs to all the amazing art…

Good luck with the run.

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Thanks Mangala, I truly appreciate your support.

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It is common to have candidates who are known to their corp mates and maybe a few people they have shot at. But when they say they can walk the walk you are kind of in the position of having to take their word for it.

Rixx, on the other hand, has been a steadfast proponent of lowsec PVP of small gang and solo combat. He has created events for the players over many years and his Art you probably know even if you did not know it was Rixx.

I truly hope he gets a seat on the CSM this year. My only fear is the common one I have for players I admire . . . CSM is often the last thing you hear about a pilot doing. (We will ignore @Steve_Ronuken as a special case). Bus I think Rixx is made of nonflammable materials and that my fears are unfounded.

Vote for Rixx.


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there’s truly a lot of good candidates running…

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Thank you! Your words mean a lot to me and I appreciate your support. Luckily I’ve already seen how the sausage is made and have the battle scars to prove it.

There are indeed. Luckily we each get ten votes to support our candidates. I’d be honored to be among them as I truly believe I can impact change.

I am voting for and fully endorsing Rixx Javix

Because it’s Rixx Javix

Do I need to say more?
He’s a fantastic guy and deserves to continue his role in the CSM

GL Rixx o7
You have my full support


Hey @Rixx_Javix . Good luck with your campaign. This may sound like nitpicking, but I’m sure you’re aware of how important little things can be when you’re making a pitch to someone about their product. Re: your FW roadmap, plex values are measured in Victory points not percentages (20 VP = 0.66666… percent). It’s also called Factional Warfare, not Faction. If I called you Rick Javix at a job interview it kinda shows I didn’t do my homework, right? I know these aren’t important to you and I , but like I said, it’s their product. Once again, good luck.


The Space Princess full endorses Rixx in his run for CSM and will be voting for him! Having been to all 4 of the meetups Rixx has hosted as well as flown with him, he is an awesome human! Blessings from The Space Princess on your run Rixx!

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I appreciate your comments and of course I know it’s technically called Factional Warfare, but I prefer using Faction Warfare or FW myself. I’ve been doing that on my blog for 11 years and you are the first person to mention it. Goodness knows I mean no slight to anyone.

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Thank you my friend and as always I appreciate your support

You have my vote, and further I have added you to my List of Endorsements. Best of luck to you.

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Thank you Jurius! You’ve been on my official ballot before and I sincerely appreciate your support my friend

All my votes are for Rixx!

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Thank you! I need all the help I can get and I sincerely appreciate the support.

Oh look a low sec candidate that actually know what they are talking about. Agree with everything.


Thank you. Spread the word. We need real representation on the CSM for Low Sec!

I’ve made my endorsements for CSM16 public over on Eveoganda.

As always I support independent candidates that I strongly believe in, have a personal connection with, and know that I can work with on the CSM. This does not mean I don’t believe in any NS candidates or can’t work with them, quite the contrary. But those candidates don’t need my support to get elected. These candidates do.

I encourage you all to vote independent this year, for diversity of voice, for representation, and for the future of this game we all love.