Rixx Javix for CSM16

You’d be surprised.

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I seriously doubt I’ll be appearing on many official NS Alliance ballots. Although, to be fair, some might be surprised at the ones I do appear on.

New Wallpaper! Let’s Make Low Sec Great Again and get out there and vote Rixx Javix for CSM16!
Seriously, I know it is way over the top, but I couldn’t resist. At least no one can ever say I didn’t give this campaign everything I have.

Enjoy the wallpaper and I sincerely appreciate the support and the votes.


My last CSM Video for this campaign. Hope you enjoy it!

Great Job Rixx. You have my vote.

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Rixx deserves a seat on the CSM for the dedication he has showed to Low-Sec and the game.

Will definitely get a spot on my ballot.

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You got my vote and pushing friends to vote for you to. Good luck.
I would love a local delay of 3 secs in null. To catch screen reader bots please and thank you.
If it happened let the salt flow.

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I’m a fan of slightly different rules for various areas of New Eden, but I know CCP doesn’t like to think that way because it increases the amount of work on their end. But I think some interesting game play could result from it. Especially when it comes to structures, intel, and resources.

Voting is now LIVE until DT on June 15th. Take a moment to visit Eveoganda and see my endorsements for CSM16.

Rixx Javix CSM16 Endorsements

As always I base my support around candidates I know personally, believe strongly in, and that I know can work together to help the diverse community of Eve Online into our third decade.

I sincerely appreciate your support and your vote.

Rixx Javix

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Thank you!

Thank you, I need all the support I can get!

Honored to be included in these endorsements:

Declaration of War podcast

Ashy in Space


Thank you all for the support.

# EVE Universe Tuesday Show - CSM Election Special

Even more endorsement!

Sorry it’s so late, but I endorse Rixx Javix for CSM 16!
(I’m the idiot from A Bad Show for Bad People).

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