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YC126.03.11 // ATHOUNON VI

Widespread unrest grips the Belletere Republic as support surges for a burgeoning movement advocating military aid to the embattled region of Bellevigne.

With the conflict in Bellevigne now stretching over a month, the death toll continues to climb, fueling growing discontent and aiding the rise of the interventionist movement.

Initially a fledgling movement, support for providing military assistance to Bellevigne has rapidly gained momentum in recent days. The movement’s cause received a significant boost when opposition leader Pierre Leclerc openly endorsed it. Leclerc accused the current administration of willful inaction, suggesting collusion with Taayusaka Eskeitan to maintain Belletere’s neutrality in the conflict.

However, the situation took a troubling turn when opposition leader Leclerc was detained under suspicion of conspiracy and inciting unrest. His arrest has sparked widespread outrage across Belletere’s territories, igniting riots and clashes between interventionist factions and Republic gendarmerie.

The detention of Leclerc has only served to galvanize the movement, with protesters demanding his immediate release and intensified action to support Bellevigne. Scenes of unrest and violence have unfolded across Belletere, underscoring the deep divisions within the Republic over its stance on the conflict.

News in Brief

  • Cieléclat Premier Darmain Kuvier and Taayusaka Director of Public Affairs Inachi Kaparainen announce state’s reorganization into the ‘Ciel-Huogaatsu Administrative District’ following completion of urban expansion works

  • Acruasau marines successfully capture Federal amphibious vanguard after weeks-long standoff

  • Belletere counter-terrorist taskforce intercepts bombing attempt against parliament building

  • Taayusaka Eskeitan sponsors regional Mind Clash tournament in newly constructed stadium

  • Spaceport in Chatellerault evacuated by Corporate forces prior to arrival of ‘distinctly Triglavian’ shuttlecraft

  • Large scale assault on alleged FCG HQ results in numerous partisan casualties, though insurgent leader Jonatya Fauneux reportedly still at large

  • Ciel-Huogaatsu Air Marshal found mutilated in home in brutal killing by Torchbearers operative

  • New Starsi Blast!™️ product line achieves record sales as first imports arrive to occupied territories