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Rumors have begun circulating both on GalNet resources and via word of mouth in Mikramurka that Tiama Ramijozana, clan chief of Clan Ramijozana, is planning to ask Sebiestor Tribal Chief Acassa Midular, at the upcoming tribal meeting, to present a censure to the Tribal Council regarding the failure of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and his Matar Planetary Security to properly secure the Sundsele Six and present them for rightful justice among their peers in the Sebiestor Tribe.

A censure is non-binding and requires no action on the part of the censured parties. It is generally meant as an official rebuke.

The rumors appear to have originated from within Clan Ramijozana itself, specifically with capsuleer and cadet chief Melisma Ramijozana. However, Ms. Ramijozana appears to still be “on vacation”; her whereabouts are unknown and no official statement appears to be forthcoming.

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News Agencies are reporting that population centers on Floseswin IV have been blanketed with pamphlets in the early hours of the morning.


“Dozen new transports docked today. A lot of movement on Deck 3.”

“New material?”

“No. I was able to get a peek before I got pushed out. A lot of stuff leaving Hangar 2”

“We really shouldn’t be talking about this.”

“Arn’t you a least bit curious?”

"Look, I am getting a very, very hefty paycheck every week to not ask any questions. I’d like to keep it that way. "

"Whatever man. I’ll figure it out on my own. "


Ché Biko’s return to Origin has not gone unnoticed by local and some other media, despite a change in appearance.


Article posted to the Pegeler Inquirer 11.9.YC121

Transtellar Shipping and Material Acquisitions Downscaling Footprint in Pegeler
Archavoinet-In a recent press release, Transtellar Shipping, and Material Acquisitions have announced a downscaling in their activity footprints in the Pegeler district, while this is not expected to majorly affect most memberstates within the district, it is notable that part of the stated actions that will be undertaken is conclusion of Shipping and Astromining Franchise contracts in two systems, Archavoinet, and Frarie.

While Transtellar Shipping has yet to release further specifics and reasons for their downscale and contract conclusions, Material Acquisitions has been more forthcoming, citing diminishing returns on resource extraction, and unfavorable conditions caused by capsuleer pirates interdicting their operations across the district. While they have confirmed that mining operations will continue, it will be in a much reduced state compared to its previous level of muster.

Speculations abound as to who may take over the Shipping and Astromining Franchises once the contracts are concluded by the respective parties, with some looking to FedMart as a strong candidate for claiming both Shipping Franchises in Archavoinet and Frarie.


Sendaya V - Concord Bureau

In the early hours of NEST, a body of a female Deteis was found outside Concord offices on Sendaya V. Her throat had been cut and there were signs of torture on the body. Identification is pending, but the victim was not a capsuleer.

Whether or not this is tied to a previous incident of a body being deposited outside another Concord Office is unknown, but being investigated by officials.

More information will be released as it becomes available.


The following job placement post was broadcasted to all available media outlets on Tanoo II. The ads ran for a total of 30 minutes before they were taken down.

Project Solace (PSRAD) Is hiring!

We are looking for experienced dock and warehouse workers to work in a challenging but rewarding environment aboard Project Solace, in Orbit above Tanoo II. Work starts immediately!

Experience in low gravity warehouse, bio hazard and explosive material handling is a must. Proof of certification or documentation will be required to apply! Local government Security clearances are a plus, but not required.

100 ISK Sign on Bonus! (Over 6 months )
Weekly Local Paycheck!
Only 6 hour shifts! All Shift times available!
Relocation assistance will be provided! Including entire families!

Contact a recruiter today, and start your new life tomorrow!


CL: MTF ιγ΄ is being reactivated. Prepare for immediate relocation and deployment.

SD: We’re back on the Grid?

CL: Yes. You have twelve hours to secure your materials and inform the rest of ιγ΄.

SD: Do the Triskais get support this time?

CL: MTF η27 will be on standby for tasking.

SD: great, the Dancers…


Rhiannon comments on the Sundsele situation - exclusive!
(Heritage, Sundsele, Mikramurka, YC121.11.17)

The clan Rhiannon has continued to reel under the succession storm brought on by Chief Mira’s sudden demise in the Deathglow attacks. Young Aeron, while no doubt well-trained and well-liked among the locals, has not been received universally with confidence by the clan’s executives. Heritage has it from reliable sources that drafts for separation of Rhiannon Legal from Shaninn Investment Co. along family lines inside the clan have already been on the table, before being rejected by the young Chief and his birth-mother Jonis, representing the Legal, alike.

Chief Aeron is to face another challenge soon, for according to published list of names, he will himself represent the clan in the upcoming Chief’s Acassa Midular’s meeting of local clans. This has caused some concern, and a last-minute replacement might still happen, for the Chief is extraordinarily young for such a venerable assembly.

Heritage has had the extraordinary and delight to talk to Chief Aeron personally, in a first personal interview to a social news outlet for two generations. Connecting with us from the Rhiannon Spire on a holovid connection, Chief Aeron is a beautiful young man, living up to his heartland blood and spirit both in manner and in appearance. He assured Heritage that Rhiannon is weathering this storm just like it has weathered all storms since the start of the Great Rebellion, and before.

“The clan has had legitimate concerns about my experience,” Aeron says humbly, “but I am glad to be able to tell you that they have mostly passed. Clan structure remains on the most part intact, apart from the fact that Aunt Mira had a more direct hand in running Legal than I have aspirations to.”

Asked about the upcoming meeting with Chief Midular, Aeron had this to say: “Rhiannon wishes only for stabilization of the region after the devastation of the Deathglow, and to run our business uninterrupted. There has been a growing concern about harassment of legitimate tribal businesses based on inter-tribal political issues that should not concern a Sebiestor city. Rhiannon has no interest in such troubles.” Asked about his mother’s involvement in said issues, the Chief only added, “Elsebeth Shaninn does not speak for the clan”, and refused to comment further.

Moving on to matters of more interest to the core audience of Heritage, Chief Rhiannon blushed handsomely but also refused to comment on the rumors of marriage plans between himself and cadet chief Linia of Haran.

Subscribers see inside for the full recording!

(OOC-credit also to @Aeron_Morningstar who worked with this with me.)


The following short article was recently found in a Domain-based nobility gossip tabloid.


Jan VI - Moon 21 - CONCORD Academy

A third body has been left at a CONCORD station in nearly as many days. This time, scrambled security footage revealed a cloaked figure fleeing the scene.

The most recent female deceased, left at Sendaya V - Concord Bureau, has been identified as Sirifeh Momia, an Amarrian, who is loosely connected to House Tash-Murkon through a second cousin. Interviews with family revealed she disappeared some years ago, cropping up in some criminal circles.

One character witness stated she had recently been involved in illegal sex slave trafficking.

Investigations are ongoing.


“Hey, you heard that the old dive off Dock 13 got bought out?”

“You’re joking right? That place? Was great for a drink after long shifts but who the hell would be crazy enough to buy it?”

“Remember that egger that came through recently, the one with those frackin’ ears and tail grafted on her and loaded up on cyberware.”

“Her? She bought that shithole?!”

“Yeah, she did. Apparently put a lot of money into renno and brought her own security to boot. Bosses are antsy about it but, seems that the business she’s bringing is good, lot more eggers passing money through.”


Transcript of a recording found in security logs of the Wailing Raven Bar, Jita 4-4.

Figure 1: “Honestly working on those mining ships is as dull as it gets, plus my captains just the most tedious pencil pusher in the galaxy.”

Figure 2 “Honestly I hear you, I doubt I could manage it for that long. My captains…kinda strange.”

Figure 1: “Oh? do tell.”

Figure2: “Well, she’s a capsuleer, but she’s really careful about who crews her ships. Me and most of the people I know aren’t allowed anywhere near most them. We’re only allowed on the stuff she brings into Highsec, and never any combat missions. I’ve never spoken to the crews she does bring with her. I think they’re mostly Caldari but theirs a ton of Minmattar and Gallente as well, couldn’t say for sure though. What’s weird is when I tried to look into her, see if I could find out a reason for this kinda thing. But their was nothing past a few years ago, State citizen ID and education records where all their, but no galnet presence, no employment record, no family. Nothing. Untill she just appears like she’d always been their.”

Figure 1: “What are you suggesting?”

Figure 2: " I have no idea, it’s just strange. The other thing is though. One of my crewmates was also looking into her. He found this old bounty for some guy who had been working with the Guristas to ship supplies to those Brothers Of Freedom guys. He’d be about the same age as her, and they do look similar. But the weird thing is that after the uprising went to ■■■■ he just vanished without a trace. Police couldn’t find a trace of him, home completely abandoned. A few months later she pops up out of no where as if nothing happened."

Figure 1: “Come on, that’s insane, what, are you thinking they’re the same person or some ■■■■?”

Figure 2: I “don’t know man, but it’s weird.”

State Police later launched an investigation into this upon recieving the recording. The second figure and crewmate mention where reportedly fired by the Capsuleer in question and have not been seen since. The Investigation was suspended indefinetely due to lack of intelligence.


Recent visitors to the Tebu Amkhiman in Tanoo may have noticed a smattering of symbolic art drawn crudely on the walls along some of the corridors.

Easily dismissible as “graffiti”, these symbols are in fact derived from Sebiestor symbology. Most of them have appeared in the commercial district, in particular across from the retail space rented by Corovid Industries, but a few have also shown up in the residential district—all confined to the Heideran Deck—and near The Ocean Blue Coffee House.

The symbols are hand-painted with brown or dark red heavy paint, although the paint is quite easy to remove and seems to have been designed specifically for use in stations.

Those who are familiar with Sebiestor symbolism and how it ties into spirituality can spot a common theme among the paintings, which is love. They seem to depict a profound happiness and fulfillment, with the ones in the residential district additionally describing wishes for a future with someone (who is also described in glowing “terms”) and celebrating triumphs over the past.

The ones near the coffee house refer to an “adopted Circle”, perhaps better translated as a chosen family, and appears to refer to the staff of the coffee house, the alliance that runs the Tebu, and/or both. They are all drawn with a free, careening hand, suggesting that the artist was in a state of ecstasy.

Security footage—and potentially first-hand witnessing—would show most of these paintings being drawn at midday, with a handful of the residential ones occurring in the very early morning hours. The artist is quite clearly Melisma Ramijozana. The young woman skips around the corridors and gesticulates in sweeping motions as she paints, and sometimes performs tribe and clan dances before, during, or after her work. She can also be heard vocalizing or throat-singing. For the midday ones, she sometimes appears to be under the influence of mind-altering substances. Each occurrence lasts only a minute or two, though, before she spirits herself away.

Oftentimes her next visit to her latest artwork is incidental and she seems mildly shocked to see the symbols drawn by her hand, and walks off very quickly.


Hueromont Herald

Conspiracy uncovered in Hueromont: Zhelan Conglomerate involved with the ongoing gang wars and Guristas connections uncovered

Earlier today Mizhir Devara’s security forces, the Rej’Naska, turned over the Zhelan brothers, Wen and Gao, to the Hueromont Police Department alongside with evidence suggesting their involvement with the ongoing gang wars in Old Hueromont as well as possible involvement with the Guristas Pirates. This reveals a private investigation that Mizhir Devara has run against the business moguls, including a kidnapping of Wen Zheland and an assault against an unregistered station in the Syndicate. While the investigation may lead to arrest of high-profile backers of the gang wars, many politicians have already condemned the methods used and called them ruthless and ‘not in the spirit of the Federation’. Mizhir Devara has not commented on this criticism.

Not much is known about the evidence that has bene handed over, but a leak says that the Zhelan brothers have run a smuggling ring and have supplied illegal firearms to some of the gangs in the Old Hueromont conflict. The unregistered station, called Xutong Station in their emergency broadcast, was allegedly being used as a transit point for illegal wares where it got repackaged and hidden in shipments with everyday goods. Likewise, illegal wares were imported from Guristas space and smuggled in furniture however no smuggling outpost has been located yet.

Footage from the attack on the Xutong Sation. The ship is allegedly the Aluminum Falcon - A Nyx class Supercarrier that Mizhir Devara purchased from the notorious pirate Vincent Pryce earlier this year.

Officials from Hueromont Police states that they will prosecute the Zhelan brothers and conduct their own investigation to gain more evidence and to explore the scope of this operation. The FIO is likely to be involved as well. In addition, they stated that investigations like this should be conducted by the police and instead of running their own investigations people should go to the police right away if they suspect illegal behaviour. An investigation has also been launched to explore Mizhir Devara’s involvement in this.

The Zhelan brother’s lawyer, Duan Fen, is furious about this and made an official statement:

“Capsuleers should not be able to act as the law, nor should they be above the law. The actions of Doctor Devara are unacceptable and does not belong in the Federation. She should be prosecuted for her crimes and her attempt to set up two innocent men. If my clients are found guilty by the court, then it is only a matter of time before capsuleers use fake investigations to sweep competition off the board. We should not allow capsuleers to use the law as their pawns.”


Floseswin IV
War rages on the ground of Floseswin IV as Sarum forces continue to push onto the surface, meeting fierce resistance. Republic Command, Brutor Vanguard, and a number of Minmatar Private Military Circles (PMC’s) forces are on the ground to contest Amarr Reclamation efforts leading to intense battles. First contact saw battles rage for hours as Sarum forces attempted to land, and Minmatar troops rushed to meet them. Total losses on either side from these first initial battles are as of yet unknown, with estimates ranging from the minor to the catastrophic.

Since initial landfall, it would appear that invading forces have indeed managed to secure landing zones and have begun to advance while Minmatar forces continue to offer resistance, slowing the Amarrian progress, with some, unconfirmed reports of outright halting it. The total distribution of forces on the ground as of yet are unclear as frontlines continue to form and the situation develops.

Minmatar PMC patrol’s frontline


Tanvir Vasumati choses surprise running mate

LA HARROULETTE, Vaashnapoor, Duureanta, Harroule IV - 29/11/121

Tanvir Vasumati, widely considered the front runner in the upcoming elections for the Archon’s chair in the Duurbar, today announced a surprise running mate as his deputy - researcher and activist Dr. Mossaf Rumaita. The two make an unlikely pair but could the choice be an inspired one and broaden Vasumati’s appeal beyond his base?

Tanvir Vasumati built a reputation as chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force for being a tough and aggressive enforcer of strict regulations on refining khuska oil. Although acquitted in YC113, allegations of corruption prevented him from standing in the YC117 elections. He has maintained a strong base of support among conservatives but may lack appeal to younger voters and those who argue that Duureanta’s heavy regulation of its khuska industry prevents it from fulfilling its potential to provide revenue and highly skilled jobs.

Dr. Rumaita has long been an outspoken advocate of deregulation, whose profile has skyrocketed after his ex-wife and daughter were seized by Serpentis kidnappers only to be rescued in dramatic fashion by security contractors working for the Intaki Space Police. The affair has also completely undermined previous accusations of corruption directed at Rumaita based on his liberal views.

It seems that these two very different characters have decided to meet in the middle, in a manner that Idama Adhrit Vaakpati would approve of and may appeal to an electorate tired of polarised policy positions.

While enforcement is one tool, I have come to realise that this is most effective when combined with addressing the causes of crime through creating the opportunities that our young people need and deserve,” comments Vasumati. “I agree,” Rumaita chips in, “but the harrowing experience which my family endured has made me appreciate the dangers which our enforcement agencies work so hard to keep us safe from.

Vasumati and Rumaita are proposing a balanced khuska policy, with the new refining licences awarded earlier this year being confirmed but no new ones planned until the social impact of the new licencees’ performance can be assessed. On the enforcement side, they are proposing to work much more closely with the Intaki Space Police and its contractors and are even socialising the text of a petition (as set out in full below) to be submitted to the Federal Senate calling for the Intaki Syndicate’s legitimacy to be formally acknowledged by the Federal Government.

The Vasumati-Rumaita campaign appears to have received a financial shot in the arm since the announcement, with canvassing and media activity noticeably more intense. Whether the new war chest and the unconventional ticket can persuade voters remains to be seen but snap polling data suggests this surprise choice of running mate may prove to be shrewd one as well.

[[Art credit: Yumiki Hong]]

The following petition has been submitted by Archon Vasumati to the Duurbar of Duurreanta

The Federated Union of Gallente Prime (the Federation) recently attended an international summit hosted by the Society of Conscious Thought (the Summit).

The Summit was also attended by a number of other sovereign and non-sovereign entities.

The Senate of the Federation (the Senate) has convened a committee to conduct hearings into the inclusion of certain organised crime networks among the non-sovereign entities attending the Summit (the Committee).

The Intaki Syndicate was invited to attend the Summit as a sovereign entity.

The Intaki Syndicate is a neighbour and a vital partner in Duureanta’s economy and the continued restoration of its external and internal security.

It is therefore proposed that this Duurbar shall request the Senate’s Committee to include within the scope of its hearings the possibility of submitting a motion to the Senate formally recognising the sovereignty of the Intaki Syndicate, independent of both the Federation and of the criminal organisations subject to the Committee’s inquiry.


“What the hell is this Orika!”

“Share Reports.”

“Share Reports… Share Reports for a Capsuleer Corporation!”

“And? How is this a problem?”

“How much did you pay for the damned things?!”

“17.1m per Sha-”

“17.1 Million ISK per?! From the Production accounts?!”

“Yes, from the Production accounts.”

“Varottiers is gonna kill you Orika! Buying shares from a Capsuleer corp on Production dime…”

“No, she won’t, Tanik. Check the returns from the first dividend release.”

“…What in the… This can’t be right…”

“It is, those shares are going to make Production a lot of money.”



“CONCORD must have smelled something, they’re investigating him again. Fifth time today.”

“Any idea what they want?”

“None, and if anything it looks more like they’re simply harassing him.”

“They should know that’s not a wise idea.”

“Doesn’t look like they care. I’m counting two Marshals, a handful of Enforcers, and that’s at least two Pacifiers, not sure from this angle. But there’s not a lick of gunfire. A lot of ships for ‘routine inspection’.”

“They said that?”

“In addition to him being on watch. So if they saw that little spit from a week ago, he might be in trouble. If he is, then CONCORD has a bigger problem than him.”


“What’s gotten him so riled up that CONCORD is looking into him?”