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"This is Professor Wilix Ahtishige, audio log 02 - November 5th YC 122. I managed to get free of the starport not too long after my first recording. The protestors dispersed from the scene one after the other over time until there wasn’t much left of a crowd to pose any ‘threat’. At the end of the day, everyone of those people still had a job to go to the next day. This job was mandatory as their employment was their citizenship. These people have zero luck changing their government if they’re no longer seen as a citizen… Ultimately it’s what makes protests difficult to last for any suspended length of time because if these people decide to skip work to protest, they risk being fired and losing their rights as citizens…

I currently stand at the window in my hotel room and can see citizens blissfully going about their days. Chaos does not engulf the streets, buildings are not ablaze and really the sight makes you even question if there really is any social unrest among the population… Of course the unrest goes deeper than what you can just see. As mentioned before, everyone I see has a job they’re responsible to show up for. This goes beyond just needing money to support a family of lifestyle, this job provides them with their right to be recognized as a citizen in their nation. Without it they will not be recognized as an entity and will suffer for it. So while I see a functioning society, many of these people very well may hold resentment and criticism in their minds about the system they’re going along with. Many of them probably couldn’t even care or see no issue… Not my place to assume.

It’s my place to observe. And on November 15th I plan to do just that when I attend a rally hosted by this Teamsters movement that is springing up. From my understanding this is a political movement of Caldari workers from across all the mega corporations coming together to call for a nationalized workforce that transcends the boundaries of the Mega-Corporations. Much like how the Navy or Armed service is a ‘Neutral’ nationalized organization that is not owned solely by the megas, but the central governing body.

I’m looking forward to this, I hope to gain some insight on the group’s message and hear more of their grievances to get a better understanding of what it is that drives them to want this change."

This is Professor Wilix Ahtishige, signing off.

  • Professor Wilix Ahtishige, New Caldari Prime


Poster Collected by Spaceline Patrol in Jita 4-4 Matching Posters Found in Landfall City


Khanid Prime News Network - 11.18 YC 122
Earlier today, news has it the Ms Federation and her sister Azlina Blackfire, along with her two kids. Both was detained after landing on Khanid prime. local onlookers verify that armed guards came, and detained the two and after a few exchanged words both of them handed over their personal weapons and were escorted to the Sortashian spaceport on the edge of the capital.

Later that day a Sorn family Pilgrim was logged to have left the system heading towards the Homroon constellation.


< Crowd Cheering >

“- Union Day this year proved to be nothing more than a farce the Corporations put up as an empty gesture of how much they value us. Reality is that it was a moment to desperately try and prop up this mask of strength and competence in the face of catastrophic failures. They drag put these epic assets of war to stand in formation in their respective headquarters not to be at the defence of the State as it burns from the unrelenting aggression of the Triglavian!”

< Crowd booing >

“Those ships were used to defend the Mega’s own precious capital systems and leaving those on the fringes to suffer and become pawns to these Invaders!”

< Crowd Booing >

“We built those ships! From the workers of the mining barges!”

< Partial crowd cheering >

“The workers on the factory floor!”

< Parital crowd cheering >

“To the workers aboard the freighters!”

< Partial crowd cheering >

“All of us have contributed to every creation these Mega’s take for granted! Every little luxury WE take for granted is a product of our collective force and dedication! We’re the reasons the minerals are mined. We’re the reason the product is built, and we’re the reason it gets to where it needs to be. Without us these Mega’s are nothing - Without us, they have not a product to sell or a ship to defend themselves with.”

< Crowd cheering >

“And they will use these very creations we are responsible for against us to suppress us! The cruel irony can no longer be ignored, more so while corporations like CBD employ highly engineerdc supersoldiers against our brothers and sisters who dare let their outrage be known!”

< Crowd Booing >

“Let it be known that as workers, our purpose is to build and create prosperity for our nation. NOT to destroy and kill! We do not seek to spill the blood of our fellow statesmen. Yet, if the Megas will stoop to this level just to keep us in the bottle and brush these recent tragedies under the rug. Then we will have to meet their strength with equal strength. We are the Workers of the State! And we outnumber anyone who would dare suppress us!”

< Crowd Cheering >

  • Professor Wilix Ahtishige Audio Log 03. New Caldari Prime, recorded from the crowd of a Teamsters Union rally in front of Otro Gariushi’ memorial statue. November 15th YC 122


Landfall City, New Caldari Prime

Onikanabo Brigade, Seituoda Taskforce Command Requisitioned for Counter-Insurgency Operations in Landfall City

Spurred by outrage surrounding the murder of a patrol of five Spacelane Patrol operatives by armed assailants during Secession Day celebrations in Landfall City CBD Megacorp was quick to requisition the services of longtime partner and military contractor Onikanabo Brigade augmented by specialist forces from Seitudoda Taskforce Command.

Initially criticized as an “overwhelming and unnecessary response” by rival corporate entities in Landfall City against civilian criminal elements, CBD has since released a public memo tying the murders to recent “subversive” anti-government organizations. While initially remaining tight-lipped on the specific nature of the murders and these subversive elements within the state, Spacelane Patrol officer Kotasen Isanakka has since made specific mention of an ongoing incident being investigated internally by a joint CBD-PKN taskforce to address an ongoing dispute with increasingly militant workers unions aiming to establish self-managed workers communes. Calling these elements “radical anti-government terrorists supported by left-wing populist splinters within the Templis Dragonaurs aiming to further disrupt the State and shark corporate obligations under the guise of syndicalist rhetoric” he vowed swift retribution against those found tied to the conspiracy.

Conflict between private military contractors and workers union militia in Landfall City has been sever, with multiple casualties reported on both sides in the wake of Secession Day riots and entire industrial districts of the city now cordoned off by respective checkpoints by each faction. It is unknown at this time how workers militia gained the training and equipment necessary to stand against two warclone contractors, with sweeping information blackouts on areas under union occupation. CBD has since filed for direct support by the Caldari Navy, however CEP response has been slow to authorize the request due to heavy demands placed on the Caldari Navy to respond to recent Triglavian incursions into New Caldari.

(Propaganda Materials Recover from Seitudoda Taskforce Command Raid on Suspected Union Sympathizers in Landfall City)

“[…] I don’t want anyone talking to press at this time about the ongoing details of the situation. If I catch wind of anyone within our military contractors or mainstay Spacelane Patrol agents even so much as mutter the words ‘General Strike’ you’ll find your ass slapped with a lawsuit so heavily you’ll be spending the rest of your life digging up tritanium in a work camp on some Molden Heath backwater until you collapse dead ten jumps from Caldari space. […]”

–Leaked Internal Memo from Spacelane Patrol Officer Kotasen Isanakka to Junior Leadership Officials


Appeal To Shareholders

Dear shareholders of Airko-Tensei Group!
You may know about our cooperation with Greater Caldari Servitude Association (GCSA) and rumors may reach you about coming share redistribution. We would like to explain current situation.
We work with GCSA on ways to enhance system of corporative governance. And as part of cooperation Board of Directors accepted GCSA proposition to increase a role of employees in corporate governance by: 1) increase in the number of Supervisory Board members elected by employees; 2) increase in the part of share pool reserved for employees.
This changes should not affect you as all will be covered by internal resources. In the same time we believe that this way we will increase a productivity of company and quality of corporative governance and will promote ideals of cooperation between workers and executives.

Digitally signed:

  • Arelan Hemala, CEO, Airko Industrial
  • Noksuva Orvali, CEO, Tensei Institute
  • Timiko Sato, CEO, Quantum Sea

A badly pixelated image of warclone, Azlina Sorn Blackfire, was uploaded to a site belonging to a extremist Sani group operating in and around the borders of the Kingdom. The image showing Ms Blackfire wearing a golden chain with a blood vial attached to it, as well as blood on her hands.

Few of the extremists have hail the warclone as finally having seen the right path, were other have pointed out how easy a image can be faked, and instead have placed a bounty on her blood


Placid Tribune, 11.29.122

Local Capsuleer and Baseline Economies in Disarray in Pegeler and Josmaert, Fate of Refugees Uncertain
After a series of Upwell structure losses in Vivanier and Archavoinet, more than four hundred and thirty million people have been left without homes and jobs, and a major blow to local industrial operations has been struck to the areas.
Some weeks ago, a siege was started by capsuleer alliance Down Under Syndrome, against multiple local groups in both low security, and highsec space, primarily focusing their efforts against long time residents and benefactors of the area, the United Neopian Federation. Initially, it was believed by many that this would be just another petty squabble and passing ‘war’ amongst the transhuman elites, but unfortunately has since proven otherwise, with station administrator and capsuleer Lauralite Anne Brezia calling for full evacuations of stationside populations and workers from UNF administrated Upwell structures as far back as the 15th of November.
So far, it appears that these evacuations completed without incident, but a vacuum now exists in the industrial capacities of the two constellations, as much income and material output had become reliant on these foreign administrated structures in recent years, both capsuleer and not.
Statements from the United Neopian Federation indicate that despite the loss of primary infrastructure in high security space, the capsuleer cadre of the foreign nationals have no intention of leaving the area, and may, in time reconstruct lost infrastructure and would maintain their duties as franchise holders for security, shipping, and astromining for the Unified Principality of Archavoinet.
Concerns remain about the fate of the refugees from the numerous destroyed stations, many of whom now reside temporarily on non-capsuleer stations in Vivanier and Archavoinet, where resources are not currently available to support the sudden influx, and shortages of basic necessity products have started to emerge. Many refugees have been optimistic, citing how quickly they were evacuated when it was clear defenses could not hold instead of being left to leave at their own discretions, while others have been more somber and critical of the events leading to their current predicaments.
Only time will tell the final outcome.




Two-sided leaflets dropped over Mahonisgard:


If someone would have turned in some republic broadcast tonight, they would have received this snippet:

"Scary holo ads have appeared in multiple Minmatar Stations around Heimatar and Metropolis.
There is no information about the creator of this strange advertisement.

The holo shows what appears to be a rouge drone of unknown origin featuring only a single word. “SOON”.
While some people ignore it and suspect it as a marketing gag, others are in fear of an attack from rogue drones. One tourist, mother of two, told us: “If this is an advertisement, it is A very tasteless one! you shouldn’t joke about things like that. Many people have died in attacks by rogue drones”

Who is behind those strange holos? Is there a giant rogue drone attack incoming? Is it just a joke by some punks? We will keep you informed!..

In other news:

Rassim Nobal, former marketing director of the MDAA, had an accident with his hovercar on Meirakulf 1. He somehow managed to crash his vehicle into the starting pad of a shuttle. Upon impact, one support beam got damaged, the shuttle got out of balance and overturned along with some unfortunate passengers. Quite a spectacle. Fortunately there were no deaths, but Mr. Nobal will have to stay accountable for his actions. Allegedly an overdose of crash and alcohol was involved. Don’t do drugs and drive, Kids! …"


"Wow! I’m… Overwhelmed at this turnout! I wasn’t aware how many people were waiting for me to make my return! So many familiar faces too…I see Felsh sitting in the back there, Beldeer and Popri up here in the front… I’d spend the next thirty minutes just listing off all those I’m familiar with that shown up today.

But… Since you all are here, I do believe I owe you an apology. An apology for just… Vanishing like I did. With no word or warning I just went with the Winds and disappeared… How do I even begin after being gone so long? Am I to just start on my usual talking points like nothing happened? No, i don’t think that’s fitting… Instead I’ll use this abrupt disappearance as a starting point…

My friends, spirituality is an important thing in my life. I wouldn’t be standing here talking about it if it wasn’t! But… It’s important for us to give priority to our commitments and responsibilities in the physical realm while we are still apart of it. Should we make spirituality our zealous priority, we’d become no different than the Amarrians. The winds or Maker do not ask for, nor need worship every waking moment of our lives. Respect, maybe - But that is something we can bestow passively as we go about our days as human beings… So when I up and left for two months, i needed to take care of my own mortal commitments, knowing that I could return back here one day and continue offering spiritual advice as I always had. And now everyone here can know that they can come back another day after handling their mortal commitments and duties and still find a deeper connection with their spiritual self."

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.

To: Shine Ehklel Orbital Development Commity
From: The Director
Re: Developmental Progress of Orbital Yards and Further
I am pleased by the current progress of the projects currently underway, and by the growth of the Orbital Yard and adjoining orbital tether. More remains to be done.
Clone Pilot Vats and Fighter Hangars are to be installed onboard the orbital yard Structures to bolster defensibility and response times. This is merely a precautionary measure against potential Sansha’s Nation or Serpentis raids, due to notably increased activities of both.
I will be authorizing, in the near future, a Raitaru class engineering complex be deployed near the orbital yard and Security Corridor astrahus to help with immediate manufacturing concerns for components and expedite additional expansions. The raitaru may be tied to the Orbital Yard with gantries and cycler cables, but be aware that its life expectancy will be in weeks under current projection, so you will have a limited window, unless stated otherwise, to enjoy the benefits of the station.
You will find two-hundred and thirty-four thousand civilian profiles attached to this message, many of whom were former workers or residents aboard high security space upwell structures previously administrated by UNF. They are all pre-approved and cleared to work in the Orbital Yards. Resources are currently strained with the logistics of moving in the new Arcology residents planetside, and expect to see more approvals for the Orbital Yards in the near future as more people are settled and able to acclimate.
Two subset laboratories tied to Project Salvo will be moved from Beta Site to the Orbital Yard in the coming days. They will operate on a closed circuit network separate from the rest of the yards.
The project heads leading the laboratories are to be provided, within reason, whatever they require for their research. This is non-negotiable.
You are authorized to begin the next phase of developments, effective immediately. 15 billion isk of construction materials allocated from material stores diverted from other projects is now at your disposal. An additional 3 billion of materials will be provided in the near future once procurements are sorted.
Forward projected completion for phase two to my desk at your earliest convenience.
~The Director

P.S. You may have noticed an empty chair at your meetings. Development Director Koshihara has been… removed. She was caught embezzling materials and funding, and is now serving out her punishment as stipulated in Section 3, Subsection 23A, Paragraph 2, Line 3 of your contracts.




(Photo Taken from RSS-UTSF JTAC Units of Bosena Accords AIRCOM PEN RHIONYDD , DISTRICT 3, Skarkon)*

*(((Artist credit in link)))


The following was first broadcast by the Sarum Prime News Network, or SPNN on the 15 December YC 122.

The Patriarch of the Ariend Family, Duke Tion Ariend, is Dead!

“Back to the news from the top of the hour. As we’ve been reporting for the past few hours, the patriarch of the Ariend family, Duke Tion Ariend, has died. Kaylin West is reporting from the Ariend family estate.” The holo goes from showing the anchor, Jacob North, to showing the interior of a large briefing room.

“Yes, Jacob. I’m here at the Ariend family estate, where a few hours ago, the duke was rushed out on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance bound for a hospital in the city.” The camera focuses on a young Ni-Kunni woman holding a microphone with the letters SPNN embossed on it.

“SPNN has learned from our sources that at around 1800 hours, the duke began complaining of chest pains. Not long after, he collapsed while discussing financial matters with his son Kyvon and his financial advisor, Tyrence. He was rushed immediately to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.” The studio begins to broadcast a picture of Duke Tion.

“The duke is succeeded by his two sons, Kyvon and Shasta. Kyvon, as the elder son, is likely to be announced as the Duke Tion’s successor.” A picture of Kyvon Ariend joins the duke’s photo.

“The duke’s death comes only days after the younger Ariend son, Shasta, was seen being escorted from the Ariend estate by the Ariend family guardsmen. Sources say that Shasta was expelled after a disagreement with his brother turned physical.” The studio broadcasts a video showing Shasta and his guardsmen, flanked by House Ariend guards, walking out of the Ariend family mansion and through the massive garden of the estate.

“One can only wonder how the duke’s death will affect relations between the two brothers.” The footage is now showing the reporter again.

“We are here in a briefing room in the Ariend family estate, where Kyvon Ariend is expected to make some remarks.” The camera pans around to show a large room occupied by a number of different reporters from a dozen different news networks.

“SPNN tried to reach Shasta Ariend for comment, but it appears that after his expulsion from the estate, Shasta went offworld to attend to his capsuleer duties. We also asked other —” Suddenly, the reporters begin to clamor. The camera pans around to reveal a door opening. Kyvon, flanked by a number of House Ariend aides, walks into the room. The reporters gather around him, shouting questions. Kyvon walks to the podium and taps the microphone, signalling for the reporters to sit down. The camera centers on Kyvon, who begins talking.

“As you all know, my father, Duke Tion Ariend, died this afternoon. The family and police are conducting a thorough investigation, but we doubt that his death was a result of foul play. According to the doctors at the hospital that tried to save him, he had a massive heart attack. We are not sure what caused it, but I can say that Father was not in the best of shape.”

“That said, I feel that the timing of this is suspicious. Only three days ago, I had an altercation with my brother Shasta. Shasta accosted me and threatened to smear me if I didn’t allow him to have a say in the construction of my staff. Of course, I knew that the picks he was planning to choose were all corrupt, so I refused to give in. As a result, he ordered his guards to draw on me. Luckily, Father heard the commotion and came to investigate. This is why Shasta was expelled from the estate on Saturday.”

“I wonder if Shasta tried to orchestrate the assassination of Father as an act of revenge. I hope he did not, but I strongly suspect that he at least wished to do so. I have requested, and been promised, a full investigation of my father’s death. If Shasta was responsible, the investigators will uncover his wrongdoing and he will be arrested for his crimes.”

“Since my father is dead, I am now the Duke of the family. Because Father’s death was so sudden, I believe that now is not the time to change the policies of the family. I need time to learn the workings of the family, and the family’s workers need to learn to work under my direction. As a result, the family companies will continue working as normal. However, in light of Shasta’s deep corruption and moral wrongdoing, I have called for a vote to expel him from the family for good. Half an hour ago, the council met and voted in favor of expulsion. Therefore, Shasta, this is now official. You are no longer part of House Ariend. You are no longer entitled to any of the titles or holdings that being a part of the family would confer on you.” Some reporters gasp. This is not what any of them expected. Kyvon begins to put his papers away.

“I will not be taking questions. Good night.” Kyvon and his staff begin to exit the room. The reporters begin to shout questions at Kyvon as he departs.

“Well, Jacob, that was the press conference that Kyvon had announced. He has sprung a number of surprises on us tonight.” The camera pans back to focus on Kaylin.

“First and foremost, he has told us more about what happened Saturday and why Shasta had been expelled. He also stated that he would not be implementing any new policies or shaking up the family leadership yet. But the biggest surprise was his last announcement: his announcement that the family had voted to expel Shasta from the family. The way that expulsion works, at least in House Ariend, is that a council of leading family members would meet. The council is composed of the patriarch, his wife and offspring, his siblings, and any of his cousins, nephews, uncles, etc. who hold important positions in the house. This is the same council that votes to advise the patriarch on important familial affairs. The current council has often voted in favor of Shasta’s plans rather than Kyvon’s, so this ruling is a total surprise. In addition, the council usually takes a few days to meet and go over evidence before voting on an issue. One can only wonder what evidence and claims Kyvon must have made to convince the council to act so quickly. Reporting from the Ariend family estate, Kaylin West, SPNN.”

“Thank you, Kaylin.” The footage switches to show Jacob again.

“Now, in other news, a fire broke out in the famous restaurant Nikkel’s Eggs.”


"Alright, people! Chatter off, I’m getting this straightened out. Block patched in Percival late last night and you heard a lot about how Ternate got nuked. I’m starting off with saying we don’t know how bad it is, but they’re still kicking. Since they’re the only real way on or off before we actually get the transports ready to go, we can’t afford them taking another hit, and not while it’s still occupied. And of course, to the million kredit question: who has the balls?

"Rhetorical question, someone dumber than me, and not in a good way. Some of you are already intimately familiar with the state of affairs on Skark before we even got here, that being while Bos was investigating smuggling ops they found out there was a lot of ■■■■ going down and Republic Security Services was involved. Since then it’s been a grudge match between the RSS’s top dog, Seykal, and our hosts. I’m already seeing some shivers, and you’d be right to feel that way. Seykal is notorious for collateral regardless of the cost of local infrastructure or human life, opposition or otherwise. While I can’t speak on whether rumors about them actually being murderers with a license is true, you don’t have to ask me where I stand with them, seeing what we’re doing here.

“That means before we go hunting for the enemy we have to finish this mission first. And so help them if they think themselves mad enough to take on me with a full load of charges. But, enough. What is the threat?

“This is a courtesy if you weren’t already familiar with them and their friends, but our enemy is one that doesn’t give a ■■■■ what you think should or shouldn’t die, be blown to hell, or otherwise be violated so long as it gets the job done. We are talking high yield detonations, lots of shrapnel, and I would not put it past them if they started lacing every projectile and shard with toxin payloads, including but not limited to violent morphology disassociation nanite packages. If it goes boom, they have it. If it’s deadly regardless of violation, odds are they have that too.

“And in addition, they also inflate most of their rank with commons or civs, people who do not want to be there, and are not half as trained, armed or armored as their “recruiters”. This outdated system is a risk to us for several reasons, as it is a form of living collateral that we couldn’t work around without killing someone who deserves it far less than the person who put them up to it.

“And to top it all off? They have a carrier. That’s also a submarine. At least. And so it’s almost an even fight.

“So they weren’t happy to make themselves known back at Mahonisgard and come with us to get offworld because they hate our allies’s guts, and even amidst a complete cutoff with any familiar or allied cells they want to complete their mission of just ■■■■■■■ over Bosena regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire and the fallout. I might not have had any weight in this before I came here, but seeing as how you and I have involved ourselves in the lives of nearly everyone in that complex, seeing it get nuked has my blood boiling.

“So what is the plan? The usual. We’re going to be idiots. We’re going to tank it.

“Since we haven’t needed to discuss that so far, I’m going to summarise, since it’s going to be a lot of stuff to keep up with.

“One: we have solid force projection due to drone coverage. Since they’re under Block’s envelope I don’t expect we’ll have any problems with them. If they get damaged or are disabled then we just send more. Block will take care of any field support should you feel ballsy enough to go outside when the bombs and bolts start flying, but don’t lose your head and take them head on. Two: our armor is mean, and between the Beithirs, Cusiths and Block herself we have things covered, with Beithirs 1 through 8 providing fire support and Cusiths 1 through 12 providing air coverage and anti-infantry support. Block’s ability will be redundant and only employed if they attempt a saturation attack, at which point we can let them expend the effort and any hits will only hit the screens, reactives, or armor, and anything past that is getting sprayed.

“Three: while we have a matrix to eliminate projectiles I wouldn’t put it past them to rig them to blow anyway, so if they throw a nuke at us your best bet is to find cover before she swats it and it goes off. So when we go at it, I’m going to give you all those chunky exos you saw and thought looked older than dirt. You gave me crap about them, but I’m serious. Those of you who aren’t augmented will be wearing them, because that’s the only thing between you, and a nuclear explosion sending you flying into a wall that the suit can’t break through and the kinetic energy turns your brain into mush in your skull because it’s more than would be necessary for a concussion. Those of you who are and followed through on my instructions to kit yourself for such a specific scenario as fighting a nuclear-able opponent, good job, but suit or no you all need scrubbing when this is over. Since those suits are also overpressured, if they employ VMDNs to eat us alive the suits will blow it the ■■■■ off, and if it’s adhesive then the old HAWKs can just as easily eject you. If they decide that no one needs to live on this planet anymore and seed the whole place with VMDNs then we do have neutral packages we can load our offensive systems with. If you get covered, hold still and try to minimise your surface area and stay in cover as best you can, and we’ll spray you.

“Back to three. If the enemy decides to employ local terrain or these glaciers to negate part of our defense envelope then the easiest solution is to remove it from play and blast it. Beithirs 3 and 5 have already demonstrated that our MBTs are able to remove the glaciers after that bastard TTC-3 kept swinging by to shadow us. If they get cheap and try to put a prohibited grid between us and them, joke’s on them there’s nobody left to use as a meat shield save for their own grunts. Which brings me to four: the enemy they will send out first is not our target, and is going to be composed of unwillings or reluctants. Block’s first priority is to disable them, and you are expected to comply with that as much as able. It won’t be as easy as gunning them, but if you’ve come this far you’ve proven your madness, so this will be easy by comparison.

“Once they’ve been rendered ineffective your job is to intern them as rapidly as able. They will be classified “allied charges”, and if any of them are notably able, give them the choice to secure the others and return to Block, or to stick with you and provide support. Block will be monitoring any who enter, and we’re hoping to identify a number of Mahonisgard civs we came to recover initially before we learned they bugged out aboard a ship. And with that we transition to four.

“Block will be engaging the enemy sub directly, and assuming we do not face any ground opposition your roles will be reserved until we are able to complete our primary objective. Anything they can hit us with is irrelevant and at worst a distraction. Block will be firing her main cannons, and none of you will be outside when she does. Why? Those four HBs are not just for show. They are upscaled versions of the Beithir’s main gun. She will disable target “Prison Hulk’’ and eliminate any associated fleet vessels that put themselves between us and the sub.

“Bottom line? We are comparable to the enemy, but fewer in number, not factoring Block. With Block, however, we overmatch, as is our intent. Stay on your toes, though. The enemy is insidious, treacherous, and without a drop of madness to steady their way. They are Nemesis, and it is our job to see to it they don’t spread if they can’t come to their senses and make way off world. Miles to go, people.”

“Miles to go.”


The following was first broadcast in SPNN (Sarum Prime News Network)’s morning broadcast on 16 December YC 122.

DED Raids Angel Cartel Narcotics Warehouse in Sarum Prime Deadspace Pocket!

“As we have been reporting for the past half hour, CONCORD just announced that they launched a raid late last night. This raid was apparently carried out by a group of DED officers targeting an Angel Cartel warehouse in a deadspace pocket a few AU from Sarum Prime III. Kaylin West is on scene with more.” The holo changes from the anchor, Jacob, to show a Magnate sitting in a deadspace pocket swarming with DED warships.

“Yes, Jacob. SPNN was able to get permission for us to send a small, unarmed frigate into the pocket.” The holo begins to show the face of a young Ni-Kunni woman.

“This is the deadspace pocket raided by CONCORD at approximately 2350 hours late last night. According to CONCORD sources, they located this warehouse by tracking a Bowhead class freighter that repeatedly made landings on Sarum Prime III. This freighter, which CONCORD identified as the Big Bad Wolf, was cargo-scanned on at least two occasions by Amarrian Customs officials, who found that it was carrying narcotics.”

“The Customs officials notified CONCORD during both instances. CONCORD decided to track the Bowhead to its point of origin, thus beginning what CONCORD officials call a month long investigation. They apparently charted the Bowhead’s vectors and determined that it was basing out of this deadspace pocket.”

“At 2350 hours, the ------” The transmission breaks off.

“Kaylin? Kaylin?” The transmission begins showing the anchor, Jacob, again.

“Yeah, I’m back. I’m sorry, officer. Well, it seems that details of the raid are classified, so I cannot discuss what exactly happened.” The footage changes to show Kaylin West again.

“But basically, what went down was, the DED officers warped into the pocket and found the Bowhead sitting a few kilometers away from this cluster of structures.” The holo changes to show a warehouse and landing pad sitting in the deadspace pocket. In this distance, you can see a few DED frigates orbiting a damaged Bowhead freighter.

“They found the warehouse to be stocked full of the hallucinogen Drop, while the Bowhead was filled with Blue PIll. According to Captain Willi Nevyan, the DED officer who was in charge of the investigation, the Bowhead would land every 15 or 16 days on Sarum Prime III and offload its cargo. This cargo would be labeled as assorted items, including blank holoreels, porno-reels, toys, and books. The freighter crew also bribed the cargo inspectors, so that the cargo would not receive intense scrutiny. The drugs were then distributed among a small network of Angel Cartel drug dealers.” The footage is now showing Kaylin again.

“According to CONCORD, law enforcement on Sarum Prime III has been notified of the situation and is beginning a crackdown on the planetside drug network. Additionally, CONCORD reports that they have notified Amarr Customs about the corrupt customs inspectors and have been informed that the inspectors will be found and brought to justice.”

“Jacob, one can only hope that this is the last of the Cartel’s activities in the area.”

“Yeah. Thank you, Kaylin.” The holo begins showing Jacob the anchor again.

“Additionally, Sarum Prime III’s planetary government has released their monthly economic report for the month of November. According to the governor, … ”


To: Lieutenant Alistair Orkis
From: Jericho
Lieutenant Orkis, its Jericho. Our contact in the development commity got busted for embezzlement. She got too greedy with the resources at her disposal and skimmed enough to get noticed by the Neopian bitch. If the whispers I’ve heard are any indicator, she’s going to be on ‘extended leave’ for the next several months, but still retained. Doubt she’ll be much use once she resurfaces.
We’re continuing our surveillance of the Eugales system, and it seems like they are indeed continuing construction in orbit of planet VI. At a scale that I find concerning in the extreme. That orbital facility they’ve been developing… its getting bigger every day, constant inflow of materials, drones, and workers. I know we have some pretty massive stations and shipyards spread about, but this is starting to get beyond just ‘developing infrastructure.’ Its all administrated by UNF staff, and can’t even get beyond the docking or tether access zones without an armed escort.
Officially, they’re ‘enforcing’ the System of Interest claim stakes by the UPA over in Archa, but this isn’t just astromining and security&shipping build-up… they’re full on moving in. And they aren’t slowing down.
More concerning, I think, is that this is all happening and courts aren’t giving a peep, ■■■■ even other memberstates in neighbouring systems that previously were up in arms about the SoI at all are now quietly sitting back and letting it go. I think its time to make a move. I still have some old contacts in the FIO, may be able to help.
I’m going to try and get another contact on the inside, and slip in a few plants.
I’ll keep you posted.



To: Lieutenant Alistair Orkis
From: Jericho
Re: FIO Contacts and Info
Lieutenant Orkis,
I’ve gotten a response from my contacts in the FIO. Officially, they can’t get involved. Unofficially, they’ve slipped some details on a secure relay near the expanding structure, and a worm to crack its encryption. We’ll need a capsuleer to get in close and break it open, and grab the data stored, and any personnel setup there… Eggers are persuaded easily enough with isk though, so I’m dragging some funds out of the old accounts. 200m for a quick grab and abduction should be more than enough to get most freelance up and moving.
Will keep you posted.

Job Spec Posted on capsuleer Mercenary and Pirate Bulletins across the cluster

Client - Edgerunner Jericho
Job - Data Recovery and Personnel Capture
I need a pod pilot willing to jack a broadcast Relay in Eugales near Eugales VI. Need the data and personnel inside recovered intact. Willing to pay top isk for this being done discreetly. 200m isk upon successful recovery and delivery of data and people to me at Eugales VII - Moon 8 - FedMart Retail Center. No pay if you go gun happy and start wrecking ■■■■. Get in, crack the relay, yank the data, pull the people, and gtfo.
Use this encryption key to get in. HushedCasket


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A GalNet Article Detailing the RSS’s Newly Unveiled Superweapon on Skarkon

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