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The Mishi, YCC 122.10.28

Miners Find New Home After Being Forced Out of Onanam by Roaming Triglavian Patrols

HIER - Preparations have been made recently for the relocation of fifty contracted miners who found themselves out of work as a result of an ongoing Triglavian presence in the system of Onanam. Previously contracted by the Quafe Company to extract minerals from the relatively belt-rich system, the Gallente corporation nullified their contracts on 9.25, nearly a month after EDENCOM forces withdrew from the system. Citing an inability to protect the mining fleet from Triglavian assault as the reasoning for their departure, the foreign giant was also unwilling to house the contracted miners. As a result, the Hier branch of the Royal Amarr Institute volunteered itself to temporarily house the miners, having deployed a heavily-guarded Impel to the system to receive and transport them to the institute’s station orbiting Hier V. Attempts by The Mishi to contact local Quafe factory heads in Aridia over the termination of the miners’ contracts have been met with silence, in a move that is almost certain to strain tensions between Aridia’s populace and the numerous Gallente corporations that operate in the region.

While initially receiving offers from the Wiyrkomi Corporation to operate in the low-security Ombil constellation, they have since been rescinded due to a noticeable uptick in Blood Raider activity in the constellation, amidst the Caldari megacorporation’s existent logistical issues as a result of the slew of Caldari systems lost to the Triglavians. Seemingly out of options, their hopes for employment were soon met with offers from the Zoar and Sons corporation, who had recently expanded their ore harvesting activities from the Maal constellation in to nearby Selonat. Keeping the Collective in mind, the corporation had specifically mentioned the EDENCOM fortified system of Esaeel as the location where Zoar plans on establishing habitation modules for the miners. Rumors abound that an EDENCOM-affiliated capsuleer had informed both Wiyrkomi and Zoar about the plight of the Onanam miners, although the Mishi could not get any confirmation on this detail.

“I am glad that our concerns were kept in mind,” said miner Neraden Mahreyd in a quote given to The Mishi. “There seems to be new threats out there in the universe to deal with every single day. EDENCOM has done very well in Empire space, however, so the decision to have us work in Esaeel was easily given our blessing.”

The miners still remain on the Hier station at this moment, as Zoar intends on sending a transport ship to retrieve them at some point next week. Regional Zoar officials have mentioned that they intend to have the miners start their work by next month, giving them time to acclimate to the new system, as well as offering medical assisstance with any potential issues arising from the thirteen-jump long journey from Hier to Esaeel. While EDENCOM maintains a presence in the system to repel Triglavian assaults, the miners expressed hope that they would see fit to protect them from any increased Blood Raider activity as well.


Below is a copy of a button spotted being worn by a teenager in Landfall City detained by Lai Dai Protection Services. LDPS has reported that they have seen an increase in anti-corporate subversive propaganda since the Triglavian invasion, particularly following the mass conscription and mobilization of state citizens. Other corporate security groups have reported similar paraphernalia being distributed among the city from an unknown source, as well as similar buttons being worn by teamsters on Jita 4-4.


"When the Triglavians attacked, I did not see myself as a worker for Lai Dai. I. Saw myself first as a worker of the Caldari State and rushed to work when my country needed me most. Day and night, shift after shift we will work, our corporations demanded it from us, but I did it willing! We all did this willing! Because we love our country…

Our anger and frustration is not towards our nation and way of life! It is at the people above us ruining it! We have lost countless brothers and sisters in the armed forces to these masked space bums and lost contact with family and loved ones that lived these systems our government sworn to keep safe from foreign threats.

Where did the fruits of our labour go? We didn’t work for profit of our respective mega-corporation, we worked for the safety of our nation! We worked to make sure our navy had ships! Our soldiers had guns! And our people had food! Yet battle after battle we lose! Battle after battle we lose a family member! Or a friend! Battle after battle we lose an entire star system to these Invaders!

We must demand change! The pain we feel is too great to walk off! This is no pain that can be fixed with medication as it drives deep down into our Caldari spirit! If we’re incapable of holding the Trigs responsible, then we must look to our leaders for humiliating us!

  • Presiding Speaker Aksesu Kitagawa at the Jita 4-4 Teamsters Union General Assembly Meeting

"Is…Is this thing-? Oh! Uh, my name is Wilix Ahtishige. I am a professor at the University of Caille, I teach Cultural History and specialize in Caldari and Gallente cultural relations. I have published two well received papers, firslty being "The Role of Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba in Past and Present Caldari Society in YC 109, and “Tibus Heth: A Retrospective from the Perspective of Caldari Literature”. I’ve graduated from the University of Caile in YC 105 on thesis about the effect of the bombing of Caldari Prime on the mentality of the Caldari people.

This is audio log 01 of my documentation of the civil unrest in the Caldari State. My mission here is to be boots on the ground and record the history of this upheaval as it is unfolding and submit all recordings to the University to archive.

I have arrived at a Starport on Caldari Prime and already I am met with a crowd of protestors right outside the port’s main entrance. Protestors are carrying signs broadcasting a variety of different grievances and some even holding what I believe are framed memorial photographs of armed service personnel. Despite the crowd not showing any signs of violent intent, security ‘For our safety’ is preventing any of us from leaving the port until the mob dispersed. From what I can observe this is undoubtedly not sitting well with some of the other arrivals, all of which come off as mid-tier managers and directors of the various Mega-Corporations based off the expensive look their attire gives off

Eventually security will have to let us leave, regardless if the protestors are still outside… I understand the situation I’m in and will be patient, and observe. This what I’m here for afterall, I wanna document the interactions between State forces and it’s disappointed citizenry. I will do everything in my ability to remain unbias and fair so history can look at these events from a perspective that isn’t the Caldari government. I’m well aware of what this whole social crisis can potentially become as time goes on, history has proven these things can get ugly, and I will brace myself to bare witness to whatever violence or… atrocities that may occur and report on them as honestly as I can.

This is Professor Wilix Ahtishige, signing off.

  • Professor Wilix Ahtishige, New Caldari Prime

Corporatives failed us!
Those so called “Great Families” were supposed to protect our traditions, our way of life, our Caldari Spirit. But what instead? Navy failed and what they done? They not only kept their best forces with them but decided to put their own people into our Armed Forces, so our Navy and our Army will be bound to them! And now they want us to go back home and work as nothing happened? So they will continue to profit on us while we will be weak and separated? Is it what great Raata strove for?
No! No, no and no! Our ancestors strove for Unity. And not even once history showed that we are strong when we are united. But “Great Families” and “Executives” don’t want to see us united as they will not be able then to profit on us and will not be even needed. And so they separate us and weaken us and kill us and are ready to endanger the very existance of Caldari people! And only for them to stay in power for another decade.
Resist, Caldari! Resist and bite those who want to take nothing but our Future! Overthrow rotten Great Families and Chief Executives and take what is ours!

  • Partial recording of speech of Marku Hagilen, alleged Templis Dragonaurs agent, during unrests on New Caldari Prime

State of Emergency to end – Commonwealth Parliament votes ‘no’ to extension

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation – 31st October YC122 (State-broadcaster for the Northern Colonial Commonwealth)

Members of the Colonial Commonwealth Parliament have overwhelmingly voted to end the State of Emergency that was imposed from the onset of the Triglavian Crisis in March.

After First Minister Adelynne de Maizière proposed the motion of whether to extend the period of emergency powers to the Commonwealth Parliament, MPs heard evidence from numerous sources. These included officials within the Commonwealth Civil Service, senior officers of the Commonwealth Armed Forces, delegates from the Nadire District Parliament and Federation Navy as well as representatives of the District Shipping and Security franchise organisations.

The evidence given to Parliament successfully swayed many Members into voting against First Minister de Maizière’s proposal, with almost a unanimous decision to revoke emergency powers with immediate effect. As the result of the decision was announced by the Speaker, the Parliament chambers descended into jubilation as the return to normality was officially confirmed.

The decision, streamed throughout the Commonwealth, was equally welcomed with enthusiasm. Citizens took to the streets across the capital of Rhamnus, with similar scenes in Argentat, Varakanstadt, Hekelentia and Voltenville. Celebrations continued well into the night as restrictions were lifted, with firework displays and demonstrations by the Silver Knights display team of the Commonwealth Air Force illuminating the sky.

States of Emergency are rare in the history of the Northern Colonial Commonwealth. Although historically most proposals have been approved by Parliament when brought forward by the First Minister, such as during the year-long conflict with the Grand Republic of the Radiant Sun in FC135/YC20, they have often proved unpopular with the general populace. This attitude hearkens back to the Interstellar War, in which the forces of the Caldari State subjugated the Commonwealth under a harsh military administration. The legacy of the Interstellar War profoundly impacted the collective consciousness of the Commonwealth for a generation and continues to influence Colonial politics to this day.

Other News –

  • Colonial Knights of Sudenmark resume preparations for YC122 investiture ceremonies.
  • Commonwealth Navy and Air Force unveil new Aerial Aircraft Carrier prototype
  • Southern Sinq Laison Trading and Exploration Company submits fourth quarterly economic report to Commonwealth Parliament

Eskunen - YC122.11.06

Statewide Raids Net Contraband Fabricators (% BPP ArK.)

Amid continuing disquiet surrounding Executive handling of the Triglavian incursions into Caldari systems, law enforcement teams from State Peacekeepers and Peace and Order Unit have jointly executed a raid on the POU Assembly Plant in orbit around Eskunen X-16.

The operation was the result of rapid deployment following analysis of shipping traffic from constellations suffering in the wake of Triglavian aggression. Specifically, the strike teams cited forged manifests among a large shipment of medical center components originating at the Top Down factory located at Umokka X-6, with a scheduled delivery to a State-administered customs office above Oniteseru. A source within State Peacekeepers claimed that the shipment was interspersed with unregistered elements of nano-alloy fabricators and composite printers typically used in the manufacture of military hardware. Further investigation of the serial numbers of these parts has allegedly revealed the origin as salvage, logged at the Deep Core Mining refinery in Yria some weeks ago. When asked about the claimant of the salvage, our source stated that the matter remained under investigation.

In addition to the seizure of the shipment, four shifts of longshoremen have been detained for questioning after paraphernalia relating to so-called “teamsters” was located in corporate-owned on-site storage. Representatives of STPC and POU declined to elaborate. Tensions remain high even outside New Caldari Prime, as corporate relationships are strained and mutual amity between workgroups continues to be tested. Given the tenuous connection of the seized shipment to the New Caldari system, concerns are mounting of a wider threat to the order and prosperity enshrined by the CEP, one that could move beyond the protests we have seen thusfar.


"My friends, what we need is to stop seeing each other as workers of another Mega-corporation and see ourselves as Caldari Workers. We should never identify yourself as a labourer for the Ishukone Corporation, or Lai Dai, or CBD! We are labourers for the Caldari State!

As we speak, the Mega-Corporations seek to weaken our unity as a nation as it chops up the authority of our once proud Navy! The cracks are forming as our national navy could risk being absorbed into the privatized forces of the big 8. What semblance of a unified nation would we have at that point?

As workers we must seek to declare ourselves as a unified entity that is beyond the control of the mega-Corporations if we want to maintain our sense of nationality. We will not become some national army that will fight wars, but we will become an army that supplies them. Not for one singular Mega-Corporation, but for the State as a whole!"

  • Presiding Speaker Aksesu Kitagawa at the Jita 4-4 Teamsters Union General Assembly Meeting

We were taught that the Winds loved the State, that Cold wind itself would protect us from those that would do the Caldari people harm… The Triglavians have proven that to be utter ■■■■■■■■. And I say this not to encourage us to toss aside our spirituality, but to understand the reality that nature shows no favoritism.

The State however would have you believe it does. That the Winds show the State favoritism, this is so that they can control us by monopolizing our spiritual connection with our world. Control… That is what the State wants more than money itself. And we have allowed them to control us for years now… And for what? What have they gave us in return for following along with all their rules and avoiding taboo subjects and actions? Nothing… The Triglavians proved they can’t even offer us any safety! They instead pat us on the head and tell how noble and honorable we all are, but what good are kind words when there aren’t deeds to back them up?

We should be fortunate the Trigs never came to the Umamon constellation, otherwise we’d just be HANDED RIGHT OFF to an even more oppressive regime… I dare say we don’t need the State. We will not try to fight the State to demand change or reform and impose our will as we know such things are impossible for a society as stubborn as the Caldari State. What we must instead do is cast off the State from our lives and colonies, The burden is no longer worth the benefits, we will take back not only our spirituality, but our individuality as well!

  • Wayist Community Leader Felvi Kabo, somehwere in the Umamon Constellation.

The fear the State has stirred about the Federation is preposterous. They paint society in the Federation as some drug fueled orgy with drones and animals. And while debauchery certainly exists within it’s respective corners of the Federation, that does not mean we will be forced to make that our way of life.

We will have autonomy over our colonies while still being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. We can liberate ourselves from the confinements of Mega-Corporation citizenship and instead unify ourselves as citizens of the Federation. Does it not pain you people how hacked up our worlds are? Property of Hyasyoda, property of Sukuuvestaa property of Wiyrkomi. Where is the property of the people?

If we get the Federation to adopt our planets, we will be able to establish our centralized governments for our colonies and live our life as we see fit. And not live our lives by what some mega-corporation sees fit.

What I ask we work towards may very well drag the Federation and State into war… however, I do say that after this recent invasion? The State is in position to fight one…"

  • ‘The Ambassador’ on Tennen VI, Caldari Border Zone. Federal United Movement meeting.

"Brothers and sisters! Our nation and society is in shambles… The Mega-Corporations have once again proved their incompetence and greed as they threaten to tear apart the Navy. Already they’re forming new cliques that make the political blocs of old outdated, petty infighting over whose jurisdiction is whose and all while the people are furious and up in arms and all they can do is suppress and try to sweep their failures under the rug.

I think it’s time we striked… Not some petty skirmish this time, we strike and go for the throat of this corruption that is tearing apart our glorious nation. I know many of us like to romanticize Heth’s regime as the peak of Templis influence. To me? I look at that as a good trial, what to do, and what not to do.

We can do better than Tibus Heth, we can turn this nation around properly. In order to do that we need to go even further… Further than Heth ever went. We need to show these damn Mega-Corporations that they’re time in charge is over. We need to rein each of them and place them under a new authority. No longer will the Corporations govern, they merely be just that… Corporations. We will establish a new central government that each of the Big 8 will answer to and obey…

… What I ask is a tall order, but this is why the Dragunaurs have spent years infiltrating every aspect of the Big 8. We’re in their police force, their Navy, Their workforce, their managers! We are ready to strike! They can make all the pointless arrest they want because we can turn all the power they handed to us against them. We will make these corporations kneel to the Caldari people, or we will eradicate them.

  • Unknown speaker for the Templis Ghostbird Society aboard the CSN Hiderki Raven-Class battleship in Deadspace.

Destruction of NERI Iteron in Genesis Casts Doubt on Organization’s Security Procedures
The Western Report - YC 122/11/08

Antem, Monalaz – The Otanuomi, an Iteron Mark V industrial ship re-purposed for the transportation of large amounts of passengers and used by the capsuleer-run New Eden Re-Housing Initiative for the purpose of re-settling those displaced by the Triglavian Invasions, was recently destroyed in a pirate attack in Antem by a Cerberus flown by a pilot in the Genesis-based pirate organization, White Sky. While the ship itself was not carrying any displaced civilians at the time, as it was headed on a return trip to Domain from the Genesis system of Habu, it nevertheless suffered the losses of all of the on-board screw assembled to tend to the needs of the baseliner passengers, which totals at about 120 casualties. Capsuleer pilot Clordilen Elerelle had apparently managed to escape with his pod, and remains in Habu as any further transportation efforts have been currently suspended.

“I am well aware of the often-unsafe nature of the low-security areas of Genesis,” Elerelle said in a statement given on the ship’s destruction. “There had been a noticeable amount of capsuleer violence reported on the usual route through Ziasad and Nardiarang that I take, so I made the decision to alter the course of the Otanuomi towards traditionally less safe areas of the region, confident that I could avoid any possible combat. Clearly, that was not the case, and while I would have liked to avoid any casualties at all, I am glad to report that there were at least no civilian deaths as a result. NERI remains committed to providing a safe alternative to baseliner transport to relocate refugees from Triglavian-held systems, however, it has been made clear to me that we need to make the process even safer.”

Both the Ministry of Assessment and Zoar and Sons, the two organizations utilizing Elerelle’s transportation services, have not offered statements on the ship’s destruction. Previous criticism levied at the initiative, specifically in regards to the relatively cheap fitting and nonexistent defensive capabilities of the ship, seem to have been vindicated, at least. Elerelle had noted in a release from the Mobrault Security Consultants, the organization that he headed prior to forming NERI, that he had sunk over five billion ISK in to defensive measures for systems under assault by the Triglavian Collective, although for many GalNet commenters, it still did not excuse the rather cheap operation of the Otanuomi.

“Operations have been suspended as of right now, while I speak to relevant parties on what can be done going forward. I do not intend on pulling out of this venture, as I still maintain that NERI offers an invaluable solution to handling refugee transportation,” Elerelle stated furtherly. He also noted that 10,063 refugees had been transported prior to the ship’s destruction, leaving around four thousand still waiting in Bahromab to be transported.


YC 122/11/09

Somewhere in a smoke filled room, under flashing red strobes…

Floating weightlessly by herself, Niina could scarcely be bothered to think of the ragged and worn recliner beneath her. She couldn’t be bothered to think of the tattered bed sheet that covered it or even how the little wisps of smoke lazily drifted between the rusted steel rafters above her head or how the DJ had just flubbed that last transition.

It was a far cry here from what many would consider and appropriate bar for someone of her stature or “her kind” to be seen in. She giggled, nearly floating off the couch entirely and gliding across the floor to the front desk.

No. No wait. She was at the front desk. Somehow she had gotten up and found herself here. No matter. Barman, the coals on my pipe are a’burning down quite a bit, mind topping me off there please, and change the flavor on the pipe to something menthol? Wait, she didn’t think that she definitely said that. Oh well, the man behind the desk smiled graciously all the same, happy to oblige. She had been their best customer that evening and they were keen to keep her in their good graces. This place would be demolished soon, ripped appart and paved over for newer more illustrious accommodations once the starport finished its renovations. Soon they’d have to move, and it’d pay to have a friendly high roller in their good graces once they started up again with a fresh coat of paint and a chance for a whole new identity. He eagerly got to work preparing a new bowl, but gravity was already pulling Niina away, tugging her to the far wall even as the other patrons lounged perfectly in place none the wiser. Where was this force taking her? The bathroom, apparently.

It was a single occupancy shitter, practically a closet. Nothing at all like the frou-frou capsuleer bars or Gallente night clubs with their damned bathroom attendants expecting a tip for handing you a towel. She hated that ■■■■, just like she hated the uppity occupants she’d share them with getting sloppy-drunk all over the counters taking up the sink or pulling her aside for how “brave” she was for what she was wearing. ■■■■ 'em. Those weren’t her people, and certainly not “her kind.” She reached behind her neck, brushing her fingers down her spine past the collar of her leather blouse. No plugs.

Baselining wasn’t uncommon on Jita 4-4, but most staff knew enough these days how to seperate a capsuleer out from most. Niina though had no reason to cover her neck, taking off her blouse and tying it under her tank-top and stretching her shoulder blades over the sink. To anyone else here she was just a high roller. A well dressed high roller with an impressive amount of augs, granted, but certainly not a capsuleer. She grinned manically, the cybernetics fracturing her face in a broken cheshire smirk. No capsuleer here sir, just a gal with a cyber fetish dumb with her money enjoying a night alone with the rest of the working class. Granted, if they knew what she really was they’d have wished she were a capsuleer and be much less eager to have her as a client. If, that is, they even knew what a “warclone” was. Few did these days, other than hushed whispers of hulking armor clad raiders terrorizing the people of the Heath and haunting the nightmares of anyone that dared cross them.

She laughed, imposter syndrome hitting her in full force as she dug through her blouse pockets to pull out a small black vial and unscrew the cap to take another hit.



Cool. We’re cool.

She wiped her nose, stowing the Mindflood away and gliding back out into the room where her newly set shisha was waiting for her. She gave a smug curtsy to the man setting it up, crashing on the seat beside it as he left her to her thoughts.

Capsuleer bars. Pfft. What a concept. No. In her heart and mind she was a working class girl, and these were her people even if they didn’t realize it yet. The union representative would be here soon, then they could start working towards building that world. Hopefully he wasn’t a hardass or a buzzkill, that’d really be a downer. She reached up, extending her arms and moving her hands in witchy circles stretching her chest to the rhythm in the room. This place reminded her of Club Mamushi in Venal, her old stomping ground from her… old life.

Aw ■■■■ here comes the spiral. Was she just spinning her tires? Was she cut out for plays like this, or was she still the same scared slave girl in that Guristas bar that she built herself up out of? She forced the thought down like she always did, therapists be damned. Some thoughts you can’t let internalize. Some memories are best kept at arm’s length. We’re all our own ships, assail on the astral sea constantly being rebuild bit by bit plank by plank as we get hammered by the waves that surround us. None of us were the same as when we left port. Some of us couldn’t even be called the same ship. We’ve all been rebuilt, beam by beam atom by atom into who we are now. It paid to remember the woman that sacrificed so much to build the ship, but that person was long dead now.

Gods know how long she sat their, smoking down her bowl. Spiraling and unspiraling. Winding and unwinding to the music. Spinning and going nowhere. Thankfully, she seemed to be sobering up by the time she found herself shaking hands with a big bastard of a Civire man grinning down at her like a slaver hound. Aksesu Kitagawa stood at least two meters tall, with muscles to spare from years of loading equipment from ship to ship and keeping commerce flowing through the heart of the Caldari State.

Gods and spirits those forearms, Niina thought gripping his hand tightly, you could pull down a lot down with those. Or prop a lot up. Not much of a looker him, sure, scarred from head to toe with knicks and bruises and calluses but he had a rugged look about him that a proper union man should instead of those Deteis sycophant boardroom prettyboys humping the corporate ladder praying for daddy megacorp to send a hot sliver of frothy capital down their throats. No, this was man that worked for a living and never thanked the boss for their well-earned paycheck. If anyone in the bar had to pick out the warclone between them, they would have picked him.

“Saisa, Kitagawa-haan. Glad you could meet me here tonight. Please take a seat and pull up a pipe. We have a lot to talk about, you and me. I assume you move a lot of freight as a teamster? Tell me, have you noticed a lot of clone tanks coming through here recently?”

A Propaganda Poster Confiscated in Landfall City by Spacelane Patrol


The following holo-cast news segment from Primetime Peccanoute might be rebroadcast by channels covering neighbouring constellations and possibly even further afield.

Poteque Pharmaceuticals’ stations formerly neighbouring Ignebaener overwhelmed by refugee crisis
Primetime Peccanouette, Attyn, 07/11/122

An interstellar map showing the system of Ignebaener connected by stargates to the systems of Attyn and Lisbaetanne is distorted as Ignebaener and the stargates start to blink. A baritone voice with Mannari inflections speaks, “These are the gates through which the population of Ignebaener tried to flee…” The blinking lines on the map evaporate, showing Ignebaener now cut off from its neighbours before the system itself fades to a shadow, leaving Attyn and Lisbaetanne highlighted. “Weeks later, this is where many of those lucky enough to escape still languish in precarious circumstances.”

The map is replaced with a view slowly approaching the exterior of a station that gleams in the forest colours of Essence’s nebula. “Many of the refugees from Ignebaener were deposited here at the Poteque Pharmaceuticals’ station at Attyn V, Moon 13 or her sister at Lisbaetanne I, Moon 1. With the large population centres on Ignebaener V falling to Triglavian control well before the final demise of the system, the majority of those seeking refuge on Poteque’s stations came from the smaller scientific and prospecting colonies on Ignebaener’s barren third and sixth planets.”

The footage cuts to an interior shot of a cavernous hangar, the camera drifting slowly above a mass of temporary shelters that occupies almost every flat surface in the vast space. The view tightens in on an open area, where crowds huddle dejectedly around an enormous notice board covered with column after column of names. “Poteque is ill-equipped to deal with this crisis and we have confirmed that its most influential (and notorious) shareholder, the Serpentis Corporation, has stepped in to administer and supply this refugee camp and a similar one on Poteque’s Lisbaetanne station.”

The camera shifts to a close up of a middle-aged woman with Jin Mei features. “They’ve been amazing. Everything works now and we feel safer. Before they took over, there wasn’t enough to go around and some people were stealing from the vulnerable. There were even some killings… They put a stop to all of that and right away! I just wish I knew where next. We can’t stay here forever but we’ve lost everything. How do you even start rebuilding? I’ve heard some people talk about them helping us with a move to Covryn VII or even Stoure IX. I wouldn’t mind. An ice planet sounds great after 10 years on a barren and now this!”

The camera returns to an aerial view of the refugee camp as the reporter’s voice resumes, “These rumours match our investigation of statements by the Serpentis and Intaki Syndicate Space Police that they are cooperating to relocate war refugees. It appears that there may be plans to move some of the population originally from the scientific colony on Ignebaener III to planets in Placid and Solitude with Poteque stations in orbit. Quite why remains unclear but it has long been rumoured that Poteque works on Federal Government projects and we have received unconfirmed suggestions that the scientific colony on Ignebaener III was funded by Poteque and conducting research for the Federal Intelligence Office. It may be that the Serpentis are keen to resurrect their subsidiary’s Ignebaener III operation elsewhere and the Intaki Space Police are well placed to deliver this, given the locations concerned and their position as an intermediary eager to demonstrate reliability with a view to the Intaki security franchise award. Whatever the motivations behind this relocation effort, it would surely ease the strain on the Poteque stations in Attyn and Lisbaetanne and improve the lives of those refugees remaining.”

The footage concludes with a close up of the mournful list of names pinned to the noticeboard at the heart of the camp.


snippet from Pegeler Heat tabloid headlines 10.11.YC122

Holo-Siren and Companion Lauralite Brezia Seen Being Rushed To Medical Centers Aboard Eugales VI(Shine Ehklel) Orbital Infrastructure - Is The Capsuleer Vixen Giving Birth Soon?


"This is Professor Wilix Ahtishige, audio log 02 - November 5th YC 122. I managed to get free of the starport not too long after my first recording. The protestors dispersed from the scene one after the other over time until there wasn’t much left of a crowd to pose any ‘threat’. At the end of the day, everyone of those people still had a job to go to the next day. This job was mandatory as their employment was their citizenship. These people have zero luck changing their government if they’re no longer seen as a citizen… Ultimately it’s what makes protests difficult to last for any suspended length of time because if these people decide to skip work to protest, they risk being fired and losing their rights as citizens…

I currently stand at the window in my hotel room and can see citizens blissfully going about their days. Chaos does not engulf the streets, buildings are not ablaze and really the sight makes you even question if there really is any social unrest among the population… Of course the unrest goes deeper than what you can just see. As mentioned before, everyone I see has a job they’re responsible to show up for. This goes beyond just needing money to support a family of lifestyle, this job provides them with their right to be recognized as a citizen in their nation. Without it they will not be recognized as an entity and will suffer for it. So while I see a functioning society, many of these people very well may hold resentment and criticism in their minds about the system they’re going along with. Many of them probably couldn’t even care or see no issue… Not my place to assume.

It’s my place to observe. And on November 15th I plan to do just that when I attend a rally hosted by this Teamsters movement that is springing up. From my understanding this is a political movement of Caldari workers from across all the mega corporations coming together to call for a nationalized workforce that transcends the boundaries of the Mega-Corporations. Much like how the Navy or Armed service is a ‘Neutral’ nationalized organization that is not owned solely by the megas, but the central governing body.

I’m looking forward to this, I hope to gain some insight on the group’s message and hear more of their grievances to get a better understanding of what it is that drives them to want this change."

This is Professor Wilix Ahtishige, signing off.

  • Professor Wilix Ahtishige, New Caldari Prime


Poster Collected by Spaceline Patrol in Jita 4-4 Matching Posters Found in Landfall City


Khanid Prime News Network - 11.18 YC 122
Earlier today, news has it the Ms Federation and her sister Azlina Blackfire, along with her two kids. Both was detained after landing on Khanid prime. local onlookers verify that armed guards came, and detained the two and after a few exchanged words both of them handed over their personal weapons and were escorted to the Sortashian spaceport on the edge of the capital.

Later that day a Sorn family Pilgrim was logged to have left the system heading towards the Homroon constellation.


< Crowd Cheering >

“- Union Day this year proved to be nothing more than a farce the Corporations put up as an empty gesture of how much they value us. Reality is that it was a moment to desperately try and prop up this mask of strength and competence in the face of catastrophic failures. They drag put these epic assets of war to stand in formation in their respective headquarters not to be at the defence of the State as it burns from the unrelenting aggression of the Triglavian!”

< Crowd booing >

“Those ships were used to defend the Mega’s own precious capital systems and leaving those on the fringes to suffer and become pawns to these Invaders!”

< Crowd Booing >

“We built those ships! From the workers of the mining barges!”

< Partial crowd cheering >

“The workers on the factory floor!”

< Parital crowd cheering >

“To the workers aboard the freighters!”

< Partial crowd cheering >

“All of us have contributed to every creation these Mega’s take for granted! Every little luxury WE take for granted is a product of our collective force and dedication! We’re the reasons the minerals are mined. We’re the reason the product is built, and we’re the reason it gets to where it needs to be. Without us these Mega’s are nothing - Without us, they have not a product to sell or a ship to defend themselves with.”

< Crowd cheering >

“And they will use these very creations we are responsible for against us to suppress us! The cruel irony can no longer be ignored, more so while corporations like CBD employ highly engineerdc supersoldiers against our brothers and sisters who dare let their outrage be known!”

< Crowd Booing >

“Let it be known that as workers, our purpose is to build and create prosperity for our nation. NOT to destroy and kill! We do not seek to spill the blood of our fellow statesmen. Yet, if the Megas will stoop to this level just to keep us in the bottle and brush these recent tragedies under the rug. Then we will have to meet their strength with equal strength. We are the Workers of the State! And we outnumber anyone who would dare suppress us!”

< Crowd Cheering >

  • Professor Wilix Ahtishige Audio Log 03. New Caldari Prime, recorded from the crowd of a Teamsters Union rally in front of Otro Gariushi’ memorial statue. November 15th YC 122


Landfall City, New Caldari Prime

Onikanabo Brigade, Seituoda Taskforce Command Requisitioned for Counter-Insurgency Operations in Landfall City

Spurred by outrage surrounding the murder of a patrol of five Spacelane Patrol operatives by armed assailants during Secession Day celebrations in Landfall City CBD Megacorp was quick to requisition the services of longtime partner and military contractor Onikanabo Brigade augmented by specialist forces from Seitudoda Taskforce Command.

Initially criticized as an “overwhelming and unnecessary response” by rival corporate entities in Landfall City against civilian criminal elements, CBD has since released a public memo tying the murders to recent “subversive” anti-government organizations. While initially remaining tight-lipped on the specific nature of the murders and these subversive elements within the state, Spacelane Patrol officer Kotasen Isanakka has since made specific mention of an ongoing incident being investigated internally by a joint CBD-PKN taskforce to address an ongoing dispute with increasingly militant workers unions aiming to establish self-managed workers communes. Calling these elements “radical anti-government terrorists supported by left-wing populist splinters within the Templis Dragonaurs aiming to further disrupt the State and shark corporate obligations under the guise of syndicalist rhetoric” he vowed swift retribution against those found tied to the conspiracy.

Conflict between private military contractors and workers union militia in Landfall City has been sever, with multiple casualties reported on both sides in the wake of Secession Day riots and entire industrial districts of the city now cordoned off by respective checkpoints by each faction. It is unknown at this time how workers militia gained the training and equipment necessary to stand against two warclone contractors, with sweeping information blackouts on areas under union occupation. CBD has since filed for direct support by the Caldari Navy, however CEP response has been slow to authorize the request due to heavy demands placed on the Caldari Navy to respond to recent Triglavian incursions into New Caldari.

(Propaganda Materials Recover from Seitudoda Taskforce Command Raid on Suspected Union Sympathizers in Landfall City)

“[…] I don’t want anyone talking to press at this time about the ongoing details of the situation. If I catch wind of anyone within our military contractors or mainstay Spacelane Patrol agents even so much as mutter the words ‘General Strike’ you’ll find your ass slapped with a lawsuit so heavily you’ll be spending the rest of your life digging up tritanium in a work camp on some Molden Heath backwater until you collapse dead ten jumps from Caldari space. […]”

–Leaked Internal Memo from Spacelane Patrol Officer Kotasen Isanakka to Junior Leadership Officials


Appeal To Shareholders

Dear shareholders of Airko-Tensei Group!
You may know about our cooperation with Greater Caldari Servitude Association (GCSA) and rumors may reach you about coming share redistribution. We would like to explain current situation.
We work with GCSA on ways to enhance system of corporative governance. And as part of cooperation Board of Directors accepted GCSA proposition to increase a role of employees in corporate governance by: 1) increase in the number of Supervisory Board members elected by employees; 2) increase in the part of share pool reserved for employees.
This changes should not affect you as all will be covered by internal resources. In the same time we believe that this way we will increase a productivity of company and quality of corporative governance and will promote ideals of cooperation between workers and executives.

Digitally signed:

  • Arelan Hemala, CEO, Airko Industrial
  • Noksuva Orvali, CEO, Tensei Institute
  • Timiko Sato, CEO, Quantum Sea

A badly pixelated image of warclone, Azlina Sorn Blackfire, was uploaded to a site belonging to a extremist Sani group operating in and around the borders of the Kingdom. The image showing Ms Blackfire wearing a golden chain with a blood vial attached to it, as well as blood on her hands.

Few of the extremists have hail the warclone as finally having seen the right path, were other have pointed out how easy a image can be faked, and instead have placed a bounty on her blood


Placid Tribune, 11.29.122

Local Capsuleer and Baseline Economies in Disarray in Pegeler and Josmaert, Fate of Refugees Uncertain
After a series of Upwell structure losses in Vivanier and Archavoinet, more than four hundred and thirty million people have been left without homes and jobs, and a major blow to local industrial operations has been struck to the areas.
Some weeks ago, a siege was started by capsuleer alliance Down Under Syndrome, against multiple local groups in both low security, and highsec space, primarily focusing their efforts against long time residents and benefactors of the area, the United Neopian Federation. Initially, it was believed by many that this would be just another petty squabble and passing ‘war’ amongst the transhuman elites, but unfortunately has since proven otherwise, with station administrator and capsuleer Lauralite Anne Brezia calling for full evacuations of stationside populations and workers from UNF administrated Upwell structures as far back as the 15th of November.
So far, it appears that these evacuations completed without incident, but a vacuum now exists in the industrial capacities of the two constellations, as much income and material output had become reliant on these foreign administrated structures in recent years, both capsuleer and not.
Statements from the United Neopian Federation indicate that despite the loss of primary infrastructure in high security space, the capsuleer cadre of the foreign nationals have no intention of leaving the area, and may, in time reconstruct lost infrastructure and would maintain their duties as franchise holders for security, shipping, and astromining for the Unified Principality of Archavoinet.
Concerns remain about the fate of the refugees from the numerous destroyed stations, many of whom now reside temporarily on non-capsuleer stations in Vivanier and Archavoinet, where resources are not currently available to support the sudden influx, and shortages of basic necessity products have started to emerge. Many refugees have been optimistic, citing how quickly they were evacuated when it was clear defenses could not hold instead of being left to leave at their own discretions, while others have been more somber and critical of the events leading to their current predicaments.
Only time will tell the final outcome.