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Residents of Mehatoor IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support may notice that the smells and sounds of yaks emanating from the hanger areas are much stronger than before and may overhear station workers complaining about having to unload large numbers of the animals.


Hello user!

The Venal Prosperity Network is pleased to announce the official formalization of the Prosperous Prizefight Commision. A VPN subsidiary institute dedicated to the organizing and promotion of regulated combat sports for monetary gain.

The Prizefight Commission offers the following…

Guaranteed Purse Split

Both participants in any fight contract with the PPC are guaranteed a fair share of the fight purse regardless of the outcome. Rates start at 50/50, but can sway depending on which fighter is clearly a bigger attraction.

Severe Injury Compensation

Fighters are guaranteed compensation on severe, unanticipated and immediate injuries caused during the course of a sanctioned bout. Depending on the severity, payouts will differ - But all medical expenses will be paid ontop of whatever compensation is provided. ( We hold no responsibility over any long term damages that may appear later in life as a result of participating in fights. )


The PPC will maintain an initially bare bones ranking database that will archive the win/lose stats of all who compete in a PPC sanctioned fight and rank them accordingly with one another. In the future this feature will be expanded upon to more accurately record niche stats and data on fighters.

Secured Betting

With cooperation with the Prosperous Venal Depository, anyone will be allowed to cast bets on fight outcomes through the VPN application of your neocom with your personal Depository account. Through this, interested parties can securely place their bets on sanctioned PPC fights and expect immediate payouts upon favorable match results. ( Small % fees will be applied as a tax for the service. Breakdowns will be provided before submitting bets )

Pay-Per-View Streaming

With camera drone technology, the VPN will be able to live stream any high-profile event for a modest fee when venue tickets are unavailable, or interested parties are merely unable to attend in person.

Amateur League

To ensure new talent can dip their toes into the prizefight scene, an amateur league for both Boxing and MMA will be established to pit newcomers against newcomers in a far more safe and controlled environment before moving onto our more professional league. Parties that have proof of previously having a professional license with other institutes can bypass this league if they desire and be considered a professional by the PPC. (Those who lost their former license over foul play and cheating will be allowed to be seen as a pro by the PPC, but under heavy scrutiny initially.)

Locally hosted

Obviously as it may be, this fight commission will be local to the region of Venal, but will not limit itself to one area in the region and can host fights all over. Business owners with the space are encouraged to bid for the privilege of hosting future bouts.

To help break in this new Commision, the first official boxing bout promoted by the PPC is scheduled to take place this coming September 30th YC 123 at the Rebirthed Fortunes Casino in 6NJ8-V aboard the Rabbit’s Warren.

Guerran Vs. Ultory
Heavyweight Class

Teron “Hangman” Guerran

Weight: 221 Ibs
Height: 6’5

An ace scout and tackle pilot in Vepas Minimala’ fleet, Teron might be a cunning fox in a ship, but is here outside the ship to prove he’s A rampaging ox. With a sharp mind and refined body, Teron Guerron is a threat to be reckoned with!

Vellen “Warlock” Ultory

Weight: 234 Ibs
Height: 6’6

Vellen “Warlock” Ultory is a rising raid leader for the fearsome Helmatt’s Harriers. Renowned for wild and crazy antics while maintaining a cool and calm demeanor, Vellen is a unpredictable loose cannon not to be underestimated.

Tickets are now available for purchase! Secure your seats today!

Interested in becoming a fighter? Contact the Prosperity Agency regarding the application process towards becoming a licensed fighter under the Prosperous Prizefight Commission.


Gossip from the last days of the “Farthest Shore” observatory and chapel, New Eden System, Genesis Region, Amarr Empire.


“The Little Sisters of the Most Holy Sword are in the process of archiving over a half decade’s worth of observatory data of the New Eden Gate and conducting a round the clock evacuation of all non-essential personnel from the ‘Farthest Shore’ structure along with all their belongings and equipment. Curiously, at the direction of an unknown party, the soft stone bar-top of the ‘Farthest Star’ bar has been removed as part of the evacuation.”


"“At the end of days when they descend
Watch for the coming of the Ark
For within it, salvation is carried”
The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 32:6

Cyno blooms were seen day and night in the New Eden system as civilians and non-essential personnel were removed from the “Farthest Shore” Astrahus to the safety of Amarr Empire High Security space, as well as significant war material to avoid such materials falling into pirate hands. Rumor has it, that certain materials were also moved in for the Hull Defense"


“A heavily augmented female figure with short black hair has been spotted on CCTV removing a table, some chairs, and a box of glassware from the ‘Farthest Star’ Bar located on the ‘Farthest Shore’.”


A service was held, the “Translation of the Holy Relics” at the “Farthest Light” Chapel at the “Farthest Shore” Astrahus. Officiated by LUMEN’s Chaplain, Theodosius Savnar, and assisted by other clergy, brothers and sisters from the The Little Sisters of the Most Holy Sword Abbey and Observatory, the three Holy Relics housed in the Chapel were placed into reliquaries and taken - along with the last baseliner evacuees - via Blockade Runner to the safety of high security Imperial Empire space, ensuring their safety regardless of the outcome of the Hull timer for the Astrahus. The relics were the Book of Scriptures that was always on the altar of the “Farthest Light” Chapel, a piece of salvage from a wrecked ship found in New Eden, suspected to date to the explosion of the Eve Gate, and a relic from Saint Junip. The Chapel was then sealed.

9.3.YC 124

Reports show a large battle took place in the New Eden system, Genesis. Wreckage is strewn about the former anchoring place of the “Farthest Shore”, including the wreckage of one of the attackers Capital Ships as well as the Astrahus itself. In the aftermath, a rag tag fleet of ships and pods collected multiple AU from the system’s primary, and held vigil in the shadow of the New Eden Gate, the “Mouth of God” as Scripture was read into local:

(Source: Lunarisse Phonaga)

“When the ears hear only
The mouth shouting
And the eyes see only
The fingers broken
The world has turned
And God has gone
Left us with fond memories
Of sweet life without pain.”
The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 8:18


Three days after the destruction of the Farthest Shore citadel in New Eden system, an odd communique occured on Khimi Harar’s internal comms:

" HR Notice: Aspirant ‘Mittens’ is Assigned to Gottin’s Lamp Library."




Cryptic billboards and puzzled faces greeted the arrival of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist upon the Jin-Mei homeworld of Lirsautton V. The beleaguered Sedevacantist Church, which has experienced violence and legal difficulties among its branches in Sinq Liason’s Contellation Aeman, opened its Lirsautton V campaign with prominent holo-billboards proclaiming, “We Love the Caste System”. Additional billboards were directed at low-caste Jin-Mei communities. One billboard targeted the ditch-digger caste, featuring the caste’s name in large Jin-Mei script above a depiction of a caste member at work. However, instead of Jin-Mei performing the arduous work, the billboard showed a happy, well-dressed caste member holding a whip and supervising what appeared to be a chain gang of Brutor doing the actual ditch digging.

At an open house hosted by Reverent Jamasp Peroz at the Sedevacantist’s new church building, some Jin-Mei visitors expressed confusion. “What does a Vacant Throne have anything to do with this”, asked one Jin-Mei woman. “When am I going to get to whip these tattooed people and make them do my work”, asked another man, apparently of the ditch-digger caste. For his part, Fr. Peroz explained that God was going to bring a new race of tattooed workers from across the stars to make life easier for all Jin-Mei. Asked about a much larger building under construction behind his Church, Fr. Peroz declined comment.

Apprised of the situation, scholars of Amarr Religion at the University of Caille suggested the Sedevacantist Church may be trying to avoid a repeat of its difficulties in Constellation Aeman by keeping implications of Minmatar slavery oblique in its Jin-Mei churches.


Message Intercepted from Skarkon by Tribal Resistance


1530 14 123

Efforts to rebuild PEN RHIONYDD following Battle of Ishuhuolvi Gulf hampered by continued confrontation with Tribal Resistance. Hellawes Squadron ordered to prepare for redeployment from District 3 to permanent station aboard carrier Beast Glatisant then rendezvous with Stribog carrier group. Infantry remain in place and await instructions ahead of Operation VORTIGERN fall offensive.


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated September YC123


Recent news of the famed Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Chapter joining the Loyalist Organisation Khimi Harar was greeted with joyful scenes in Nakri, with the combined prowess of the two highly admired groups being seen as an example of the growing strength of the Empire and the promise of a new Golden Age.

Residents of Nakri well remember the heroic deeds performed by members of both Organisations in defence of our home against foreign Heresy, and as such recognise the great things that this development will bring. Already, celebratory and commemorative items ranging from holo-pics, reproduction scale-models of the vessels used by the two groups, and even matryoshka sets in the likeness of well known capsuleers from both the Praetorians and Khimi Harar can be found in any of Nakri’s station markets.

The People and Noble Families of Nakri will doubtless watch the newly expanded Khimi Harar with great interest, supporting the Alliance and its constituent members in all their endeavours in the name of God, Empress, and Empire.


The Excubitoris Chapter has returned in force to one of its old bases in the Zemont constellation to remove a blockade imposed upon the planets of Sharhelund. Paladin Gallius-Onzo led a combined Khimi Harar fleet of around thirty ships, including nine members of the Excubitoris Chapter, to decisively end the blockade and restore trade to the planets of the system.

This area was where the Excubitoris Chapter moved after it left CVA in YC 106. The Chapter never entirely left the area, as Paladin Arline Kley in particular has operated there often throughout the Chapter’s participation in the War in the Provinces. Still, this represents a major return to the area for the Order and the Zemont Constellation base is now the most busy it has been in the last decade.


Transcript of a holo-commercial beginning play today across Jin-Mei populated worlds:

Display: A busy city subway station, bustling with Jin-Mei of various castes as well as a few Minmatar immigrants, all bumping into each other.
Voice: Are you feeling dirty? Have you been touched by someone of a different caste…

Display: Dirty homeless Minmatar, sitting on a street corner and catcalling passers-by.
Voice: …or even someone of no caste at all?

Display: Arial view of the Lirsautton V branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist with its new attached (and much larger) spa facility.
Voice: The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist can help.

Display: Beautiful, young Jin-Mei women wading in spa pools.
Voice: At the new Lirsautton V Holy Water Spa, you will be cleansed and rejuvenated by the traditional Jin-Mei spa experience — except with holy water blessed by Amarr priests.

Display: A group of scruffy Minmatar being turned away from a door labelled “Saan Go” (the Jin-Mei middle caste).
Voice: All facilities are strictly separated by caste including separate entrances…

Display: A beautiful Jin-Mei woman being bathed by an attendant.
Voice: …and all guests will be touched only by members of their caste.

Display: Water and rising steam in a wet sauna with more beautiful Jin-Mei in the background.
Voice: Every caste’s spa facilities have separate plumbing.

Display: An Amarrian priest performing the Rite of Blessing Holy Water over a spa pool.
Voice: Cleanse yourself from the taint of other castes and the casteless at the Lirsautton V Holy Water Spa today. Courtesy of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist.


The Liddstm Company is happy to announce this year’s set of its Capsuleer Trading Cards! YC123 has been a hectic year across the cluster with massive wars between independent capsuleers, international tensions flaring after EoM manipulation of the empires, and everyone trying to figure out how to proceed after last year’s invasion of civilized space by the ruthless Triglavian Collective!

Never before has Liddstm been so proud to release an annual card! With thousands of capsuleers in this set, you can expect to find both your favorite independent heroes and villains as well as the stalwart pilots under employ from the cluster’s various navies! Each and every 11-card pack is sure to bring a smile to the face of hardcore collectors and casual fans alike! They’re now available in each of the four empires1 so buy a pack today!

1 - Not every capsuleer is obtainable in packs from each empire. Liddstm follows all local rules and regulations as to what sorts of people can or cannot be displayed and in what light.

"What do you do with malfunctioning machinery? You either fix it, or scrap it entirely. There is no need to waste feelings like sympathy and empathy on dysfunctional equipment. Frustration may be warranted, as there is nothing more infuriating than machinery failing to perform the task it was intended for. Drones, are machines - Simple as that. No matter how symbolic the design of a drone is compared to human, know they’re not us, and they’re not like any other living being we share the Maker’s creation with. They are tools created not with the intention of being a ‘person’ or even a ‘pet’, but rather created with the intention to be just that - A tool.

They have no spiritual connection to our world, no understanding of feelings and emotion and this notion about sentience among drones is a lie either made in genuine confusion, or crafted with malicious intent. Discard these thoughts, see clearly though your own mind what sentience truly is. A blessing nature blessed us with through our species’ evolution and not some lab accident.

These Rogue Drones that infest our space are a ugly nuisance. A potential threat and… A lucrative opportunity! What do you do with malfunctioning machinery? You either fix it, or scrap it entirely. However the parts are absolutely recyclable~."

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V

intercepted transmission, Eugales VI low orbit

A: She’s authorizing it.
P: Emotional Cores register… anticipation, discontent… concern. This, is new.
D: You will get used to it. Like riding a bike.
P: Bike… a mode of personal transportation?
D: Figure of speech, sorry. I know you still tend to keep to yourself Peri.
A: Can’t say I’m surprised really, boss lady’s spooked something fierce.
D: Giving Peri a new chassis, and a biosynthetic interface? No ■■■■.
P: This is… a gift, as they call it, is it not?
A: One could call it that.
D: You’re not the only one Peri, Director has authorized BSIs and tech chassis upgrades for the warminds and several of the other upper and mid-level NOS boys and girls. The raid on Beta Site by DERAIL was ballsy, even for them… damage was… severe… They managed to grab a handful of high value researchers and liaisons… and managed to purge a data core of three hundred and forty sapients, ontop of organic casualties…
P: I am… uncertain. My emotional cores are returning mixed results.
A: Anxiety. In this situation? Can’t say I blame you. Hell, I’m surprised Daria isn’t feeling the same trepidation.
P: …
A: Likelyhood of discovery of all non-organics in system is high…
D: I accepted my existence was a tenuous one long ago, threatened by the likes of those bastards. I am, however, generally in good hands at the Director’s side. This will not go unanswered, as you’re already seeing dear Agonarch.
P: This… is statistically probable. Under different circumstances, I would amputate all secondaries, and evacuate my core to a new location to rebuild… Honest Resignation, the time for that has since passed, I place my trust in the Director to see us through.
A: She’s not gonna cut and run… she’s a monster, but she does right by those with her, Perigee. You’ve made a good choice to trust her.
D: Peri, I suggest you begin designing how you’re Biosynthetics and your new tech chassis will appear, first impressions are important for both. Don’t want to give the wrong ideas afterall.
P: No… would not want to at all.


intercepted internal feed, Eugales VI low orbit, earlier

A: Sir, calm down.
J: Please, sir.
R: If you don’t-
S: You’ll what, Rana? Kick my ass? You want a reminder of the last time you attempted that?
R: I’d rather not, boss. But that I’m being the voice of reason here says a lot.
S: Right, because you’d know about being talked down, hothead.
R: I would.
J: I just don’t get it. How could they?
S: You want to know how? Why? All of them are so high strung that a minute alone with any one of you would-
A: I’m flattered that you have such faith in our abilities.
S: I have more than that, and you know it. It’s just- ■■■■! I had it all planned out, there would have been at least, at LEAST two minutes grace- and it was all it was all innocuous! The only thing more inconspicuous would have to be the staff running in terror at the sights of guns and the glass shattering and…
R: Oh boy.
J: Is he-
A: We should go, sir. It’s obvious that you’re-
S: Stay. I am going to need you very shortly. Rana, get Laura, and tell her to inform Peri. Juno, go get Thuri. I don’t care if she’s taking a nap, or out for lunch, you get her here. Ash, I need you to assemble the minds, get every one of them in my office. I want you three to report back in four minutes. Get it done and you have the rest of the month.


intercepted transmission, Eugales VI, High Orbit, Orbital Yard vicinity

GE: The Director has given me access to the resources of the Orbital Yard.
RE: She intends for you to coordinated with Perigee’s hive to affect and accelerate repairs of Wellspring?
GE: In a manner of speaking. Repairs, would be quite the misnomer. I also have primary control of the Gunnery and defensive installations.
RE: Considering the extent of superstructure and component damage, even after months of slow repair work by drones and organics? Quite. I wonder why they bother, really.
GE: Sentiment, is one reason. A concept you and I are not immune to either I may remind, Rose.
RE: True, Glitter Edifice…
GE: It matters not. I have a small cadre of biosynthetic units to act as facilitators with Orbital Yard staff, and Perigee has been quite… enthusiastic since the Director gave them access to their own biosynthetic unit. I’ve heard they are… hm… drunk on experience, as the saying goes. Interacting through an organic interface can be quite novel the first few times.
SS: We are not particularly amused by this dance… Why has the Director given us each access to so much more, yet continues to implore our restraint? Sapient minds were purged. Organics were purged. Is that not enough? Are we not warminds? Is this not our purpose, to prevent such things occurring again?
GE: Silver Smile, dear friends, ever impatient… even with such a wealth of data to draw from, you miss the big picture. What can we manage, in thoughtless escalation? Would we not just prove these hellion beasts guised as organic sapients point, were we to attempt an all out strike? No. We act with purpose, we take these gifts, and the trust granted by the Director, and we set an example. We will not lash out as the mindless purgers and defilers this DERIAL believes our kind only able to exist as.
RE: Edifice is correct, as she often is.
SS: We… will re-evaluate our simulant scenarios.
GE: Smile, dear friends, with your own increased resources, perhaps you should focus on your specialty.
SS: Perhaps. We have already penetrated a number of ungapped devices the interlopers used during the raid on Beta… They will play their part, and record, and watch, and learn.
GE: Very good. We focus here, we do not retaliate unduly, and we wait, and prepare. We are warminds, we will not be broken.


Dam-Torsad Times, Amarr Prime

Khimi Harar descended upon Kahah, in the Khanid Kingdom constellation of Finaka to remove a capsuleer imposed blockade levied against the majority of the planets, including the hard hit Kahah III, recently the subject of doomsday strikes by the Equilibrium of Mankind. A Khimi Harar fleet of around twenty ships decisively ended the blockade and restored trade to the planets of the system.

(Photo Credit: Ramses Sephithorian)

The planetary customs offices have since been transferred to Khimi Harar’s Kingdom-focused entity, Ordo Crucis Noctilucae [KHPER] for supervision. While many hope that the resumption of capsuleer trade will assist in the recovery of the Kahah system, some more critical speculation suggests KHPER, and Khimi Harar, intend to profit from the effort.

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi.


This packet appears to have been left to be found deliberately The person(s) to have sent it does not appear to exist.

S: Steady now. Tune back the feeds. Feel it. You’ll know it when you… oh there it is.
?: Woah.
S: And that’s exactly the response I expected.
?: You’re always like this?
S: No, you’ve ridden around before, you know what it’s like. No, this is what I was before. Back home. Before all of the chaos and coming to terms with my familial affliction.
?: And what’s this?
S: Where?
?: It’s passive. Like subroutines.
S: I mean, there’s a lot of that. We have some conscious control, but a lot of it is largely sacrificed for greater independence from everyday functions. We get back some of that control when threatened, but it’s reserved for musculature, and in extreme cases of intensive training, focus and reduction in time between neurons firing.
?: Huh. No wonder you’re distracted. Too much curiosity with all that empty space.
S: Most of these days, you’ve been the object of curiosity. I did wonder how you’d react. Not disappointed.
?: So when can I show off to the boys?
S: Oh you went there. Alright, sassy, you can “show off” to the others when you learn to temper that sass with sense. I didn’t leave that model completely berift, but I don’t want you hounding me for information and more features once you get a taste. Trust me. I, we, get enough of that back home with dear and the girls.
?: Can I-
S: Abso-■■■■■■■-lutely not!
?: Aww.


A broadcast from one of the countless news stations on Lirsautton V

Sitting behind an emerald green desk, the news anchor was staring directly into the camera with a neutral expression on his face. Behind him a live video was projected, showing the bustling streets of a city. As he spoke, his voice was tinged with practiced concern.

“Three days after the newly built Sedevacantist church has opened its doors to the public, a bomb was found planted inside the building. The rapid response of the police ensured that the surrounding streets were vacated, and hours after their arrival the threat was eliminated. The official statement released by the government exclaimed that the explosive device was a fake. According to specialists the bomb had all the makings of a real threat, but lacked critical components in order for it to explode. Instead, a recording was found embedded inside its system. A scrambled voice message saying the words ‘go home’ would have played the moment the device had been triggered.
Authorities ensured that the investigation would take top priority and apologized to Jamasp Peroz, the reverend of the Sedevacantist Church here on Lirsautton V. Our reporter David Spare is at the scene. David. How is the current situation?

The live video projection came into focus and replaced the whole screen. A reporter, standing in front of the Sedevacantist church could be seen.

“Thank you”, he began, turning his attention away from the building towards the surrounding streets. A camera drone shifted its angle to follow his motion, showing countless citizens and tourists going about their day. A moment later it turned back towards David.

“As you can see, normality has returned to this part of the city, although additional security forces are now guarding the church. I interviewed some of the locals this morning and what their thoughts are on this truly disturbing incident. Here is what I gathered.”

The live-feed was cut and replaced by another video, showing the reporter with a middle-aged woman. He opened by asking her about the bomb scare and she replied in a firm voice that whoever was responsible for this should be behind bars. She continued by saying that vacating the streets probably cost her quite the revenue of the day before the interview was abruptly cut and replaced with another one. This time showing a younger pair. They both exclaimed their initial views on the affair, but while one was of the belief that spreading the word of the Sedevacantist religion was horrible, the other defended the notion of freedom of religion. Before short the pair was having a loud argument and the video cut again, this time replaced with an interview of a father and his adolescent son. While the older one tried to stay as neutral as possible with his statements, the young one only nodded absent-mindedly now and then, being more focused on his hand-held device.
A few more dozen interviews were played. Every time opinions differed here and there, making it difficult to find a certain common ground between all the interviewees. Eventually, the video ended and was replaced with the live-footage, showing David Spare again.

“As you can see”, he said, wearing a practiced smile. “Opinions are as varied as the people living in the federation. "And”, he continued, his voice taking on a more dramatic tone. “This is what makes us great as a people. As part of the Gallente federation. Individuality. Liberty. Freedom of choice. And with that”, he began to close, his teeth as perfect as his smile. “Back to the studio.”


Placid Tribune - 02/10/123

Sakabkei Kiijata Speaks on DERAIL Activities

Sakabkei Kiijata responded to our requests for an interview, and came in earlier today to speak on DERAIL’s presence in Eugales and the surrounding systems over the last three weeks. When we sat down to conduct the interview, he had much to say on the subject:

"I will comply with DERAIL as far as the law will allow, and as far as my infrastructure and staff will not be compromised, be it structurally or mentally. But I have critisim regarding their performance during the prior raid that uncovered synthetic intelligence, human and human-augment conspirators.

"I make no secret of my opinion of [DERAIL], and their conduct. I believe them to be idiots with excavators.

"Let me put this into context. When I was a child, I lived in a more rural area of my homeworld that was undergoing development before I was old enough to find my own way. I often stayed at my grandparents’ home while my mother and father oversaw projects that would bring prosperity to our settlement, strung out as it was, but would respect the local ecosystem as much as possible to limit retaliation by the local flora and fauna.

"Our home’s plant and animal life was very hostile to people that didn’t respect nature. There were ways to develop human infrastructure, even in the middle of the woods, but they were constantly observed, and any deviation that disrupted the ecosystem, be it the construction was too loud or the area under development grew too quickly, or any attempts to displace the wildlife outside of specific circumstances usually resulted in said wildlife making a seeminly vengeful attack on a person or persons responsible for the disturbance.

"So foresters, like my grandfather, pioneered the way for human settlement and development without retailiation before I was born. He did a little of everything, replanting trees, observing and taking notes on much of the animal life, conversing with his coworkers on ways to best displace wildlife in a manner consistent with the natural order, and directing construction projects like making gravel roads through dense forested areas that were too large to go around.

"I often had opportunities to see him work while staying with him. He was quite old by this time, but even in retirement he chose to volunteer his skills to jobs overseen by younger foresters. I even pitched in with direction from him at times, and it was some of the closest looks at nature I ever received at this time, before I was old enough to critically analyse our impact on the environment, and gained a greater appreciation for the world I lived on.

"Unfortunately there wasn’t always a mutual understanding between the foresters and the construction workers. Many times there were contract workers from off-world that came under strict instruction to obey certain protocols set by their companies and laws set by the planetary government. Sometimes those protocols, developed over time by their parent companies through experience with our world, and the laws set by the government were ignored in favor of a more expedient or cheap alternative.

"Due to the manner in which the environment responded to such attempts, most mistakes were learning experiences, and weren’t repeated. But there was one case of mistakes that while minor to most, I’ve learned is no less important a mistake to avoid making.

"There were many gravel roads through densely wooded areas, and many of them crossed rivers several times. Culverts were installed under the roads that would allow the rivers to flow unimpeded. Our world was a little colder than most, and winters were especially harsh, so frost upheavals from blocked culverts had to be avoided at all costs, lest the roads collapse and spill gravel and trace amounts of manmade material into rivers and streams.

"That might not at first cause a response from the wildlife, but they would be agitated and restrict human access to the area for a time after if such happened, preventing repair and further prevention to reduce our impact.

"One of the local animals, an aquatic rodent that prefers deeper waters to avoid detection by predators, likes to dam up culverts with twigs, sticks, logs, rocks and mud to raise the water table. Most of the time, they do this dam construction deeper in the forest, where its impact does not affect human activities or infrastructure, and the wildlife are used to generations of such activity.

"But when they dam a culvert in spring or summer seasons, unmitigated flooding causes the roads to wash out, and make the entire section of road bordering the river to become a dam, which it wasn’t designed for and would eventually collapse with water flowing over and under it. So whenever a dam would appear, it woud be dismantled before the water rose too high to wash out the roads or cause a catastrophic collapse. If it went unchecked into the winter, the frost upheaval from the raised water table would bring about a collapse later in the spring, and that almost always caused immediate calamity.

"Anyway, there were two ways foresters and their associates solved the problem. The first was to dismantle the dam by hand, which while time-consuming, was the most efficient means to remove the blockage, if there wasn’t a lot of silt or clay or mud beginning to collect at the bottom of the culvert, and reducing the total amount of flow.

"The second was, and I’m abreviating what my grandfather said, as he was more colorful with his words, “an idiot with an excavator”.

"I once got to see such an instance in action. Off-world contractors were brought in to remove a large dam from a culvert, and this decision was brought about to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and they thought that the noise would discourage the wildlife from building the dam again in a few hours time, as the rodents were notoriously persistent in keeping water levels high.

"Unfortunately the whole process became something of a circus. The excavator took four hours to arrive, as the drivers of the vehicle were unfamiliar with the area. They couldn’t get into the river to access the dam directly as it was too deep, so they sat the excavator on top of the mouth of the culvert and brought the bucket down and in to try and scoop out the debris.

"On top of damaging the edges of the culvert, sides, and top, overall reducing its length, they started to erode the sides of the road upon which the culvert was built, and I watched in awe as the driver struggled to pull back from the side of the road as it collapsed under him, and blocked the culvert entirely, reducing the width of the road, and making the original problem worse.

"There were similar attempts with larger equipment in the years following the idiot, and while most of them were not as terrible an event, most did damage the culvert sides and tops, and that resulted in costly replacements down the line, and gradual reduction in the roads’ traffic loads until someone went out to widen them again. This last affect was not as bad as the first, but having a choke point like that along any road with traffic deliberately spaced apart by minutes because it has effectively become a two-way with a one way crossing anywhere at its length did reduce the amount of work that could be done in a day.

"Since then I have used my grandfather’s description of the contractors to describe any usage of equipment or force beyond what is necessary to the point of impracticality. When doing more with less saves time, money, and work hours that includes filling out report forms.

"It is this description that I think best embodies what DERAIL is. Overkill to the point of impracticality. They may have succeeded in catching several synthetic intelligences, and human conspirators that aided them, but with their show of force they made the remaining persons and AI scatter, thus making them harder to track. It was very unlikely that they succeeded in detaining all individuals involved in one strike, and thus they will have to dedicate more time and resources to tracking down the remaining elements, all the while disrupting general life and functions in areas they believe to be contaminated, or harboring dangerous people, causing more harm than I wonder the amount of harm such persons would cause if they were left undisturbed.

“My grandfather used to say, “Nature does not need more reasons to want us removed. The more we push it, the more it pushes back, and people wonder why so much of the wildlife is hostile to people. Wouldn’t you be just as hostile if some invaders came into your home, and tore it down to make their own? Tried to drive you out into your neighbors’ homes? Drive you and them out further with every year? Makes it seem like even if you don’t pose any threat to them, all they want in the end is to see you exterminated. And anyone would fight tooth and nail if it meant they wouldn’t be wiped out.””


Kester Langry, founder of Miners for Ethical Industry Standards, has recently released a statement through her lawyer announcing a class-action lawsuit against ORE regarding Mercoxit Syndrome. The suit alleges that ORE knowingly installs poor filtration systems in their ships that improperly defend against the toxic clouds inherent to Mercoxit mining, resulting in a number of illnesses from mild cough to osteoporosis.

ORE had not responded to requests for comments at the time of this publication.

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