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Nadire Security Consultants Director in Legal Battle with ‘Cormorants and Jackals’ founder - Cease and Desist issued.

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation – 4th August YC123/FC238 (State-broadcaster for the Northern Colonial Commonwealth)

A spokesman for the Nadire Security Consultants confirm that a Cease and Desist letter has been issued to the controversial ‘Cormorants and Jackals’ founder and proprietor Julian Flavours through the Viriette District Court. Brought by Claire Menkalinan, Legal Representative for the Chatalain Auxiliary Response corporation, on behalf of Commander Edward Adams, the so-called ‘Cormorant’.

Commander Adams, who recently announced he had publicly accepted citizenship of the Commonwealth, made a brief statement himself to the CBC in which he denounced the ‘evil’ in associating him positively with the self-styled ‘Supreme Commander’ Sahara Jackal and resolved to take ‘whatever steps were necessary’ to put the record straight.

The threat of legal action is but the latest in a series of woes to affect the troubled organisation. On the 22nd July it was reported through a Luminaire news source that a raid was made against the ‘Cormorants Nest’ facility, undertaken by law enforcement agencies. Numerous arrests were made and contraband seized.

We await further updates as they are made available by the Consultancy.

Others News

  • Harvest Festival preparations begin across the Commonwealth territories as the agricultural sector reports bumper crop yields.

  • Rumours of a new official investigation into ‘The Disappeared’, the collective name for border residents suspected to have been taken by slaving bands and Nation uplifting efforts, neither confirmed nor denied by District Office of Special Investigations.

  • Goinard Traffic Control reporting increased levels of jump drive activations due to being utilised as a waystation by capsuleer logistics organisations in their extraction of assets from the Delve region.


For the Foundation Day Holidays, the media screens and holos in the Mehatoor System in the Devoid Region have been showing the following commercial:

The commercial shows “Loona the Loon” an animated mascot with cute goggles and aviator’s cap with ear flaps. A voice over in a bright and perky feminine voice is imploring “Help Loona the Loon come home! Please sponsor and donate to the Foundation Day Holiday’s Fundraising Marathon for the environmental clean-up of the marshes around the Mehatoor IV space elevator!” Numbers and Routing information for donations is then supplied. A male voice over concludes “Sponsored by Khimi Harar, Mehatoor Tourism Authority, Shelly’s by the Dock Bar, and Sister Noh’s Home for Women and Children.”



7 August, YC123

Louboutin Red, counsel for ‘Cormorants and Jackals’ founder Julian Flavours, today released a statement concerning the threatened litigation from Commander Edward Adams of Nadire Security Consultants.

“Earlier this week, my client became the unfortunate target of an intimidation campaign intended to prevent him from exercising his right to free expression guaranteed by our Federal Constitution. Today we sent our reply to these spurious allegations. It’s unfortunate that Commander Adams feels his elevated social position entitles him to trample all over the rights of his fellow citizens. It is beyond disappointing that someone who holds himself out so publicly as a champion of Gallente ideals falls so short when it comes to honoring them. Needless to say, if he insists on pursuing these spurious claims in court, my client will spare no effort in defending both himself and the principles of free speech.”


INTAKI SYSTEM, Placid Region - Contested Sovereignty

Tokk’l ‘Greyhood’ Chantreve stood in a non-descript hallway on a space station orbiting Intaki V. He detached one end of a thin data cord from the encryption interface, and the other end from his top neck socket. A small green light on the wall panel indicated he had passed the security authentication, as the door slid open in front of him. Sauntering into a cramped little office, he was immediately confronted with a small balding man at a plasteel desk half buried under opened report cannisters, holopads, and other administrative paraphernalia.

His chemoreceptor hardware told Tokk’l that the high concentration of metabolite in the air could only have come from unhealthy levels of stimulant use. He tried to gauge how long the man had been awake. Given the multiple extensions to the franchise negotiations, likely a week. Tokk’l cleared his throat when it became apparent his entrance hadn’t been noticed.

“Oh!”, exclaimed the diminutive data analyst, head snapping up from the holopad he was studying. Occular implants stared out at the capsuleer. “Umm … yes, Mr. Grey”, he muttered, his tattooed eyebrows doing little to humanize the dark gleaming depths of the metal-rimmed enhancements. Lifting a sweaty hand, he motioned to an unoccupied chair.

When his guest didn’t budge, the man at the desk nervously gazed back to his pad and continued to address Tokk’l as he hurriedly tapped away at his pad.

“I’m sure you understand full well that even hyperspace fluid routers can be tapped, it’s our encryption that’s the problem, you see…”, the analyst trailed off, his awareness seeming to catch up to his words. “Well, you know. These archaic methods of physical delivery are sometimes warranted. That’s what I mean.”

Tokk’l handed over a small secure cannister which the analyst received delicately with two hands. The man licked his lips as the biometric seal cracked open on contact. He risked a quick glance at the stoic figure towering over him, as he cradled the can in his lap.

“Anyways, I’m sure you realize how critical your delivery is to this little process”, he explained, motioning vaguely to the mountains of reports. “Can’t have too much data to support our position, especially at this critical phase –”. Tokk’l interrupted him with a long sigh, frowning in displeasure.

“Oh yes”, peeped the analyst, jolting to attention, “the payment! Of course… of course.” He tapped some more at the pad, looking back up to the tall capsuleer.

Somewhere in the station datanet, a transaction was issued, and through a myriad of communications relays and encoded protocols, Tokk’l registered the notification in his neural node. He nodded a confirmation and turned on a heel to leave.

“I’m sure we’ll reach an agreement soon”, the dataman chirped as Tokk’l walked away. “These last revenue projections from our competitors’ bids should clinch it for the ISP.”

Tokk’l paused momentarily. “Good”, he uttered as the door slid closed behind him.


A children’s rhyme, overheard in the lower quarters of Nakri Navy Station
“Lady Nadezhda, stalking through the streets
Lady Nadezhda, judging all she meets
Will she be your doom or your saviour?
Better say your prayers to Lady Nadezdha!”


A news article taken from Nadire Cyber Security Times

Cyber Attacks across Nadire

Jean Du Pont • YC123.08.18

Reports from last night have suggested that there were several attempts made to compromise the Nadire Security Consultant’s (NADSC) security database. It is believed that that no data was stolen but some Galnet sites that have API links with the corporation have been reporting inaccurate information. zKillboard, a well know site among capsuleers has been displaying kill mails featuring both Commander Adams the director of NADSC and Sahara Jackal, an infamous capsuleer who now leads the Stribog Clade in Pochven.

Both have a long history of being members of opposing organisations exchanging hostilities on and off the battlefield. But this is not the first time the two have been featured together. In recent months an upstart corporation called Cormorants and Jackals stylised the two as a romantic couple. The so called Fan club received an large amount of media attention, mostly negative and was subsequently shutdown by law enforcement. Rumours have begun to spread across the system that this attack and previous attempts to defame the Commander may be related. We reached out for a comment from the Commander but have thus far not heard back from him.

It does beg a number of questions; How many other sites could of been affected? How many historic capsuleer kill mails could of been spoofed? And are we at risk of more attacks in the future?

We will keep you up to date with this on going story.


Main Article, Placid Tribune, 18.08.YC123

Pegeler District Memberstates Divides as Eugales Controversy Continues
Eugales - Over the past several months, tensions have run high over the system of Eugales, with investigations occurring from Federal Intelligence Office, CONCORD’s CDIA and and active incursions by CONCORD DERAIL and Lai Dai Protection Service, the noted Unorganized System has become a point of focus in the district by several large parties with extensive resources foreign and domestic.

Additional controversy has since arisen with the resumed drilling of Planet V - Moon 1(colloquially known as Umai), which has recently led to the supposed destruction of an advanced surface base belonging to LDPS. While not loss of life seems to have been incurred, critical response from LDPS has been to label the offending entity, Wolf Brothers INC, as irrational capsuleer terrorists.

When reached for comment, the current CEO of Wolf Brothers INC and somewhat noted foreign diplomat, Lauralite Anne Brezia stated that 'the loss of the base was regrettable, and, having given advanced notice that firing would commence, I am glad that LDPS heeded the warning to pull back material and personnel, preventing loss of life."

Furthering the controversial nature of the drill firing, it is claimed by Wolf Brothers INC, as well as some independent archaeological groups, that the surface of Umai is rife with archaeological ruins and sites bearing strong correlative resemblance to that of the Yan Jung, an extinct ancient empire that was once believed to have been spread across many systems now claimed by the Gallente Federation. Despite assurances that the extraction methods employed are largely stable and have a high rate of success, a number of archaeologists locally and abroad are decrying the activities as brash and needlessly destructive, with particular claims of context destruction being leveled by a small group of Scholars in Viriette from the Agoze branch of the University of Caille in Viriette. A recent failure in the drill module being used lead to the collapse of a small ruin that was supposed to be extracted during the same firing that destroyed the LDPS base, casting some doubts over the reliability of this method.

Ms. Brezia and associated capsuleer and baseline organizations when asked if they would discontinue archaeological extraction ops said that they(wolf brothers INC) have no intentions of ceasing operations, and would be far more dilligent in ensuring a similar failure does not occur, and has asked that any concerned archaeological institutions that wish to come and observe, do so.

As the situation has continued to develop, the memberstates across the Pegeler district have grown increasingly disgruntled, as many sponsored and independent colonies in the system of Eugales have begun to take sides as pressure mounts. A small group of independent colonies between Eugales II and Eugales IV have declared open support toward the likes of CONCORD DERAIL in operations across system, where as many colonies sponsored by memberstates from surrounding systems have, surprisingly, declared support to the likes of Wolf Brothers INC and the UNF. Most notable of these sponsored colonies, the floating city of Argallant in the dense atmosphere of Eugales V was sponsored by one of the memberstates in the system of Renarelle, and has declared itself in favor of the UNF, the city and colonial governor stating on the 10th of the month that, “We’ve been here for decades, working and toiling and providing portions of our exports back to the memberstate that spawned us… and… for what? We’ve often been left to fend for ourselves, both throughout the militia conflict, and against marauding pirates. That is until recently. Why do we continue to support a memberstate that doesn’t care for our well being and just our output of rare gases?” The Placid Tribune has received reports that ‘Self-Defense Forces’ from the Federated Republics of Renarelle V were dispatched to Argallant to supposedly keep the peace, but were turned back after a brief standoff against Augmented Fightercraft patrols(seemingly provided as defensive forces by the localized UNF presence) in the atmosphere of Eugales V. It is unclear if the purported Self-Defense Forces had orders to quell a potential independence push, or to actually defend the floating colony.

the situation remains tense, and District authorities may be requires to get involved in the near future if things begin to deteriorate.

Placid Tribube Independent Correspondents Article

Jean Dupont • 19.08.YC123

Controversy Over 51st Pegeler Olympics
Aubenall - Aubenall IV has come under renewed fire in recent months as the 51st Pegeler Olympics draws near. The point of contention is in their choice of experimental sports in the Olympics.

For over 200 years the planets of Pegeler have taken it in turns to stage The Pegeler Olympics, playing host to the pinnacle of human athleticism. With the addition of the augmented categories, it also an event to showcases the technological genius of engineers with the ability to push the boundary of flesh and machine. Each Olympics, the host planet is allowed to introduce several experiment sports to trial. If popular, it will be allowed to be brought back and establish within the core events. Aubenall IV known locally as Bayeux has been given permission by the committee to introduce Winktiddlies to the list of sports. It will have three categories of Junior and Senior Natural and a single category for Augmented.

Winktiddlies is a tradition sport dating back to the early formation of the Federation and has largely been considered a children’s game. But down on Bayeux the events surrounding the sport can become extremely competitive. Rivalries from the smallest town to nations with government initiatives. The sport can be played solo against a single opponent or as team of five. The object is to flick a disc no larger than your thumb called “Froggers” with another token called "Tiddles” into a cup at varying distances. You score points but either successfully flicking a frogger into the cup or landing a frogger on an opponent’s Tiddle. It’s been reported that the Augmented category could have distances of up to a few hundred metres away, with the token weighting roughly ten kilograms each.

The controversy has arisen due to many other planets not even hearing of the game until the confirmation has gone through that it would in the games. Statements made by athletic boards from other memberstates have stated that “It’s just another means for Aubenall to win something. They shouldn’t even be hosting!” While the outcry has been vocal, some have welcomed the sport as “Something different” and “An unusual sport but it’s good that Bayeux has something tobe proud of”

The Games will commence mid-way next year with full coverage planned to be broadcast across multiple media outlets across the district.

Cross Regional Column

  • Placid Trade Journal Reports 816b Isk Traded Last Month
  • An anonymous but credible source has leaked that noted ALXVP capsuleer Ché Biko may be reconsidering his involvement with I-RED’s Syndicate Stability Initiative II/Operation Grey Steel
  • Cultural delegates from Intaki Prime’s Navyi Akat Idic Council tour under construction Idic sites in Utpattia’s Navyi Shuru
  • I-RED expresses concern for safety of EZA-FM Station Cooperative official following Intaki Space Police thwarting of assassination plot
  • I-RED and Syndicate allies note increased sightings and encounters with Serpentis capital forces
  • CONCORD DERAIL forces reportedly ‘menacing unaffiliated colonies in Eugales without warrant or cause’
  • Arrests continue in Eugales
  • multiple independent and sponsored Colonial Defense Forces reportedly being supplemented by forces affiliated with the United Neopian Federation to ‘defend against possible incursions by LDPS’
  • Unified Principality of Archavoinet doubles down on support of its chosen franchise holders and System of Interest claim enforcers.
  • Moclinamaud Memberstates band together to resume denouncement of UNF aligned organizations enforcement of Unified Principality of Archavoinet’s System of Interest Claim on Eugales, backing from Memberstates in Frarie reportedly ‘on the table’.

Triglavian Interest Column

  • singular kikimora seen to be frequenting the region, presumed lost and/or dysfunctional
  • Continued evidence of diplomatic contact between Empires, CONCORD, and EDENCOM with the Triglavian Collective continues to surface, normalization of relations on the horizon?

Article in the Pegeler Inquirer 26.08.YC123

Denouncements of System of Interest Claim Continue, Official Legal Complaint Lodged in District Court
Renarelle - As tensions continue to rise over the Unorganized system of Eugales, the Federated Republics of Renarelle V has opened a lawsuit against the Unified Principality of Archavoinet and its enforcing franchise holders in the District Court of Pegeler, disputing the System of Interest claim over Eugales as well as citing grievances ranging from interference in sponsored colonial administration to illegitimate terms of enforcement and force deployment, among others.

Under normal circumstance, such grievances would take months to be processed and heard by the District Court, but the elevated focus and tensions surrounding the system of Eugales by multiple memberstates as well as foreign entities has lead to an almost unprecedented expedited initial case hearing being scheduled in the next few weeks.

Complicating the lawsuit, particularly the grievance over ‘Interference in Sponsored Colonial Administrations’ is that the colony cited in documents pertaining to the specific grievance, a floating city and rare gas refinery named Argallant on Eugales V, has openly denounced its previously sponsoring memberstate, the colonial governor and administration of the city placing a countersuit for independent colony status against the FRoRV, citing gross negligence in defense and support of the colony over several years.

Memberstate administrations in the systems of Moclinamaud and Frarie were quick to support the declared lawsuit from Renarelle, citing their own grievances, but it is unclear if they will be directly joining in the proceedings down the line, or filing their own claims.


Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime

There have been rumors of increased traffic by high-level capsuleers from certain loyalist organizations at the Excubitoris Chapter House - Oris, even after the conclusion of the Foundation Day special events.


Residents of Mehatoor IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support may notice that the smells and sounds of yaks emanating from the hanger areas are much stronger than before and may overhear station workers complaining about having to unload large numbers of the animals.


Hello user!

The Venal Prosperity Network is pleased to announce the official formalization of the Prosperous Prizefight Commision. A VPN subsidiary institute dedicated to the organizing and promotion of regulated combat sports for monetary gain.

The Prizefight Commission offers the following…

Guaranteed Purse Split

Both participants in any fight contract with the PPC are guaranteed a fair share of the fight purse regardless of the outcome. Rates start at 50/50, but can sway depending on which fighter is clearly a bigger attraction.

Severe Injury Compensation

Fighters are guaranteed compensation on severe, unanticipated and immediate injuries caused during the course of a sanctioned bout. Depending on the severity, payouts will differ - But all medical expenses will be paid ontop of whatever compensation is provided. ( We hold no responsibility over any long term damages that may appear later in life as a result of participating in fights. )


The PPC will maintain an initially bare bones ranking database that will archive the win/lose stats of all who compete in a PPC sanctioned fight and rank them accordingly with one another. In the future this feature will be expanded upon to more accurately record niche stats and data on fighters.

Secured Betting

With cooperation with the Prosperous Venal Depository, anyone will be allowed to cast bets on fight outcomes through the VPN application of your neocom with your personal Depository account. Through this, interested parties can securely place their bets on sanctioned PPC fights and expect immediate payouts upon favorable match results. ( Small % fees will be applied as a tax for the service. Breakdowns will be provided before submitting bets )

Pay-Per-View Streaming

With camera drone technology, the VPN will be able to live stream any high-profile event for a modest fee when venue tickets are unavailable, or interested parties are merely unable to attend in person.

Amateur League

To ensure new talent can dip their toes into the prizefight scene, an amateur league for both Boxing and MMA will be established to pit newcomers against newcomers in a far more safe and controlled environment before moving onto our more professional league. Parties that have proof of previously having a professional license with other institutes can bypass this league if they desire and be considered a professional by the PPC. (Those who lost their former license over foul play and cheating will be allowed to be seen as a pro by the PPC, but under heavy scrutiny initially.)

Locally hosted

Obviously as it may be, this fight commission will be local to the region of Venal, but will not limit itself to one area in the region and can host fights all over. Business owners with the space are encouraged to bid for the privilege of hosting future bouts.

To help break in this new Commision, the first official boxing bout promoted by the PPC is scheduled to take place this coming September 30th YC 123 at the Rebirthed Fortunes Casino in 6NJ8-V aboard the Rabbit’s Warren.

Guerran Vs. Ultory
Heavyweight Class

Teron “Hangman” Guerran

Weight: 221 Ibs
Height: 6’5

An ace scout and tackle pilot in Vepas Minimala’ fleet, Teron might be a cunning fox in a ship, but is here outside the ship to prove he’s A rampaging ox. With a sharp mind and refined body, Teron Guerron is a threat to be reckoned with!

Vellen “Warlock” Ultory

Weight: 234 Ibs
Height: 6’6

Vellen “Warlock” Ultory is a rising raid leader for the fearsome Helmatt’s Harriers. Renowned for wild and crazy antics while maintaining a cool and calm demeanor, Vellen is a unpredictable loose cannon not to be underestimated.

Tickets are now available for purchase! Secure your seats today!

Interested in becoming a fighter? Contact the Prosperity Agency regarding the application process towards becoming a licensed fighter under the Prosperous Prizefight Commission.


Gossip from the last days of the “Farthest Shore” observatory and chapel, New Eden System, Genesis Region, Amarr Empire.


“The Little Sisters of the Most Holy Sword are in the process of archiving over a half decade’s worth of observatory data of the New Eden Gate and conducting a round the clock evacuation of all non-essential personnel from the ‘Farthest Shore’ structure along with all their belongings and equipment. Curiously, at the direction of an unknown party, the soft stone bar-top of the ‘Farthest Star’ bar has been removed as part of the evacuation.”


"“At the end of days when they descend
Watch for the coming of the Ark
For within it, salvation is carried”
The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 32:6

Cyno blooms were seen day and night in the New Eden system as civilians and non-essential personnel were removed from the “Farthest Shore” Astrahus to the safety of Amarr Empire High Security space, as well as significant war material to avoid such materials falling into pirate hands. Rumor has it, that certain materials were also moved in for the Hull Defense"


“A heavily augmented female figure with short black hair has been spotted on CCTV removing a table, some chairs, and a box of glassware from the ‘Farthest Star’ Bar located on the ‘Farthest Shore’.”


A service was held, the “Translation of the Holy Relics” at the “Farthest Light” Chapel at the “Farthest Shore” Astrahus. Officiated by LUMEN’s Chaplain, Theodosius Savnar, and assisted by other clergy, brothers and sisters from the The Little Sisters of the Most Holy Sword Abbey and Observatory, the three Holy Relics housed in the Chapel were placed into reliquaries and taken - along with the last baseliner evacuees - via Blockade Runner to the safety of high security Imperial Empire space, ensuring their safety regardless of the outcome of the Hull timer for the Astrahus. The relics were the Book of Scriptures that was always on the altar of the “Farthest Light” Chapel, a piece of salvage from a wrecked ship found in New Eden, suspected to date to the explosion of the Eve Gate, and a relic from Saint Junip. The Chapel was then sealed.

9.3.YC 124

Reports show a large battle took place in the New Eden system, Genesis. Wreckage is strewn about the former anchoring place of the “Farthest Shore”, including the wreckage of one of the attackers Capital Ships as well as the Astrahus itself. In the aftermath, a rag tag fleet of ships and pods collected multiple AU from the system’s primary, and held vigil in the shadow of the New Eden Gate, the “Mouth of God” as Scripture was read into local:

(Source: Lunarisse Phonaga)

“When the ears hear only
The mouth shouting
And the eyes see only
The fingers broken
The world has turned
And God has gone
Left us with fond memories
Of sweet life without pain.”
The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 8:18


Three days after the destruction of the Farthest Shore citadel in New Eden system, an odd communique occured on Khimi Harar’s internal comms:

" HR Notice: Aspirant ‘Mittens’ is Assigned to Gottin’s Lamp Library."




Cryptic billboards and puzzled faces greeted the arrival of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist upon the Jin-Mei homeworld of Lirsautton V. The beleaguered Sedevacantist Church, which has experienced violence and legal difficulties among its branches in Sinq Liason’s Contellation Aeman, opened its Lirsautton V campaign with prominent holo-billboards proclaiming, “We Love the Caste System”. Additional billboards were directed at low-caste Jin-Mei communities. One billboard targeted the ditch-digger caste, featuring the caste’s name in large Jin-Mei script above a depiction of a caste member at work. However, instead of Jin-Mei performing the arduous work, the billboard showed a happy, well-dressed caste member holding a whip and supervising what appeared to be a chain gang of Brutor doing the actual ditch digging.

At an open house hosted by Reverent Jamasp Peroz at the Sedevacantist’s new church building, some Jin-Mei visitors expressed confusion. “What does a Vacant Throne have anything to do with this”, asked one Jin-Mei woman. “When am I going to get to whip these tattooed people and make them do my work”, asked another man, apparently of the ditch-digger caste. For his part, Fr. Peroz explained that God was going to bring a new race of tattooed workers from across the stars to make life easier for all Jin-Mei. Asked about a much larger building under construction behind his Church, Fr. Peroz declined comment.

Apprised of the situation, scholars of Amarr Religion at the University of Caille suggested the Sedevacantist Church may be trying to avoid a repeat of its difficulties in Constellation Aeman by keeping implications of Minmatar slavery oblique in its Jin-Mei churches.


Message Intercepted from Skarkon by Tribal Resistance


1530 14 123

Efforts to rebuild PEN RHIONYDD following Battle of Ishuhuolvi Gulf hampered by continued confrontation with Tribal Resistance. Hellawes Squadron ordered to prepare for redeployment from District 3 to permanent station aboard carrier Beast Glatisant then rendezvous with Stribog carrier group. Infantry remain in place and await instructions ahead of Operation VORTIGERN fall offensive.


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated September YC123


Recent news of the famed Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Chapter joining the Loyalist Organisation Khimi Harar was greeted with joyful scenes in Nakri, with the combined prowess of the two highly admired groups being seen as an example of the growing strength of the Empire and the promise of a new Golden Age.

Residents of Nakri well remember the heroic deeds performed by members of both Organisations in defence of our home against foreign Heresy, and as such recognise the great things that this development will bring. Already, celebratory and commemorative items ranging from holo-pics, reproduction scale-models of the vessels used by the two groups, and even matryoshka sets in the likeness of well known capsuleers from both the Praetorians and Khimi Harar can be found in any of Nakri’s station markets.

The People and Noble Families of Nakri will doubtless watch the newly expanded Khimi Harar with great interest, supporting the Alliance and its constituent members in all their endeavours in the name of God, Empress, and Empire.


The Excubitoris Chapter has returned in force to one of its old bases in the Zemont constellation to remove a blockade imposed upon the planets of Sharhelund. Paladin Gallius-Onzo led a combined Khimi Harar fleet of around thirty ships, including nine members of the Excubitoris Chapter, to decisively end the blockade and restore trade to the planets of the system.

This area was where the Excubitoris Chapter moved after it left CVA in YC 106. The Chapter never entirely left the area, as Paladin Arline Kley in particular has operated there often throughout the Chapter’s participation in the War in the Provinces. Still, this represents a major return to the area for the Order and the Zemont Constellation base is now the most busy it has been in the last decade.


Transcript of a holo-commercial beginning play today across Jin-Mei populated worlds:

Display: A busy city subway station, bustling with Jin-Mei of various castes as well as a few Minmatar immigrants, all bumping into each other.
Voice: Are you feeling dirty? Have you been touched by someone of a different caste…

Display: Dirty homeless Minmatar, sitting on a street corner and catcalling passers-by.
Voice: …or even someone of no caste at all?

Display: Arial view of the Lirsautton V branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist with its new attached (and much larger) spa facility.
Voice: The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist can help.

Display: Beautiful, young Jin-Mei women wading in spa pools.
Voice: At the new Lirsautton V Holy Water Spa, you will be cleansed and rejuvenated by the traditional Jin-Mei spa experience — except with holy water blessed by Amarr priests.

Display: A group of scruffy Minmatar being turned away from a door labelled “Saan Go” (the Jin-Mei middle caste).
Voice: All facilities are strictly separated by caste including separate entrances…

Display: A beautiful Jin-Mei woman being bathed by an attendant.
Voice: …and all guests will be touched only by members of their caste.

Display: Water and rising steam in a wet sauna with more beautiful Jin-Mei in the background.
Voice: Every caste’s spa facilities have separate plumbing.

Display: An Amarrian priest performing the Rite of Blessing Holy Water over a spa pool.
Voice: Cleanse yourself from the taint of other castes and the casteless at the Lirsautton V Holy Water Spa today. Courtesy of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist.


The Liddstm Company is happy to announce this year’s set of its Capsuleer Trading Cards! YC123 has been a hectic year across the cluster with massive wars between independent capsuleers, international tensions flaring after EoM manipulation of the empires, and everyone trying to figure out how to proceed after last year’s invasion of civilized space by the ruthless Triglavian Collective!

Never before has Liddstm been so proud to release an annual card! With thousands of capsuleers in this set, you can expect to find both your favorite independent heroes and villains as well as the stalwart pilots under employ from the cluster’s various navies! Each and every 11-card pack is sure to bring a smile to the face of hardcore collectors and casual fans alike! They’re now available in each of the four empires1 so buy a pack today!

1 - Not every capsuleer is obtainable in packs from each empire. Liddstm follows all local rules and regulations as to what sorts of people can or cannot be displayed and in what light.