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"Admittedly, the subject of ancestral spirits is one I’ve rarely spoken about. Mainly in part due to me not wanting to ensnare myself in the same trap the State is in when it comes to their dead ancestors. Unlike them, I will not teach people to shackle themselves to the expectations of the deceased.

Where are our ancestors right now? Beyond the tributes paid here and in our private spaces, our ancestors are not with us. They are ones with nature, and we are what they’ve left behind. Such things we can thank them for, but otherwise this is our life to live. Should they offer some support and guidance - That much we can appreciate. But we will not be the vicarious continuation of “their” existence. We will control our lives, make our decisions, and live by our desires, not theirs.

If our ancestors chose to have childrens with the expectations that they will follow in their footsteps and live by their standards - To become THEM - Then I’d say that is an act more greedy and selfish than any act of piracy committed by those here today.

… However I believe our ancestors would understand this once they’ve transitioned. That this notion that we have to live up to their expectations is but an idea the Caldari have shoehorned into the teaching to further control their people, by puppeting their dead ancestors into threatening shame upon their living descendants should they step out of line and fail to do what “They” approve of.

I will not fall into this same trap, and neither should any of you."

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V
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