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Wincdhime Wayism Qoutes pt2

Regarding surviving an assassination attempt…

Don’t you all find the new place to be marvelous? 1 Spacious, filled with many amenities to suit our spiritual needs and conveniently located within the heart of our beloved region… This is an upgrade and a step forward, but it has come at a tragic price… Not to along ago, the original shrine came victim to a vile attack by the Equilibrium of Mankind, using a poor misguided soul as a suicide bomber in an attempt to not only silence me 1, but to cause horrific collateral damage. We lost good people, some of whom I’m sure many of you knew, and there’s a hole in my heart still that makes me feel as if I’m responsible for what happened… That my words are the cause of this tragedy.

Let me tell you what I felt went… For a moment I felt bliss in looking out to the faces of those assembled. Then the bomb goes over and my bliss turns into a mixture of confusion, pain and fear as I’m blown back and left to see in full view the damage… People I knew by name were dismembered, with part of them one side of the room and another next to my feet… My ears filled with the screams of agony of those fortunate enough to survive but unlucky just enough to still be maimed by the explosion. I was in shock, I was horrified and I uh… urinated on myself even. As embarrassing as that is to just say aloud… It’s the truth of what I went though, how while I say this is a step forward, it’s by far one of the most agonizing steps I wish I never had to take. Because of this I want to ensure everyone that such a matter won’t happen again, that we’re learning from our mistakes and promise the safety of all that come here to connect with their spiritual selves.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V

Regarding what is “True” Wayism…

Never will you hear me say that the Wayism I teach is - True - Wayism. Such fallacies I will leave for the Caldari to play with in their attempt to present their outdated and closed minded interpretation as the undisputed understanding of Wayism.

For me to claim my teaching is the true teaching would be to claim I have some absolute understanding of Nature. That I hold all the answers of our spiritual world, yet the only truth here is that I am a mere human being no different than those assembled here today. The Wayism I teach today is a teaching crafted from my perspective, one that is prone to being flawed, to being misinformed and even being wrong. Nature does not speak to us through words like another human would, it speaks to us through action and it is in these actions we must examine and understand.

I have confidence in what I speak today, I have examined nature in my own way and made my interpretation, but like any other human I am vulnerable to error. The State will claim perfection in their understanding, I will claim the possibilities of being flawed in my views, for I will not reject my human tendency to be mistaken.

  • Suha Raibuya

Further regards towards Drone Sentience…

"What do you do with malfunctioning machinery? You either fix it, or scrap it entirely. There is no need to waste feelings like sympathy and empathy on dysfunctional equipment. Frustration may be warranted, as there is nothing more infuriating than machinery failing to perform the task it was intended for. Drones, are machines - Simple as that. No matter how symbolic the design of a drone is compared to human, know they’re not us, and they’re not like any other living being we share the Maker’s creation with. They are tools created not with the intention of being a ‘person’ or even a ‘pet’, but rather created with the intention to be just that - A tool.

They have no spiritual connection to our world, no understanding of feelings and emotion and this notion about sentience among drones is a lie either made in genuine confusion, or crafted with malicious intent. Discard these thoughts, see clearly though your own mind what sentience truly is. A blessing nature blessed us with through our species’ evolution and not some lab accident.

These Rogue Drones that infest our space are a ugly nuisance. A potential threat and… A lucrative opportunity! What do you do with malfunctioning machinery? You either fix it, or scrap it entirely. However the parts are absolutely recyclable~."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Exercise…

"Meditation and prayer are all well and good in achieving spiritual attunement. Yet there is a far more productive and beneficial method. I am of course talking about exercising!

Your body is a vessel for your spirit - it is an organism that is constantly evolving and molding itself to reflect your habits. As such, your very spirit will bend to fill the mold. We desire strong spirits, healthy ones that do not break when met with adversity. Should we not refine our bodies to reflect this in the physical realm.

By exercising we provide our body with adversity that challenges it, that pushes it to evolve to overcome whatever is thrown at it. Dedicate an hour - or even half of one - to carrying out some form of physical exercise, and you’ll see a significant improvement in yourself for such minuscule investment, both physically and spiritually.

As a reward for our discipline and commitment, our bodies will reflect our hard work and be the envy of lesser willed individuals. Our badge of honour will not be some piece of tin, but our very own bodies. The symbolism needs no context or credibility from some society or culture, if our bodies look strong and healthy, then we are strong and healthy. Simple as that."

I do desire for people of this region to present themselves in such a way, so before those of the ‘civilized’ world look at us as weak savages. They’ll see nothing but people who are stronger than them, more disciplined and healthy. I want them to be envious… Annnnnd as an effort to make that easier for everyone, I’m pleased to announce that this shrine will be opening up a relatively spacious gym with the extra space we have that is free of charge to use~.

Prayer and Meditation is all well and good, but thirty squats a day are even better~. We should look for our own strength ourselves before asking the divine for theirs."

"O-Oh! And do wipe down any and all equipment before and after use! Hygiene and sanitation is important too~.

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Ancestors…

"Admittedly, the subject of ancestral spirits is one I’ve rarely spoken about. Mainly in part due to me not wanting to ensnare myself in the same trap the State is in when it comes to their dead ancestors. Unlike them, I will not teach people to shackle themselves to the expectations of the deceased.

Where are our ancestors right now? Beyond the tributes paid here and in our private spaces, our ancestors are not with us. They are ones with nature, and we are what they’ve left behind. Such things we can thank them for, but otherwise this is our life to live. Should they offer some support and guidance - That much we can appreciate. But we will not be the vicarious continuation of “their” existence. We will control our lives, make our decisions, and live by our desires, not theirs.

If our ancestors chose to have childrens with the expectations that they will follow in their footsteps and live by their standards - To become THEM - Then I’d say that is an act more greedy and selfish than any act of piracy committed by those here today.

… However I believe our ancestors would understand this once they’ve transitioned. That this notion that we have to live up to their expectations is but an idea the Caldari have shoehorned into the teaching to further control their people, by puppeting their dead ancestors into threatening shame upon their living descendants should they step out of line and fail to do what “They” approve of.

I will not fall into this same trap, and neither should any of you."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Money…

“Money, has no power here in this Shrine… I do not pass around a donation plate expecting any of you to open your wallets up in return that your generosity will purify your spirit or some nonsense along those lines… Your money is of no use to me in providing you spiritual enlightenment. Money will not buy you anything in nature, it will not buy you anything spiritually. Your money is a man-made concept, the natural order of our reality does not revolve around it. The only power money has is to obtain necessities and luxuries in a peaceful manner.

That is all what money is, nothing more - nothing less. While it’s perceived as holding limitless influence in human societies, in nature - The foundation in which all societies are built upon - your money is worthless. The idea of currency is a religion in itself, a religion where we believe these digits, or physical slips of paper and bits of metal have more value than the form in which it’s represented in.

Am I calling for everyone here to abandon their wealth? No… Keep your money. Play along with those that see these digits as something more and use it to your advantage to obtain things far more meaningful and real. If I’m calling for anything of you, it is that you leave here today wiser, that you leave here now seeing for what your currency really is. Illusions that can be traded for things of actual value.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Windchime Wayism being held back by words of the past…

"I’ve found it… unavoidable when it comes to having my words recorded and transcribed. Why I even see this as something to ‘avoid’ is simple - I don’t wish to teach a spirituality that I’d bond by words made in the past. What I mean by that is I want wayism itself to be an ever evolving spiritual understanding that doesn’t sit and rot like the Caldari’s horrifically narrow sighted and outdated interpretation.

I speak critically not only of Caldari Wayism, but any other religion or spirituality that binds itself to some… tome! Or clings to some “tradition” to justify their stagnated development. What good does some book of holy words do beyond acting as a source of rigid spiritual oppression over it’s followers? What are ‘traditions’ if not some excuse to cling onto old and archaic practices that acts as a barrier for progression.

Society evolves, technology evolves, entire ecosystems on planets evolve and humanity-it-■■■■■■■-self evolves! I see no reason why our spirituality should not also evolve with the times! To not dwell on matters millennia ago and to look at the world we have today and find new interpretations! I want to raise you all up spiritually for a world you live in today and not shackle you down to an understanding made in societies that are practically alien with how primitive they are compared to what you see now.

The future is inevitable, we must not be afraid of it. Nothing it holds will shake your spirituality because we will be ready to evolve with it… Such is, the way…

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding preaching out of a man made shrine…

“I should address the Fedo in the room… Or rather the room itself. Let it be known that the irony is not lost on me when I speak of “nature” and the winds, yet do it inside a man-mad station in space… Admittedly, I’m embarrassed at this fact as much as you may think I should be. This setup is… nice. Yet, not fitting to what I teach. This, ‘shrine’ is for sake of simplicity. So none of you are bothered to go to some planet in the asscrack of this region just to hear me speak… Ontop of that I know not a site on a planet worth erecting a shrine on yet. Yes we’re in orbit of a… Wonderful world. Yet… It is not much different than this very station we’re on now. In Time, I hope to address this and establish a more proper shrine where we can properly commune nature itself. Until then - I ask of you to pay a visit to a planet, taste air that hasn’t been recycled a hundred time. Touch grass, dirt, just… Enjoy what the Maker left for us. Don’t just come here to listen to me speak. act on it. Go out and commune with nature properly and not let just this be it.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding discipline…

"-When I speak of embracing human error, do not mistake me for making an excuse for incompetence. Discipline is a virtue, control over oneself both mentally and physically Is a trait that should be admired as much as it should be desired. Through discipline we can remain consistent, reliable and valuable. Discipline is what the Guristas are known and feared for. Without discipline, the Guristas would be no different than some petty band of scoundrels lacking both cohesion and threat…. Like the Seven or some other wretched band of louts whose name isn’t worth remembering.

As I’ve taught before, we should all strive for improvement. While our humanity makes us prone to mistakes, we are capable of willing ourselves into ensuring that the same mistake doesn’t happen again. This, is something each of you must grasp yourselves, to take action to improve and become a shining example of competence and dependability.

… So I better not ■■■■■■■ hear about any of you using my teaching of ‘Human error’ as an excuse for why you ■■■■■■ up the job you were given, got it?"

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Gender…

"Man, Woman… These words are labels, no different than those of national identities like being called Caldari… They serve a purpose in providing simplicity in one’s identity, but they are inherently limiting. Is it not a cruel thing that one’s life is planned with an expectation dependent on them being born with either a penis or a vagina? Personally I find-… I-I-Im sorry. You. Yes you, in the back that’s snickering. Do these words amuse you? Is it entertaining for you that I’m up here saying penis like it’s nothing? Or was it vagina that did it for you?

… Okay no, don’t you all start now. I bring these things up because I will not teach a spirituality that shuns these types of discussions as ‘improper’ and ‘childish’ as this subject is something essential for us to understand to discover our true identities. For far too long the so-called civilized societies of our cluster have propagated shackling mindsets in their people by giving them some set expectation for who they’re supposed to be based purely off some organ between your legs. While many will find comfort, there are just as many that become crippled by a role they never asked for. Forced to fit a mold that they themselves want to reject. Forced to meet some expectation on who they are, who they are supposed to be. Gender is not a fact, they are boxes used to sort individuals for the benefit of an authority. An authority that would do whatever it can to ensure those under it’s bootheel act and conduct themselves how they deem appropriate. No different than how Caldari are expected to be Caldari, or Amarr be Amarr. Like humans are expected to be single minded insects… We’re more complex than that.

I say, to the void with these labels of man and woman. We should not weaken ourselves with these labels and instead take control of our own identities. For they are ours after all… Not done by some wider collective, or even our parents and peers. And this is not some call that everyone here must abandon what they know themselves as currently. Simply put, do not take comfort that you are a man, or a woman. Take comfort that you are you. Whatever that may be… And if you are not comfortable? Seek it out… There is no pride to be had in linearity, no pride in some label branded to you based off some organ you carry. A penis is a penis as much as a vagina is just a vagina. They do not define who you are.

… Okay, whose snickering? Point them out."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Hydration…

"-It shouldn’t appear out of the ordinary for anyone when I use this position to provide beneficial life advice for those that come to see me!~ As such, I would like to take a moment to do just that! < clearing throat > … Drink some water… No seriously! Have a glass of water! What? Were you expecting me to mumble on some cryptic message that has more symbolism than clarity? No! It’s just that simple! Drink some ■■■■■■■ water! I’m fully aware that many of you love a good party after a mission that has all the different types of drinks mixed with various enriching ingredients that just invite you to consume more and more!-

-And I’m all for it! I want everyone here to enjoy themselves! Drink within reason maybe, but don’t feel ashamed if you don’t from time to time! All I am advising is that all of you practice discipline when it comes to keeping hydrated when engaging in the usual festivities. Alcohol is a diuretic! What’s a diuretic? A type of substance that increases your urine production! So when you have to go piss after drinking, it’s not necessarily because you drank a lot of alcohol, and more so that you consumed something that has rapidly increased the rate your body produces urine! Which! In turn - removes water from your body at a faster rate and leads to dehydration… And that? Is unacceptable! We owe it to our bodies to discipline ourselves into replenishing any lost liquids after enjoying alcoholic beverages. And before any of you shrug this off as something insignificant, allow me to just continue this tirade and further explain just why it’s issue that everyone here should take seriously. Do you know some symptoms of dehydration? Allow me to list a few!

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Muscle cramps

ALL of these things should be seen as a liability! Dehydration is an insidious enemy that must be fought against within the Guristas’ ranks! No Gurista should ever have their mission complicated with any of these factors that could hinder their performance. There should be no snipers that experience drowsiness aiming down a scope. No dropship pilot unde a state of dizziness when landing and absolutely no instance under any circumstances should the commander of a raid force be suffering from a kidney stone passing all because they failed to keep themselves hydrated! So please, the next time you’re sitting in a bar after a successful mission and you had maybe one to many tropical warpscrews, have a glass of water! Have three! And don’t just stop at alcohol consumption! Be sure to drink water periodically! Drink it in the morning! Before training! After training! Before a mission and most certainly after it! Hydration is the most important and easiest ritual you can make apart of your daily life! So please! Just drink some water! You’re doing yourself a favor!

“…W-What if i don’t like drinking water?”

“You better start liking it!”

  • Suha Raibuya