Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

Money, has no power here in this Shrine… I do not pass around a donation plate expecting any of you to open your wallets up in return that your generosity will purify your spirit or some nonsense along those lines… Your money is of no use to me in providing you spiritual enlightenment. Money will not buy you anything in nature, it will not buy you anything spiritually. Your money is a man-made concept, the natural order of our reality does not revolve around it. The only power money has is to obtain necessities and luxuries in a peaceful manner.

That is all what money is, nothing more - nothing less. While it’s perceived as holding limitless influence in human societies, in nature - The foundation in which all societies are built upon - your money is worthless. The idea of currency is a religion in itself, a religion where we believe these digits, or physical slips of paper and bits of metal have more value than the form in which it’s represented in.

Am I calling for everyone here to abandon their wealth? No… Keep your money. Play along with those that see these digits as something more and use it to your advantage to obtain things far more meaningful and real. If I’m calling for anything of you, it is that you leave here today wiser, that you leave here now seeing for what your currency really is. Illusions that can be traded for things of actual value.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V