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Military Build-Up By Khimi Harar Along Federation and Concord Space?

See and Hear, Girani-Fa , Genesis 17/7/YC124

The flight lanes of Khimi Harar’s Astrahus Novae Prismaticae have been bustling with transports in recent weeks with an apparent influx of materiel and personnel for some sort of large endeavor! Federation Border officials in the Aydoteaux system in Everyshore are said to be casting a wary eye on the build-up in light of heightening international tensions around the cluster! The proximity of Novae Prismaticae to CONCORD’s Sanctum in Yulai, only a mere two jumps away, is also turning a few heads!

(Photo: Khimi Harar Bowhead in maneuvers in the shipping lanes)

When asked about ship movements in and out of Girani-Fa, a spokesperson for Khimi Harar was tight-lipped, explaining that it was “op sec.” Reporters from “See & Hear” were unable to investigate further because, unlike many of Khimi Harar’s other facilities, Novae Prismaticae” is not a freeport, raising further questions as to their intentions.

Is there any link to the rumored sightings of Khimi Harar’s junior Diplomat at the Gabi with a wealthy scion of a bastard off-shoot branch of Garoun nobility? Is there perhaps an intent to foment royalist sedition in Caille?

(Photo: A departing Amarr Blockade runner)

Further raising questions as to Khimi Harar’s intentions, blockade runners, of the sort used to smuggle materiel - and people - have been seen departing the structure and exiting into Federation space.

See & Hear will keep its eyes on the situation and report further as the situation warrants!


“Doesn’t that Sedevacantist dude always call them liberal fornicators? They probably can’t help themselves being so close to the Fed but I welcome their ISK with open arms!” by a Strip Dancer on Aydoteaux VI.

“LUMEN’s Directrix Phonaga is rumored to be part Ni-Kunni. She’s probably just reverting back to type and border running.” by an Asteroid miner in Girani-Fa.

“We don’t welcome bigoted and biased Amarr religious fanatics”, an acolyte and fan of Midna Lyre in Caille.

“You know, I could have sworn I served that Amicia whats-her-face only a week or so ago. I thought she looked familiar. I’m sure she was talking with that Dallocort gal from Electus Matari, too. Now I’m really curious about what they’re planning!” by a server of a local cafe in Caille.

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent

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