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An audio recording has been floating around various Galnet forums in the Syndicate region. Purportedly what was left of otherwise unrecoverable data pulled from the computers of a derelict Kestrel class frigate found orbiting a moon in the Intaki system. Salvage crews who claimed the wreck reported bloodstains in the cargo hold of the ship, but the derelict was otherwise devoid of any crew and personal effects.

[Audio recording begins with a burst of static, before clearing up]

<Sound of a sliding door, and a conversation already in progress>

<Female voice 1> … the targets we were shooting for, even if it ran over the projected date. We can begin expanding operations in the area in the coming month. And I can finally get my work back on track.

<Male voice 1> Are we certain we can trust these assets? They’ve failed us before.

<Female voice 1> Their leadership failed before. Bishop Two has a much better head on her shoulders, she’ll rise to fill the King’s boots. Knight Four can take her… <-corrupted-> … promote, if any.

<Female voice 2> Why do we even use these dumb names. Who plays chess anymore? Can’t we just call them something easier?

<Female voice 1> Like what, their names? I know you’re smarter than that, babe. Lots of people play chess. You should play chess. Might teach you to anticipate things like swindles and pitfalls. Hey, you get that thing I wanted?

<Female voice 2> I did. Your contact came through.

<Female voice 1> And you verified it’s the right program, right? It’ll work? You know we can’t move forward with the deal unless it’s good. We’re already on a tight timescale here.

<Female voice 2> I looked at it myself, everything you said was there.

<Female voice 1> Hmmm. Good. Now we just need someone to get it into the place, since our faithful friends are having issues.

<Female voice 2> You mean that Aenebra cell? I heard about that. Who’s your backup?

<Female voice 1, chuckling> Heh, yeah, the Aenebra cell. You really don’t like opsec, do ya? Anyways, I’ve got a plan. I need you to play delivery girl, just take your ship to these coordinates. There’ll be some… <-corrupted-> …see them, and we’ll wrap it up. I’m trusting you not to screw this sideways.

<Female voice 2> Why do I have to be the one? Can’t Riven <-sound of moving fabric muffles audio->

<Female voice 1> Girl, I’m giving you a chance here. See this through, and you might like what you’re gonna get for it. I’m sure you’ve noticed you-know-who hasn’t been pulling his weight. Maybe there’ll be a job opening in the future?

<Male voice 1> You’re being offered an opportunity. One more hoop, that’s all there is. If you don’t think you can handle yourself, then bow out. I sure as sin wouldn’t be giving you this chance.

<Female voice 2> That’s a pretty remote place, but okay. I’ll take it.

<Female voice 1> That’s what I like to hear. You’re scheduled to leave in three hours.

<Female voice 2> Alright. So, what about the team we ha…<-corrupted-> …Ath…<-corrupted->

<-End audio file->


Another round of propaganda posters has been broadcasted across the Athounon system. The attached text claims that ASMR is a biased State funded group, who’s “News” paints a very different story than the “Truth” happening in the system.


During the recent YC 124 Gallente Day Celebrations, a conversation was overheard occurring in a shadowy corner of the Gallente Lounge between a blonde female Amarr in a green dress and a humble Federation trader seated in his comfortable rocking chair.

[man] “… should I be worried?”

[woman] “No you shouldn’t be. I just think the Society - and I - have been remiss in spreading the Good Word lately between this war and this crisis and that.”

[man] “Well I can’t imagine you or yours being remiss at anything. What word are we talking about precisely?”

[woman] “God’s.”

[woman] “And since the Federation allows freedom of religion, why not make sure the best gets to be heard? We will be setting up chapels and social service centers in placed in the Federation where God’s Holy Word may shine the brightest, the Omega, Gamma and Delta cities, towns, outposts and worlds."

[man] “Well, that is an interesting prospect. There are quite a few Amarrian sects active within the Federation. It will be interesting to see how a more organized approach will be received…

The rest of the conversation was drowned out by the noise of fireworks.


In a statement made public, @Naomi_Hakashi, the acting producer and manager of the Achur-State-Mountain-Report was dismissive of the recent propagandistic flyers slandering the news organization in the Caldari occupied system of Athounon in Placid.

“The flyers and posters dispersed across the Athounon system’s planetary populations are amusingly crude and generic in their design. More than likely the work of bitter and abandoned Federal Defense Union ship crews not recovered by Gallente forces or a radical Federalist organization, were it the work of a Gallente or Caldari competitor news group or the FIO I would have expected something more substantive in design.”

Naomi continued.

“The Achur-State-Mountain-Report has and always will break truthful and substantive news, many if not all of our articles and posts include battle reports from trusted and verifiable sources, despite the grievances of the Federal forces consistently on the losing side of those reports, their bitterness does not undo ship or system control losses. Our work speaks for itself. We go the extra kilometer to ensure our information is accurate and up to date.”


Stardom Magazine, 13.07.124

Tensions across the cluster are escalating and The Ascent continues to divide critics and drive fans of Eric Sault mad. Meanwhile, the credits song – a voiced version of “Rewriting tomorrow” sang by Vika Bianchi tops the charts. While it may be derivative in every way, Vika’s style lends itself well to the tension-laden, echoing synthetic tone of SIGMUND’s track and make for an absolute banger.

For this week’s choice of words, here’s our very own Eike’s take on the movie -


Placid Tribune

BREAKING: Assault on Osmeden VII Federal Navy Assembly Plant

Osmeden VII - Moon 18 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant

The Federation Marines have placed a full lock-down on the Osmeden VII station’s administrative ward following an assault on a Federal Intelligence Office complex this evening. The attack seems to follow the pattern of similar terror bombings conducted at the Federal Administration Information Center several weeks ago, with an initial act of industrial sabotage, exposure to an unknown pathogen, and subsequent attack in the wake of exposure. In the lead up to the assault an aerosol canister detonated in the lower levels of the station warrens, driving response teams to the lower decks. Within minutes unmarked troops wearing civilian maintenance attire breached the Federal Intelligence Office command center, using what reports describe as a “crude man-portable entropic device” to breach the wall from an adjoining maintenance facility.

The assailants were quickly identified by security footage facial recognition, only for cross referencing to verify that each “maintenance worker” was in medical recovery and quarantine following exposure to previous bombings of Osmeden III during the attack on the Navy Assembly Plant. Further investigation revealed that each worker’s personal file had been compromised previously during the assault on the administrative station, a fact that evaded station security until now. With each combatant felled or self-terminated following a brief gunfight, their true identity could not be identified.

The attack coincided with a meeting among FIO, SDII, and Federal Defense Union command staff in response to disturbing reports of Triglavian and Caldari militia activity in North Placid as reported by Achur-State-Mountain-Report press. A current tally of casualties has yet to be reported to the public at this time. As the meeting was not publicly available information, it is unknown how the assailants knew of its time and location.



There’s a new kid in town:

Reports are coming in from all over Mehatoor about an interesting new arrival to the Amarr political scene. A capsuleer from SFRIM that was formerly known as Jason Statesman has been revealed as the long-lost missing son of the late Lord Hadish Moradian who died under questionable circumstances some 22 years ago.

Though there are reports that say his legitimacy is being questioned by some within the Ardishapur family, the MIO has confirmed through multiple means that he is indeed the son of the late Lord Moradian. Thus he is Heir-Lord of a sizable holding currently being managed by a Regent in the Devoid region.

Additionally, I’ve obtained further news that the MIO has absolved this man of any involvement in his father’s death. Though it is reported he was the only person present at the time of his father’s “alleged” drowning, it has been determined that at the age of four he probably was not responsible for the unfortunate incident.

I have been unable to contact the Heir-Lord for an interview, but surely there will be more details to come.



A shocking heist has claimed the remains of capsuleer and Baroness Faith Griffiths of the remote ocean world of Naga V. According to witnesses interviewed for this story, a Khanid male, piloting his own ship, followed a scheduled transport down to the spaceport serving the Naga V city of Khito. Negotiating customs by producing a (probably forged) import document for a supply of yaks, the suspect unloaded a herd of the animals and drove them though the city’s tram network to the “Halls of Duat” crypts housing the city’s dead, including the remains of Baroness Griffiths, who succumbed to radiation poisoning incurred while the future Baroness was in the service of famous capsuleer Lunarisse Aspenstar (Ms. Aspenstar rushed Baroness Griffiths though capsuleer training in order to save her mind if not her original body).

Pretending his yaks were a traditional Khanid burial offering, the suspect gained access to the crypt containing Baroness Griffiths for himself and one yak, saddled and carrying large bags, and with a blow of a whistle incited a stampede from animals left behind, momentarily stunning the guards and allowing the suspect to stuff the Baroness’s remains into one of his yak’s bags. The suspect then mounted his saddled yak and rode off, the remainder of his yaks in tow, the thick hide and long hair of the beasts rendering ineffective the shots of non-lethal weaponry the recovering guards fired at the fleeing herd. Navigating the Khito tram system and losing a yak to the laser fire of automated security systems, the suspect made his way to the city’s agricultural dome. Having disabled a guard with a shot to the hand from an ancient Khanid weapon called a “bow and arrow”, the suspect drove his herd into Khito’s own large yak herd and vanished in the mass of animals. Although Khito security reinforced the hanger containing the suspect’s ship, the suspect instead managed to stow away aboard a Kor-Azor diplomatic shuttle with the Baroness’s body, shooting one of his “arrows” into the knee of a guard who recognized him at the last minute. Rising waves threatening to sweep over the spaceport — a regular occurrence on Naga V — prevented pursuit.

Suspicion for the crime immediately fell upon the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, whose members regard Baroness Griffiths as a future saint and her body as a holy relic due to what they consider her supernaturally exceptional waist to hip ratio. The Church’s founder, the notorious capsuleer Nauplius, has repeatedly sought to obtain Baroness Griffith’s corpse as a holy relic that might attract Jin-Mei pilgrims to his sedevacantist sect. The Sedevacantist Church itself declined comment for this story.




To Whom It May Concern,

Previously on the 6th, the Round Table Assembly and the Bosena Accords intelligence network early warning monitoring system flagged conflict in Skarkon amounting to losses of 150 billion ISK. According to existing protocols for the defense of Skarkon, the Avalon defense network was activated to combat readiness. Meanwhile, planetary assault dreadnought Galahad was placed on nuclear alert while escort carrier Glatisant prepared for sortie.

As the alert could not be traced to the loss of any structure or capital, Galahad was ordered to stand-down position while Glatisant remained on standby. Further investigation revealed that all losses could be tracked to the loss of one (1) experimental electronic warfare vessel, originally misidentified as a Porpoise in our integrated early warning system.

Over the last week, we have reevaluated our algorithm for our early-warning system to avoid future confusion and reduce the risk of “broken arrow” nuclear misfire incidents due to false-positive alarms.


Luminaire orbit - Grand Stands Resort

Madame? Do you have a moment?

Sure, Curiseau. What is it?

Well… Suite 16… are you sure that someone is still using it?

…Yes. Why?

Well… It does not look that way. The bed never looks like it has been slept in. There’s never any trash, or any luggage or clothing for that matter. It’s really as if the room is vacant.

I see. Well, you need not worry. The one who rented it mentioned he may not be occupying it a lot.

…Let me guess, it’s a capsuleer.

Good guess, Curiseau. What gave it away?

Well, only someone very wealthy would rent such an expensive suite without using it.

Yes, hm, well, I think he may be using it without being here.


Well, you see… sometimes a person may want to obfuscate their true whereabouts. It’s not something you will encounter a lot at this resort, because… well, usually people will rent rooms at other hotels to hide that they are staying here, usually from their spouse.

…I see. So…why is this man-

Curiseau! First of all, it was just a hypothesis. Secondly, you know better than to make such inquiries. And thirdly… if a capsuleer uses this resort to obfuscate where he actually is, I sure as ■■■■ do not want to find out why. I just take the easy money, and keep my eyes, ears and mouth shut. And so should you. I have a feeling he will tip generously if you do.

Yes, madame.


Watch! Magazine, 15.07.124

Without a change in rating, Ascent finally secured a release in Republic theaters and the mixed reviews continue.

Noted Matari on-line critic “Hologhast” called the movie “slash flick that thinks it’s more than it is” in his most recent take -


Military Build-Up By Khimi Harar Along Federation and Concord Space?

See and Hear, Girani-Fa , Genesis 17/7/YC124

The flight lanes of Khimi Harar’s Astrahus Novae Prismaticae have been bustling with transports in recent weeks with an apparent influx of materiel and personnel for some sort of large endeavor! Federation Border officials in the Aydoteaux system in Everyshore are said to be casting a wary eye on the build-up in light of heightening international tensions around the cluster! The proximity of Novae Prismaticae to CONCORD’s Sanctum in Yulai, only a mere two jumps away, is also turning a few heads!

(Photo: Khimi Harar Bowhead in maneuvers in the shipping lanes)

When asked about ship movements in and out of Girani-Fa, a spokesperson for Khimi Harar was tight-lipped, explaining that it was “op sec.” Reporters from “See & Hear” were unable to investigate further because, unlike many of Khimi Harar’s other facilities, Novae Prismaticae” is not a freeport, raising further questions as to their intentions.

Is there any link to the rumored sightings of Khimi Harar’s junior Diplomat at the Gabi with a wealthy scion of a bastard off-shoot branch of Garoun nobility? Is there perhaps an intent to foment royalist sedition in Caille?

(Photo: A departing Amarr Blockade runner)

Further raising questions as to Khimi Harar’s intentions, blockade runners, of the sort used to smuggle materiel - and people - have been seen departing the structure and exiting into Federation space.

See & Hear will keep its eyes on the situation and report further as the situation warrants!


“Doesn’t that Sedevacantist dude always call them liberal fornicators? They probably can’t help themselves being so close to the Fed but I welcome their ISK with open arms!” by a Strip Dancer on Aydoteaux VI.

“LUMEN’s Directrix Phonaga is rumored to be part Ni-Kunni. She’s probably just reverting back to type and border running.” by an Asteroid miner in Girani-Fa.

“We don’t welcome bigoted and biased Amarr religious fanatics”, an acolyte and fan of Midna Lyre in Caille.

“You know, I could have sworn I served that Amicia whats-her-face only a week or so ago. I thought she looked familiar. I’m sure she was talking with that Dallocort gal from Electus Matari, too. Now I’m really curious about what they’re planning!” by a server of a local cafe in Caille.

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent

How to seduce an Amarrian, 10 steps


Partially Intercepted Communique from Athounon V to Athounon IV

“This transmission’s probably gonna get picked up, but it’s too important. Listen, Kagasaki, it seems like things might heat up soon, the Frogs are getting antsy. We’ve avoided losses so far but” [Interrupted…Reconnecting…] “we’re getting the kids out. They’ve done well but they’ll be liabilities if things get more intense. We’re staying, but our mission” [Interrupted…Reconnecting…] “Director’s gonna want any intel we can gather if” [Signal Lost]



Piety and bewilderment have greeted the opening of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist’s first shrine on the Jin-Mei homeworld of Lirsautton V. The “Shrine of Our Lady of the Blessed Hips” features the remains of capsuleer Faith Griffiths, revered among the sedevacantists for a waist-to-hip ratio that they believe could only be the result of divine intervention. Prefabricated off-site in anticipation of the day when the church would obtain Ms. Griffiths’ remains, the final assembly of the shrine began immediately after the daring theft of Ms. Griffiths’ entombed body from its resting place in a Naga V crypt, a heist for which the Church has yet to claim responsibility.

A golden, towering construction with a square floor plan, the shrine features four entrances, one each for the three Jin-Mei castes plus a fourth for foreigners. After entering, pilgrims proceed to the center of the shrine, where Ms. Griffiths’ vertically oriented, unclothed remains slowly rotate, encased in three layers of security glass and inert gas. When the shrine is closed, the entire housing descends below ground. According to Church officials, no one on site has keys to access the Griffiths enclosure. On the walls of the shrine, stained glass windows attest to miracles performed by Ms. Griffiths, depicting the curing of illnesses by her bumping the sick with her hips.

The opening of the shrine was modestly attended by the sedevacantist faithful and other curious visitors. Some women prayed at the base of the relics for a healthy pregnancy. But one Amarrian tourist was unimpressed. “There’s no such thing as a ‘future saint’”, he said. “This lady is still alive. And doesn’t she have a Minmatar boyfriend?” Reached for comment, spokesperson Calyce Io for the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist replied that the story of Ms. Griffiths’ life is not yet complete and her conversion to sedevacantism and future miracles remain ahead of her. Ms. Io pointed to the sedevacantist film The Scent of Faith as a possible future for Ms. Griffiths. The spokesperson evaded responsibility for the removal of Ms. Griffiths’ remains from Naga, saying that capsuleers leave corpses of themselves all over the place and an active market exists for their acquisition.


The Snoop!, 01.08.124

Roy goes full Zero!

Sparks from a movie set have turned into a fire, as revealed by scandalous photo-evidence of action star Peter Roy and zero-zero privateer Paige or “Trii Seo”, enjoying their time together at the coasts of one of Matigu’s jade oceans. Matching the security of the outer regions, zero clothing was involved.

Roy and Paige were both involved in an action holo “Ascent” that had a mediocre opening weekend at the theaters but has since gained in popularity. After the initial wave of mostly negative reviews, some positive comments have surfaced – like this one from a renowned Amarrian movie critic, Parisa Attar.


[21:12:47] EVE System > Channel Local : Nasreri
[21:22:11] Yun-Hee ‘Tight-lips’ Yubari > Hello, Polevhia.
[21:42:29] Yun-Hee ‘Tight-lips’ Yubari > If you are hungry after, you are welcome to have dinner at The Nocturne.

EVE System > Channel The Summit
[ 124.08.01 21:30:29 ] Evi Polevhia > You can use this instead of the local router, Yubari.
[ 124.08.01 21:31:02 ] Mikozaki Raikuuken > How’s it going?
[ 124.08.01 21:31:12 ] Alicia Claus > “It’s going, you?”
[ 124.08.01 21:31:16 ] Yun-Hee ‘Tight-lips’ Yubari > Yes, but then the question “What brings your here?” might not yield the answer I am interested in.
[ 124.08.01 21:31:48 ] Evi Polevhia > Nothing I can speak about in either channel or to anyone present.
[ 124.08.01 21:33:12 ] Mikozaki Raikuuken > That’s quite mysterious, but I won’t pry.
[ 124.08.01 21:33:54 ] Evi Polevhia > Rather standard I would assume.
[ 124.08.01 21:35:15 ] Mikozaki Raikuuken > Huh. I can’t say I’m involved in anything that would require opsec.
[ 124.08.01 21:36:51 ] Mikozaki Raikuuken > As for what brings me here, Ms. Yubari, nothing more than the opportunity of conversation and meeting new and interesting people!
[ 124.08.01 21:37:12 ] Yun-Hee ‘Tight-lips’ Yubari > I see you have not been around capsuleers for a long time. It is quite common for us not to discuss certain subjects, even among friends.

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A conversation overheard on a com panel in a spaceport at Heurette, Bayeux (Aubenall IV), taken place on YC 124.07.30.

“So, after all the years of us being here, it ain’t worth it no more, is it? You think it’s gettin’ too hot out there?”

“Yeah, I do. I don’t think it’s safe for y’all here no more. I know y’all wanted to stay through the occupations, but I don’t know how peaceful the State will end up bein’. I know there’s plenty on the planet that would try and start somethin’, and I don’t want y’all gettin’ caught up in it.”

“I see. I assume you made plans then? Somethin’ that we could work with?”

“I do, yeah. Workin’ in Solitude as long as I have has had its benefits. Y’all know where Ogaria is?”


“Naw, Ogaria. Out in Solitude. None of this crap will affect ya’ out there. Seems to me like the State don’t care much ‘bout making inroads over there. Ya’ can keep the business up, and the colony itself ain’t too dissimilar to what y’all are used to.”

“Is it high-security?”

"Well… no. Most’a my favor has been curried in the Elerelle district, and ain’t a single highsec system there. But I operate near there, from time to time.

“Hmm… I guess it’s all right then. I trust your judgment, boy. They ain’t selected ya’ to be an egger for nothin’, after all. I’ll get everyone ready and get everything placed in that big ol’ secure container ya done sent us earlier. Nice talkin’ to you again.”


“Bulwark of Solitude” Sterier To Hold Convention in Agaullores
The Solitude Sentinel, YC 124.08.02

Vrynck Sterier, a self-styled poet, native of Elose and firebrand whose words have often captivated the more conservative elements of the Solitude region, has what he described as a “very pro-Federation rally” occuring soon in Agaullores. Reception towards the event has been met with mixed reception, being met with praise from the aformentioned conservatives of Solitude. The more liberal elements of the region, however, have expressed concern towards some of the rhetoric espoused from Sterier.

“He’s said it himself on GalNet,” an Intaki trader mentioned to the Sentinel in response to earlier reports on the rally, “that it’s not really pro-Federation. It’s all a front. It’s anti-Intaki. It’s anti-Amarr. Not anti-Syndicate or Empire. It’s worrying how emboldened people like him have become.”

Elerelle, the district Sterier is planning to hold the rally in, has been long beset by troubles caused by the regions it borders. The Serpentis, who operate many establishments in the relatively lawless Syndicate, have often spilled their operations over to the border district. In addition, members of the Blood Raider cult have also appeared in Elerelle, which has resulted in alleged clashes between the two groups, often involving the native Federal populace. While efforts were made, most notably in YC 122, to combat the surge in piracy occuring in the district, residents say that since then, the activities of the Serpentis in particular have ballooned to out of control levels.

“It’s all a load of crap,” said a miner that operates out of Babirmoult. “The Fed doesn’t do anything for us. We have to fend for ourselves out here. I have no idea how that idiot [Sterier] has any fans out here, but he does. Anyone that’s really from here will tell you that the Fed does nothing for these low-security places. I couldn’t give less of a damn about what he thinks about the Intaki. Fact of the matter is, it’s insulting that he’s so pro-Fed Navy and coming out here, acting like he’s one of us, when they don’t do a damn thing for us.”

The event, set to be held on the Astral Mining station in Agaullores, is expected to draw a moderately sized crowd. Protests have also been planned, namely in the forms of pro-Intaki and pro-Ni-Kunni advocates, who have voiced their anger about Sterier’s comments liking the Intaki populace of Solitude as nothing more than criminals, welcoming the Serpentis in to the region, and the Ni-Kunni as nothing more than a trojan horse for the Empire to assert its influence in the region.

Astral Mining, when questioned about the rally, affirmed their dedication towards the free expression of those in the Federation on GalNet, also mentioning that protesting against his message will also be permitted, provided that it is done in a peaceful manner.



Kirjuun! is a independent publication supported by Home Guard veterans and by readers like you.

Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa Publishes Survey on Labor Radicalism


Following several months of reorganization and internal investigation, workers of the Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa labor organization have released a report to Kirjuun! detailing the results of opinion polls conducted among its members in Kaalakiota and its joint subsidiaries-- including Echelon Entertainment and Caldari Steel.

Seeking to rebrand themselves and course correct away from the legacy of its corrupt predecessor, Kitagawan Ketsonet Nuijaa, KIKEN has worked to establish new methods of worker self-organization under a trained ideologically resilient vanguard rather than the previous strategy of disorganized, sporadic mass action. According to the organization’s new General Secretary, Niina Eskola, the previous anachronistic network of autonomous cells was inadequate at defending against internal subversion resulting in flashpoints of extreme violence that ultimately betrayed the organization’s commitment to protect the interests and wellbeing of the Caldari worker.

The transition to leadership under a vanguard of veterans and political commissars has not been without its challenges however, with many workers marked by the organization as potential fifth-columnists either purged from the ranks of the union and reported to Home Guard authorities or given the option to volunteer as a part of the paramilitary arm of Ketsonet Nuijaa fighting among workers militias in the North Placid conflict.

Hoping to place a finger on the pulse of the organization, KIKEN established a recent survey to better judge the ongoing transition and its success in reestablishing a strong union as a component of the greater Caldari national project.

When presented the statement “I am, first and foremost, a Statesman” roughly 88% percent of all workers polled agreed; coinciding more or less proportionately with the overall demographics of State citizens. In other words, nearly all members polled who were of Caldari ancestry reaffirmed themselves as principally Caldari-- While only a small fraction of the estimated 25% of Achura Caldari union hardliners identifying as Achura before Caldari.

The next question that followed read “Beyond my ancestry and citizenship, I MOST consider myself a-- Corporate collaborationist, radical unionist, labor nationalist, or other.” Despite claims of Ketsonet Nuijaa being a “radical workers union” only 26.4% of workers chose to identify as a radical unionist. The vast majority, at 54.8%, preferred to identify as labor nationalists. The next question aimed to zero in on the implications of such a response. “I believe that a strong, self-managed workers union should be a part of the wider Caldari project.” The question met near universal approval, with an overwhelming majority of 93.2%.

More interestingly, the next question asked to judge whether or not those polled agreed with the statement “I believe some concessions may be necessary with the executive class to further workers interests.” The answer was decidedly yes, with 88.2%.

Next, workers were presented the following; “I believe we should attempt to further our goals by seeking stronger bonds-- With Jastokuaskaanonen Saikkan Luovhaikya, with progressive liberals outside of the Mountain Faction, or by focusing on reinforcing our position within Kaalakiota.” This question appeared to be the most derisive, with 45.1% favoring further ties with the Mountain Faction, 15.4% favoring tactical alliances with progressive liberal workers organizations, and 39.5% wishing to narrow the scope of organizating within Kaalakiota specifically.

Lastly workers were asked to judge the statement “I believe Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa and the vanguard is moving the union in a better direction.” Results, perhaps unsurprisingly, reflected the overall enthusiasm with Eskola-haani’s organizational pivot as 74.3% report perceived organizational improvement since the Kitagawa administration. It seems that with the vanguard established and guiding union action, Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa has proven itself successful in deradicalizing its base by removing its extremist elements and folding it into a wider, ambitious vision of the future for the Caldari working class. One which remains staunchly committed to a vision of the self-managed worker and resists subjecting itself fully to corporatism, while still presenting a rational organized front to negotiate with mother megacorp to seek peaceful symbiosis.