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In a small remote temple on Achura:

What is this, Riko?
My cousin send this to me, master. I though you might find it … entertaining.
Are those slaves?
I believe so, master.
Slaves serving tea? Ridiculous. Who would dare insult their guests in such a way? And that set is far to heavy to adequately perform all the movements. … What is this, Riko? I can not read it.
… The Throne is Vacant, master.
… Interesting. I suppose that might explain why the slaves are serving the tea, although if that is true then one has to wonder why the tea is served at all.
… Master?
Leave me now, Riko, I must contemplate this some more. Thank you for bringing this to me.




Several propaganda pieces have been seen in the Placid region, concentrating in the system of Athounon.

Description of both explain exploitation of State resources and citizens by EDENCOM. Of leadership from the CEP being misguided in continuing to trust CONCORD and EDENCOM. And implores citizens to strike and protest.


Excerpt: Gallente language short band communication broadcast, Placid. “Talk Show”, Morning Pierre.

Pierre: And I have news for all those idiots out there saying 'Ooooh, provocation, provocation! Guess what, you bastards? Leopold did nothing wrong, he’s not a criminal until we have some damn evidence and if you believe these charges are legitimate, you’re a sucker. An absolute fool. Get to the airlock, you Mega shill.

‘Oooh but we have to prevent war!’ **** you, you coreward son of a *****, you don’t live in Placid. There’s been war. They’re looting our homes, our businesses. They have stations and patrol craft in orbit.

Jean: Oh boy, here he goes!

Pierre: …And these corporate goons, they have troop ships in orbit. Did you hear about that?

Jean: No way.

Pierre: Yeah. It was on dirtside news this morning in Intaki.

Jean: Who, Ishuk?

Pierre: No, those other bastards. What’s it, Setzu Security under that Henrik egger.

Jean: Saitsuo?

Pierre: Yeah, them.

Jean: Weren’t those troop transports outbound from the system?

Pierre: No one knows where the hell they’re headed. Mum’s the word from Hyasyoda of course. Good luck getting answers from those guys.


Material from an unknown propagandist that has been recently circulating among the workers of resource harvesting colonies on Alamel VIII in the Serthoulde district:

Citizens of Alamel!

Does AEGIS really have your best interests in mind? Placid is beset with even more unrest than usual. Intaki. Renarelle. Archavoinet. All systems garrisoned by AEGIS. All beset with violence that they refuse to address.

AEGIS roams this very system, but to what end? For your protection? Think on that when they refuse to help you the next time roaming pirates make you their next target. They will not aid you. They do not receive payment to aid you, unless they are firing on the Triglavian Collective.

Athounon, in this very district, is a system on the cusp of peace. AEGIS will not allow that peace to flourish wherever they are present. Change is coming. Ensure that you are on the correct side when it comes.



The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist is continuing to target the Achuran people with propaganda posters and holoreel shorts. The latest campaign depicts the Achuran Elder Visionaries proclaiming, “Obey the Caldari” while at the same times reaching their palms behind them to accept stacks of cash from grotesque Civire with huge chins wearing Sukuuvestaa uniforms. As with previous campaigns, the sedevacantist empty chair logo and slogan “The Throne is Vacant” appear subtly in messaging. Caldari authorities are expected to suppress any suggestion that the Achuran Elder Visionaries are being bribed by any megacorporation.

Relatedly, the Sedevacantist Church has announced the production of a new animated series that takes place during the times of the Achuran Empire. Intended to make Achurans proud of their heritage, the series according to sedevacantist press releases will feature the Achuran Empire’s wars against a so-called “Bandit Kingdom of Pator”. Teaser images provided by the Church appear to show members of the “Bandit Kingdom” in traditional Minmatar dress with stereotypical Minmatar features. One scene may depict a traditional Achuran surrender ceremony, the generals of the victorious Achuran Empire plucking the eyelashes from the defeated “Bandits” in order to make brushes with which to write and sign the surrender documents.

Historians reached for comment said that a “Bandit Kingdom of Pator” is not present in genuine Achuran history.


EDA Survey Report Release

Preliminary Mass Archaeological Survey Report
*Preliminary Survey Data Has Returned An Initial Total Of One Thousand Three Hundred And Twenty-Seven Potential Archaeological Signatures Across The Eugales System, Spread Across Multiple Stellar Bodies As Well As Deadspace Zones.
At This Time, It Is Noted That Some Thirty-Eight Such Signatures Currently Are Occupied By Lai Dai Protection Services Units, Forty-One Are Occupied By Assort Independent Survey Claimants, Twelve Currently Occupied by Federal Intelligence Office Monitor Teams, and Sixty-Eight Occupied By Mixed Units Of CONCORD DERAIL and SARO Red Troop.
All Currently Held Claims Are Granted Full Recognition By The Eugales Development Authority, House Brezia, Wolf Brothers INC, And The United Neopian Federation, And Exclusion Zones Surrounding Existing Claims Will Be Honored.
All Remaining Signatures Are Earmarked For Extended Close Survey, Excavation, and Cataloguing. Claims Are Not Set Until Teams Land At Given Sites, And Other Claimants To Archaeological Sites Will Be Honored Should Claim Be Established.
Preliminary Resource Survey Release Will Be Available In The Coming Days.


Amarr Junior Diplomat Meets Gallente Lawyer In Night Of Intrigue!

See and Hear, Caille, Luminaire 20-6-YC124


One of our intrepid freelancers noticed an unusual movement of Khimi Harar’s Junior Diplomat, Amicia Cora. Following her from Khimi Harar’s outpost in Girana-Fa near Yulai and the borders of Federation space to the dazzling city of Caille on Gallente Prime, it was revealed that she was meeting with the dark and handsome Gallente lawyer, Johanesse d’Montbelliard, a wealthy scion of a bastard off-shoot branch of the Garoun nobility.


Cutting an unusually feminine figure in a form-fitting maxi dress of black lace, the youthful and lithe Amicia Cora made a striking contrast to the svelte and bearded Gallente lawyer. Tended to with personal attention by Guetier Gormond, the famed proprietor of The Gabi, one of Caille’s finest establishments, they were seated at an intimate table for two near the orchestra!


While our reporter was unable to make out what was said over the serenading tunes of the orchestra, the banter flew fast and furious as the wine flowed at the candle-lit table! At the conclusion of what seemed to be intense talks, Johanesse d’Montbelliard sealed whatever transaction had transpired with a kiss on Amicia Cora’s proffered hand!

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent



Placid Tribune

Gas Storage Mishap Spurs Confusion, Chaos is Osmeden

Osmeden III - Federal Administration Information Center // June 22, 124

Response teams struggled this evening in Osmeden to contain exposure and tend to those injured by a pressured fuel depot in transit through Osmeden. While there were no fatalities, multiple teamsters and security staff were injured by shrapnel and debris as several compressed gas fuel cannisters detonated while being moved from an industrial hauler into a secured storage facility.


Multiple individuals exposed in the gaseous storage incident have reported unusual, flu like symptoms in the wake of the explosion. The specific cause of the illness is unknown at this time. Initial investigation from station medical staff into identified symptoms occurring from exposure to a condense aerosol seem consistent with symptoms identified in a previous improper handling incident documented by the Caldari Navy in Torrinos V the previous year.


Station security has linked the above incident to the arrival of a single Drekavac class vessel. According to initial reports, still particularly incomplete as Federal Police struggle to pool staff not displaying symptoms following the explosion, the vessel docked shortly after the pressurized container detonated and left 40 seconds after after delivering a small, unknown payload. Any manifest was quickly lost as dockyard staff worked to respond to the accident and tend to injured.

Despite being initially designed by the Triglavian Collective, reverse engineered Drekavac battlecruisers are not uncommon among independent capsuleers. The timing and sudden disappearance of the ship, however, remains highly suspect.

UPDATE 2000:

Gunfire reported in proximity of previous explosion. All residents and civilian contractors are asked to remain indoors in their homes at this time.


Independent conflict monitors of the Athounon Campaign report a large number of additional equipment and personnel flowing into the system. Among the most prominent reinforcements seems to be an extensive defense system meant to further fortify the Kigurosaka Complex on Athounon VI, composed of a number of 150mm railgun emplacements, and one massive dual 1000mm emplacement loaded with devastating “Javelin” charges. Additional troops and combat vehicles have also been deployed en masse, bringing the estimated troop count stationed between Kigurosaka and Port Mondturm to just under a million soldiers.


Garrison Commander Yasosakki Tanizuki was reached out to for comment, but has unfortunately refused.


Sporadic reports have begun filtering in from Federal Marines fighting in the Athounon system of hostile combatants who seem to be working in concert with Triglavian forces on the storm planets Athounon IV and V. None of the accounts paint a clear picture of the new hostile force, but some details have been pieced together. Their garb is similar to but noticeably different from the previously encountered Triglavian forces, and they are using heavily modified weaponry based on Caldari designs. The presence of multiple combatants who cannot be older than 15 years old has also been noted in most engagements. This hostile force has been encountered coming to the aid of Triglavian forces engaged with Federal Marines, or attacking relatively isolated units, inflicting varying amounts of damage, and disappearing before meaningful retaliation can be mounted. Federal Intelligence is working to identify these attackers as well as the nature of their connection to the Triglavian Collective.




YUMI: It’s not a “SuVee Style”. If you knew anything about the medium –

JON: What medium? Maker’s sake, comrade, it’s entertainment–

SELAAN: You know the story behind those guys, right? We found them in the wreck of an Atlantis evac transport. Trapped for over a year by some Malro egger and didn’t break. That’s why the Commander trusts them.

YUMI: Then you’d know such depictions, in fact, originate from Raata art. SuVee is merely reconstructing the ancient tradition of–

MARKON: So he sneaks out on his own, looking to ‘see the sights’ by the waterfront, if you know what I mean, heh, heh!

HOLLAND: The faceplates creep me out. I’ve never seen them without one.

SELAAN: I think it’s intentional. Can’t compromise their loyalty if you don’t know who they are.

MARKON: And then they found him in a waste crate in the Arcology docking bay!

EIRU: Are you two arguing about that SuVee cartoon again?

MARKON: How’d Riaan get away with it, nevermind make Chief?

JON: Sejikiin on the deck! [Shuffling and creaking of chairs, then silence.]

KAIVA: At ease. Commander Suzaku is occupied with pre-flight checks and so will not be joining us. Be advised he’ll be checking the recording.

We’ve all had a long day, so I’ll be brief. I know some of you out there think you’re taking the dropship to Caldari Prime and not Athounon VI. Particularly you fighter jockies. You marines are a little more grounded.

[Faint laughter]

KAIVA: Take it from me - you’re not worthy to lick mud from the boots of the men and women who stepped off that ramp. Nor would you want to be. You sucklings are on a milk run. You want glory? Follow your orders to the letter.

I’m also here to reinforce the spirit of your directive. This is a reconnaissance mission first and a sortie second. Remember your EAR - Evade, Assess, Report. Now, if during that loop you happen to see Fio or Veles–

[Aggressive hooting noise]

KAIVA: Silence! Vonsaikka, arrest that employee at once and bring him to the brig. Two lashes. Shameful. Does any other baka want a fast shuttle back to access control at an SNC cryo plant? If you think you’re real soldiers, act like it.

Yes? A question?

YUMI: Sir, what about the renegade warclones?

KAIVA: They’re trigs. So, same as Veles and any other kyber unit. Preferential engagement. Attempt to secure prisoners for interrogation. Anyone else fail to read their briefing slate?

No? Good. Briefing concluded. Action stations; hivaa saitsuo.

[Together] Glory to the State!


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Hevrice-V Federal Fright Storage

-Hevrice Gazette-

Federation day festivities touched all systems in the Federation, and Hevrice was no exception.
One Ax’l Thorne, Caldari Nationalist, had been witnessed throwing a Federation Day BBQ at his small local gym after the parade in Luminarie had concluded. A fair number of Federation Citizens were seen participating in the festivities, including one Azazel Drakonis, 4th place winner of the YC 124 Mr. Federation competition.


A wave of attacks on lower priority Federal Marine supply convoys on Athounon IV and V has come and gone in the last 48 hours, delaying the delivery of material to the edges of the Gallente front on both planets. The culprits have been identified as the newly arrived Triglavian affiliated organization. Reports detailing these incidents lack observations of minors, but confirms the presence of traditional Caldari iconography in the dress of the assailants. The coordination of these attacks and expertise in their execution has confirmed to analysts that this group not only possesses experienced commanders but is well organized.


Holofreak, the live broadcast

Zero-zero hits the Boulevard and Eric Sault takes a swing at tribesploitation!

A surprise awaited the guests of Crystal Cineplex when beyond the cast of Ascent, the real Paige – Trii Seo – arrived to attend the premiere. Known usually for combat fatigues, she was a surprise to see in a clingy halter dress that mixed sheer fabric and opaqueness that is best described as “left for tactical decency”.

Just last week, Outcast premiered to lukewarm reviews – presenting us with an action-packed, sexy and gritty world of Starkman Prime and its people. The film launched to the tune of criticism from many ethnic groups that lambasted its lack of cultural sensitivitiy and clear place in the tribexploitation trend.

Today at midnight NEST, Eric Sault and Impetus studios sought to make a hit against not just the Outcast but the tribesploitation genre with Ascent – a movie based on the early life of capsuleer Trii Seo, a Matari outcast who managed to leave the planet of Arzad II and ascend into the stars.

Ascent sets out to tell a story first, and action second. From the stables of Impetus, two strong names help get the action going – Peter Roy as Thomas, a disgraced pirate out to rebound and Adel Freir as an up and coming warchief of the clan of bandits and scavengers.

The story is left to a newcomer on the big stage, Maret Takala, who starts off playing her signature role of an unrepentant juvenile delinquent. She quickly sets off on a journey of transforming her into a ruthless scavenger out for herself, poking fun at the foundations of modern society in the process.

The elephant in the room was to be, of course, will Ascent do Starkman right – a place so prevalent in the tribexploitation trends. Sault weaves it into the story and lets it be a catalyst for change that happens to both Takala’s and Roy’s characters. It’s a tragedy first and foremost, demonstrated as a rough, ruthless but working society rather than a skin and brutality show.

That is not to say the movie is spared brutality – fights in typical Sault fashion, with long, uninterrupted cuts that don’t spare the viewer from the screaming or the gore, punctuate the tone of the city. As it’s Eric Sault’s charm, after flinching for the first time, we – as does Takala’s Paige – keep watching. Eventually, we begin to accept the ruthless new world as an undeniable reality.

It’s clear that Ascent set out to accomplish many things. Both protagonists start off familiar, but take a completely different direction in development. Thomas never warms up, nor does he abandon his goal. Paige doesn’t discover the path of honorable behavior and good – and neither faces retribution for breaking the canon of the genre.

In the end, rather than a feel-good triumph and a sunset we see two people carrying the burden of violence forward. Rather than barbarians easily spotted in the crowd, they each could blend into a crowd and stand next to us at the pub. Ascent sets up the ground to ask questions and step out of the genre – but it wastes that opportunity, backs out and credits roll.

Excerpts from Impetus Talks with Jacques Traver, featuring the full studio – Peter Roy, Adel Freir, Maret Takala, the director Eric Sault and guest – the original Paige, or Trii Seo.

(Fragment from a live broadcast on HoloFreakLive, wrapping up the premiere in the early days of the morning NEST)

…Maret’s fandom has already exploded and when it comes to gains in popularity she is the clear victor from this movie.

Spoilers ahead, fair warning -

And she well and earned it, not bowing to a temptation to give the world a bit more “conventional” spin on the character. She also barged in firmly into the action movie scene, doing at least some of her own stunts.

Her final showdown with Rocket, played by Adel Freir may just be one of the best of Sault’s fights. It’s visceral and drastic – Maret puts into it enough screaming and panic to make me feel uncomfortable watching her struggle, and relieved to see victorious.

Ascent also pulls off a bait and switch that critics will notice in a while and audiences won’t soon forget. From the start, from the pillow talk about ambition it’s obvious that both Paige and Thomas entertain the idea of turning back on their newfound clan to serve only their own ambition.

All that time we are led to see in them a noble heart that would never betray anyone – until the very end when Paige makes a run for the prize and Thomas starts fighting most of the raiding party.

Ascent never really hides what these people are – it lets us do that on our own, expecting them to conform to the roles set by movie canon. We are left with just enough of a hint to feel a bit of unease and to realize how much was hinted at when the switch finally happens. At the same time, the qualities we’d usually see as heroic reinforce our illusion that Paige and Thomas are are action movie heroes, bound to behave in a certain way.

“Ascent” has launched in the Gallente Federation, Caldari State where it received, par the course for an Eric Sault movie, R17+ rating due to excessive violence (backed by several scenes of nudity and portrayal of drug abuse). To a lesser fanfare it launched in the Amarr Empire, it was, however, given the dreaded AAO (adult audiences only) rating basing on the advisory of the Ministry of Internal Order.

The MIO released a short comment, stating that “while the crass elements of the holo deviate little from other popculture product that comes in from other empires, several scenes contain discussions about faith and the nature of God are best taken by a responsible, adult mind and could have negative impact on the youth.”

Because of the subject of Starkman, and because it clearly follows up on the ire sparked by “Outcast”, the Culture Board of Matar blocked the release of Ascent in the Republic pending a review of cultural accuracy. More information is expected in the coming days.


Outraged Capsuleer Assaults Legal Defendant

Yesterday, July 1st, at 19:42 NEST on Yona V, a routine court hearing ended with an outburst of violence when capsuleer and former model Emilia Dallocort shoved legal defendant Javas Clardoux over a bench. Directly after the conclusion of the court session, Dallocort’s prosecuting team approached Aliastra representative and defendant Clardoux in the hall, where he and prosecutor lead Stelhem Aubisset exchanged a few words in civility. Several moments later, this conversation was interrupted when Ms Dallocort pushed past Aubisset to slap Clardoux’s holo-tablet from his hands, proceeding to shove him over a bench and onto the floor.

[Video footage showing the scene]
Legal representatives Aubisset and Clardoux are having what looks to be a professional, but mildly heated, conversation in the halls outside of the courtroom, with Emilia standing just behind Aubisset’s shoulder. Shortly into this conversation, Emilia’s lips press together and she shoots a fiery glare at Clardoux, before brushing past Aubisset and abruptly smacking Clardoux’s holo-tablet from his grip. Immediately after, Emilia steps forward and uses both hands to forcefully shove a shocked Clardoux backwards. Clardoux trips over a bench along the side of the room and crashes down into a potted plant, his head smacking the wall while dirt spills over the floor. A member of the prosecuting team grabs Emilia’s arm at the same time Aubisset turns and steps in front of her, getting Dallocort to back off while she says something angrily to the man on the floor.

This physical confrontation comes moments after yet another delay in an ongoing legal battle between Emilia Dallocort and her former employer, Aliastra. Dallocort, who once modeled for the retail giant, has brought forward a suit against the corporation with accusations of dishonesty, exploitation, and defamation.

According to Dallocort, she was approached by Aliastra during her search for a sponsor, who offered to fund her capsuleer program in exchange for Dallocort accepting a modeling contract. During the negotiations, she claims that Aliastra took advantage of her lack of experience and her desperate situation to obscure the contractual implications of the offer. Dallocort claims that she was mislead to believe that Aliastra would allow her to buy out her contract in full, when in reality they only planned to forfeit her working contract in exchange for the agreed upon fee. Currently, Aliastra still owns Dallocort’s image and has been using her likeness in a variety of advertisements. She claims to have never once been informed by any Aliastra representatice of the clause which specifies the rights to her image would be retained. She maintains to have only found out about this clause a few months after paying the fee to break her working contract, when she discovered Aliastra was still using her image for new product placements.

Aliastra, however, has denied all accusations, stating that Dallocort was made unquestionably aware of all terms of her contract before she agreed to signing in full. The retail giant also states that Ms Dallocort was presented with a separate offer, giving her the opportunity to purchase her image rights, and that she declined. Aliastra representative and legal defendant Javas Clardoux claims that “Ms. Dallocort is participating in politics, attempting to smear Aliastra’s image while dancing out of the remaining terms of her contract free of charge.”

[A video feed shows Javas Clardoux walking out of the courthouse, holding an ice pack to the back of his head.]

“Mr. Clardoux,” a reporter asks, “do you plan to press charges against Emilia Dallocort for the incident that just occurred?”

“Yes,” Javas responds, “I very much intend to press charges.”

Stelhem Aubisset, when approached for a statement, responded by saying, “I have no doubt that this will only cause further complications in negotiations between my team and the defendant’s. However, while my client’s actions were unwelcome, I do not believe that this should have any effect on the outcome of the current legal dispute. My client’s emotional behavior has nothing to do with the decision on whether Aliastra deliberately obfuscated the terms of the contract.”

Emilia Dallocort has declined to comment.


Segment from an Arshat system wide news broadcast…

Squadrons of black and silver cruiser and battlecruiser sized vessels belonging to Ordo Crucis Noctilucae (KHPER) have been spotted in the system today, captured here by the crews of two unaffiliated vessels while departing the Theology Council station. The ships, so far, appear to be performing routine patrols between orbital infrastructures, including frequent passes by the increasingly guarded Dazh Porevitium Transmuter.

KHPER’s presence in Arshat follows that of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE)- both organizations being affiliated with the Khimi Harar alliance. While it is unclear to what extent KHPER and PIE are coordinating their efforts, the timing of the new arrival suggests a possible escalation of vigilance following reports of intense conflict between State and Federation forces in the system of Athounon.

Requests for comment on this situation have not yet received response.


EDA Survey Report Release

Preliminary Mass Resource Review Survey Report
Preliminary Survey Data Returns For Resource and Materials Across System Are Exceptionally Promising. While Often Considered Resource Poor, The System of Eugales Generally Continues to Remain Rich in Assorted Planetary and Deep Space Materials, That, While Not Particularly Unique in Many Cases, Remain Abundant and Ripe For Processing For The Prosperity of Colonies in System, and Beyond.
EDA Extraction Operations On Planet II, Planet IV, Planet V, and Planet VI Will Continue to Be Expanded. Moon Mining Operations Currently Remain Suspended But Potential of Outsourcing Resource Rights on Specific Moons is Under Consideration.
House Brezia, Wolf Brothers INC, and the Eugales Development Authority, After Compiling Further Data On Extent of Resource Deposits and Range, Have Made the Decision to Grant Resourcing Rights To Specific Unclaimed Deposit Zones to Various Groups, Including CBD Corp, Wiyrkomi, Material Acquisitions, Nugoeihuvi, Quafe Corporation, Hyasyoda Corporation(through Suroken National), and The Resource Acquisition and Requisitions Office of the Federated Republics of Renarelle V.
Existing independent small claims, and Material Acquisitions Extant Claim on the Titanium deposits of Eugales VII - Moon 9 will be honored. All remaining unclaimed or unattributed deposits are earmarked for further extended survey.


Transmitter status
. booting
. online.
OfficerIdent - Ruubz Raubzen
EncryptionProtocol - WHPDsecure
Establishing Link…
Link established to: MCLK-DISPATCH-Ylandoki-II-ZAINOU


fed,cal fleets fighting at orbital AthV. encountered data fragment in wreckage, unknown encryption. uploading sample, transfer to science dep. requesting op extension.


Data transfer
. Initializing…
. Uploading…

321583126 Errors encountered


System diagnostic
. 1 message transmitted
. 1 data transfer failure: source non-binary