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Leaked cargo manifest for a Rhea-class Jump Freighter destined for the system Athounon.



Private Aircraft Declares an Emergency over Rhamnus – Emergency Landing performed without loss of life

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation – 15th May YC124/FC239 (State-broadcaster for the Northern Colonial Commonwealth)

Two aircraft declared an emergency last night over Rhamnus Airspace, the Commonwealth Civil Aviation Authority confirmed to us this morning with a press release to the CBC.

The aircraft, callsigns ‘Owl One’ and ‘Angel One’, were able to successfully land at the Rhamnus City Aerodrome following their declaration of an in-flight emergency caused by a mid-air collision between both aircraft. The pilots of both aircraft are confirmed to have been Commander Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams of Nadire Security Consultants and Captain Alexis Clarke of the Caldari Navy – Medical Corps, a State Protectorate-registered private military contractor.

It was known that both individuals were competing in an authorised race when the incident occurred, having been cleared to overfly the Rhamnus Government and Port Districts. The fireworks display around the House of Parliament that took place was also confirmed to have been associated with the race, by a Nadire Security Consultant spokesperson.

Although the cause of the incident is uncertain at this time, it is known that both aircraft were attached to each other upon landing. Both airframes, one having been identified as a Tartarus-class Strike Fighter, have been declared as damaged beyond economical repair from the collision and subsequent hard landing. The wreckage has since been cleared from the runway and normal flight operations have been resumed from Rhamnus City Aerodrome.

Investigator Florian Schädler of the Commonwealth Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA): “It is remarkable that the aviators involved were able to conduct a landing without any fatalities. However, a full investigation will be launched into the matter, and we have requested both pilots give statements to the Authority to determine the proximate cause of the incident. Safety with all aspects of private and commercial aviation affairs is our top priority and as part of this remit, we will perform our duties to ensure this remains the case within the Northern Colonial Commonwealth’s airspace.”

<<Attached to this report are several images of the conjoined airframe hulks resting on the runway, coated in fire-fighting foam. Also present are images of the two pilots, Commander Edward Adams and Captain Alexis Clarke, in an uncomfortable position together within the wreckage of the cockpits before they were extracted.>>


Short-Range transmission from Athounon VI.

“Mondturm Actual do you read?”

“5 by 5, go right ahead.”

“Reporting the completion of all smartfab cycles without issue. Minimal resistance met.”

“Roger that, and secondary construction?”

“Well underway, fortifications and defense systems being erected as we speak. Estimated time of completion, 28 hours.”


Grand Opening of Immense Pleasure Hub in Archavoinet, hosted by Brezia Companion Services and Wolf Brothers INC


A breaking news flash is broadcasted across numerous channels in the Devoid region. A young, attractive female appears on the screen from what appears to be the interior of a shuttle. The camera angle frames her on the left, and the ship’s forward view window is on the right, showing a shot of a Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse in the distance. The young lady turns and smiles at the camera, and though she appears poised, trained and professional, a discerning ear would detect a hint of nervousness in her voice.


"Good evening faithful, and thanks for tuning in for this breaking news out of Kisana. In what locals have been calling a copy-cat crime, security forces are reporting a theft of captured Gallente ships from a Caldari station near Lisudeh V Moon 16. Just like a similar attack on 4/28, infiltrators used a modified Angel Cartel computer system to seize control of secured hangers and steal captured enemy frigates.

Though we have been unable to obtain any holo-cam files, a local worker spoke to this reporter under the condition of anonymity, and provided that an Orca registered out of Assiettes had entered the system, then dispatched a large number of Ventures which travelled to nearby Asteroid belts. The Orca then docked, seized control of computer system through illegal means, loaded about a dozen small military craft inside the industrial command ship, and exited recklessly from the station causing some damage to the structure.

When local forces sought to intervene, about a dozen Ventures fitted with long-range weapons warped in to intercept and overwhelm the few Amarr Navy responders, and the Orca pilot used some strange cloak-and-warp maneuver to evade the Amarr forces. While no security forces were killed, all assailants involved were able to escape.

Local officials are being very tight-lipped on details of this pathetic assault by Gallente thieves. It’s become obvious that something must be done about the potential security flaws being exploited by these pirate computer systems. We can only hope that with God’s direction to the faithful, that these infidels may be crushed.

This is Kemele Aya, independent correspondent, reporting live for the Heavenly Amarr News Distribution Service (HANDS)"


A video was uploaded to GalNet today, titled Naked Capsuleer Yun-Hee Tight-lips Yubari Bathing Swimming.
The video appears to be shot from a distant high vantage point and through a transparent dome, which affects the clarity a bit. Yun-Hee can be seen padding towards what appears to be a creek with a few small waterfalls in a garden in a traditional Achur style. She takes off her silk kimono robe, revealing her athletic body, and steps into the water, then proceeds to wash herself near one of the waterfalls before swimming around leisurely. She moves gracefully and has a slight smile on her lips for most of the video. The shot where she floats on her back with her arms spread out leaves little to the imagination, and shows some black armpit and pubic hair.


Stardom Magazine Daily

Defying all predictions of having a pattern, Impetus struck again during random showings, having an advertisement fly away into the distance while kicking off another teaser video.

Posters with the word “The Ascent” and a crude drawing of a pair of wings in the sand popped up on hologram displays in many Impetus-associated theaters. Fans of the studio are speculating that the studio may be lining up another entry into the “summer blockbuster” rumble.

The following morning “Impetus Talks with Jacques Traver” at eleven NEST featured Maret Takala confirming her role in the new production.

One of our snoops in the sphere of Galnet suggested that the upcoming production may be a capsuleer-related holo. Comparison photos of Takala and “Paige” Trii Seo, an outer regions pilot known for anti-CONCORD rhetoric and participation in several minor, local conflicts showed remarkable similarity, and the latter mentioned lending a hand with a holopic during discussions in public channels.

Her apparently rough upbringing made becoming a pilot an underdog success story that a few studios wanted to take a shot at the past, but all were denied.


An undisclosed client has ordered from Echelon Entertainment 10 000 000 copies of “NO MATTER THE COST” Akimaka Saraki posters to be delivered to Asakai II State Protectorate Testing Facilities station.


Opening Weekend of Massive Brezia Companion Services Pleasure Hub Station in Archavoinet Hailed as Great Success, Those In Attendance Tout Excellent And Respectful Party Atmosphere While Local District Social Morality Groups Claim Depraved and Disturbing Activities on Display


Caldari Holo-Tuber Debut Idolized By New Fans

The Placid Tribune
26 May YC 124
By Callistia Rou-Duvaux

Sunday saw millions across Placid tuning in to watch the debut streams of Caldari Holo-Tuber idol group, Saisio Eskeitan!

The GalStream broadcasts saw both avid fans of the Caldari idol and animation industries as well as naifs curious for the first time watching the reveal of the new stars of Saisio Eskeitan!

Saisio Eskeitan! Did not disappoint with its polished production values Caldari media is known for as its stars took to the interstellar broadcasting stage.

There were four women making their live debuts in this “First Generation” of the idol group comprised of the “Fighter Pilot Student Council” who are all students at a fictional military academy located on Achur.

The four members of the Student Council according to their debut GalStreams were:

Name: Tumikki Tanhuunen
Age: 20
Birthday: 21 September
Height: 168 cm
Ethnicity: Deteis
Callsign: Boss
Student Council Position: President
Likes: Wargames, Perfection, Knives
Bio: She’s a model honour student with the highest grades but who knows what secrets she might be hiding behind her smile.

Name: Nikushi Nakatomi
Age: 20
Birthday: 27 March
Height: 156 cm
Ethnicity: Achur
Callsign: Money
Student Council Position: Treasurer
Likes: Stocks, Bonds, Market Forces
Bio: The daughter of a wealthy family, she was sent to the military academy to learn how the common citizen lives as a fighter pilot.

Name: Vyllinni Veskaanen
Age: 20
Birthday: 8 August
Height: 176 cm
Ethnicity: Civire
Callsign: Boots
Student Council Position: Disciplinarian
Likes: Wrestling, Gambling, Guns
Bio: Earnest and honest towards others, she could be your best friend or your worst enemy if you break the rules.

Name: Sunano Sonoda
Age: 20
Birthday: 15 November
Height: 154 cm
Ethnicity: Achur
Callsign: Monk
Student Council Position: Secretary
Likes: Meditation, Quiet, Martial Arts
Bio: Calm and introspective, she often sees the connections that others would have ignored.

There has been ample praise among viewers for Saisio Eskeitan!

“Saisio Eskeitan finally convinced me to learn the Caldari language so I can live and work in the State. The Caldari have so much more culture and history compared to the Federation!” Wrote user DTSevillon.

“I’ve been a fan of Caldari culture for a long time, so I’m glad Saisio Eskeitan is finally here for a Federal audience. Did you know Caldari swords are the finest ever made?” Wrote user SavexHeuromo.

Not all comments were positive however, with some expressing criticism of the idol group.

“What’s wrong with their faces? Why are their eyes so big? It’s creepy!” Wrote one anonymous user.

“This is all a Caldari false flag operation trying to corrupt the youth with misinformation! DO YOUR RESEARCH!” Wrote BlackEaglePatriotNeverForget.

Concerns were raised not only with viewers of the GalStream, Richen Taideron of the Media Policy Group had this to say about the Caldari idols: “It has long been a goal of the Caldari State to undermine our democracy with propaganda and the spread of misinformation. The marketing of Caldari idol groups to Federal audiences is a new canard in State attempts of hybrid warfare directed towards Federal citizens who might otherwise lack the media sophistication to associate the avatars of Holo idols with the State military and intelligence services.”

Michifusa Nishouji, executive producer of Saisio Eskeitan! Was reached out for comment and had this to say about concerns over his idol group: “Accusations that Saisio Eskeitan! Is involved with the military or intelligence services is an outrageous conspiracy theory. I can only regard it as an example of Gallente cultural chauvinism that has always sought to undermine the popularity of foreign products in the Federal marketplace. Saisio Eskeitan! Remains committed to providing only the best in entertainment to our current and future fans.”

Regardless of what the truth may be about Saisio Eskeitan! The popularity of their debut streams looks like they’re a group that are here to stay.


Placid Tribune


Athounon VIII Bush War Continues to Escalate

More violence in the jungles of Athounon VIII today, as the bush war continues to escalate between two dualing insurgencies. While the rest of the system struggles to adjust under newly secured Caldari administration, Athounon VII continues to see skirmishes between the forces of the Federal Intelligence Office and an as-of-yet unidentified warclone force.

The initial assault against the Black Eagles compound, first reported by an anonymous CailleGirl™ associate, was only partially successful. According to multiple sources while the outer perimeter was breached and remains partially garrisoned by by warclone troops, the central citadel and armory of the fortress stands defiant and continues to repel daily raids from warclone forces. Yesterday, an assault engineer MTAC brandishing a vehicle-mounted flamethrower breached the gates of the citadel and continued to rampage for several minutes before being brought down by one Federal Marine with a man portable plasma mortar. The MTAC, though charred and heavily damaged, still bears some hint at the identity of the assailants with the words “Born to Prove” etched into the chassis and production stamps on the structural steel with the following symbol.

While wave attacks are still a regular occurance, at nights the action seems to draw to a close while unseen speakers surrounding the fortress emanate a cacophony of non-stop post-gurista punk rock from the jungles in an effort to deny the defenders any hope of a restful evening.

Conflict continues in other parts of the planet, with forces trading ambushes on both sides as reaction forces from SDII field offices and Federal Marine outposts rush to come to the aid of the besieged fortress. Several outposts were activated to dispatch reinforcements, only to immediately be struck by a barrage of over-the-horizon artillery. A propaganda message broadcasted on open channels reads as follows:

“Like a cyst, all it took was a bit of heat and pressure to drive you to the surface. Now watch while we lance you from the ass-end of this world.”

Locked in a stalemate, it is assumed that the conflict in Athounon will continue to escalate until a victor begins to emerge.



103rd Sublimation Group Disavows Warclone Operations in Athounon.

In response to recent images that have surfaced from what appears to be a series of Warclone-conducted raids on the surface of Athounon VIII, Wing Commander Remilia Malitia had the following to say:

“The 103rd Sublimation Group’s presence and operations in the system are devoted entirely to the preservation of the rightful space superiority of State forces, and the maintenance and protection of our infrastructure on the 6th planet. We completely disavow any and all operations conducted by renegade Warclone forces in other planets of the system, and can only look forward to their stabilization by the appropriate authorities. We would also like to reassure both the public and our hosted delegates that we remain committed to the safeguarding of the Kigurosaka Complex and are fully poised to repel any extremist forces that may foolishly attempt to disrupt the ongoing diplomatic proceedings.”

Following this statement, the 103rd announced the further reinforcement of their Athounon VI holdings, with the installation of upgraded anti-orbital defenses and the construction of additional security contingent barracks.


Following the speech given by the CEP Akimaka Saraki, propaganda posters have been spotted on varies holoboards and on galnet websites.


The Imperial Insider
The number one view into the nobility of the Throne Worlds for nearly two hundred years

Lady Abigail Renaud Continues to Spark Rumors, Fields Dreadnought

It’s been just over six months since her withdrawal from Khimi Harar, the prominent Amarr capsuleer organization, but if rumors are to be believed, Lady Abigail Renaud has no less loyalty to the Empress.

House Renaud have long been vassals of House Sarum, with very distant blood ties and granted a small holding on Mekhios for their service as the planet was first colonized. But it was centuries ago when they last held any significant influence. Lady Renaud was named holder at only twenty-one, following the death of her grandfather, Lord Matthieu. It’s rumored that the decision was a surprise even to her as well as everyone within her house.

She’s been a controversial figure, quickly establishing a reputation as a party girl and spoiled heiress and caring little for noble politics or her duties as a Holder. Lady Renaud’s dealings with groups in Null Security space, the dissolution of House Baelor and annexation of their holdings by House Renaud, and her engagement to her former slave Celeste (fully minmatar by blood) have only furthered this, even as she’s become an Empyrean and worked to revitalize her holdings and her House’s influence.

That influence has continued to grow regardless of her image. Her holdings are reportedly flourishing after heavy investments and extensive modernization efforts of local infrastructure. The lawsuits and complaints to the Ministry of Internal Order brought forth after her engagement have been dismissed. Both she and her fiancee reportedly maintain a close reputation with House Onzo-Gallius. She and her House have also participated in and supported multiple campaigns in service of Amarr, directly and indirectly.

Lady Renaud has been operating in Pure Blind with Brave Collective more recently, with some questioning her motives even as she’s given her holding and domestic affairs just as much attention. Some whispers would suggest that she’s preparing an exit strategy from Imperial life, or at least a contingency. Others suggest that she’s simply bored, and that whatever she may be doing now is no different than her antics as a socialite years ago. With no comment from her or her House despite our inquiries over the past few months, such rumors have only grown.

Today our office received a simple response from Lady Renaud herself.

" I stand ready to serve the Empress and do my duties as a Holder of the Amarr Empire and vassal to House Sarum, in whatever capacity is required of me. As I always have and always will." -Lady Abigail Renaud

Barely more than an hour later, we received reports of “leaked” intelligence, suggesting that Lady Renaud now has a pilot in her service capable of flying a Revelation class dreadnought. An accompanying image claims to show Lady Renaud in a Legion class strategic cruiser on the left and Celeste in a Loki on the right. Above them, decorated in Sarum colors, is supposedly proof of her ability to field a capital ship as well as her loyalty to Amarr. The pilot remains unidentified. These images come from F-NMX6 in Pure Blind, with several capital ships of Brave Collective, including an Avatar class titan in the background.

We have little reason to doubt the veracity of the intelligence or believe it was anything but intentional on the part of Lady Renaud. This revelation, pun unintended, will likely do little to change the minds of those who doubt her, but her loyalty is hard to question with how much she’s dedicated to Amarr. If there’s one thing that’s certain, just as when she was merely seen as a socialite over indulging in mortal pleasures, she’s well versed in the art of spectacle.


Leaked reports from Athounon claim a notable amount of Triglavian technology is being transferred between Port Mondturm and the Kigurosaka Complex and integrated into the existent architecture. Among the most noteworthy of devices is a pair of Veles Semiosis Conduction Consoles, one being installed in each facility.

unknown (4)


Placid Tribune Headlines 6.05.124

  • Franchise Disputes in Archavoinet Slow to Simmer, UPA Maintains Dominance of System Politics But Accedes Review of Existing Franchise Holders, Solinari Swarm Habitat Accordiat and Arcan-Inak Planetary States Ease Pressure
  • Kirkinen Risk Control Continues To be Viewed as ‘intrusive menace’ by Memberstates and Groups across Pegeler district
  • System of Athounon stabilizing, despite ongoing planetary conflict between unknown warclones and FIO, 103rd Sublimation Group Remains Largely non-aggressive in groundside contexts despite continuing build up on planet VI
  • Permanent Residents of Materials Acquisition Mining Colony on Eugales VII - Moon 9 Raise Concerns Over Colony Safety, Petition Pegeler District Administration For Additional Defense Materials
  • Spokesperson Claims Materials Acquisition Colony Refused Bolstered Defense Measures Offered by UNF and EDA
  • DERAIL Activity Noted On The Rise Again In Pegeler Constellation, Continued Outcry From Residents Over Perceived Brutality Of Enforcement
  • Mass Congregation of Warclone Fighter Pilot Groups in Aubenall Disperses After Nearly Two Months of Battle Contests Over Ice World of Aubenall IX, SARO Red Troop and SDII Anti-Warclone Units Reportedly Scrambling To Track Dispersal
  • Unrest Continues Across Placid Region, More Reports of Looting and Violence From All Corners, Continuing Positive ID Reports of Rogue Federal Marine, SARO, Caldari Security Forces, and Others
  • Eugales Development Authority Begins New Mass Survey Project For Archaeological Excavation and Preservation, and Enhanced Resource Gathering Operations Across System
  • Eugales VI Orbital Ring Project Meets New Milestone, Orbital Framework Now Spanning Five Hundred and Fourteen Kilometers, Second Orbital Tether Spool Reportedly Being moved into Place

Holodump, 07.06.124

<< The following is a part of a public transmission of the Holodump – a GalNet 24/7 show with a rotating cast of hosts. >>

…and finally, Impetus let the fedo out and dropped the trailer for the Ascent across the cluster where it could and it is an absolute banger. We knew Takala was in it and people talked about that photo that would indicate Peter Roy being in it but for the fans who called to see Adel Freir and Roy be in a fight back-to-back your wish may just be coming true.

For those tuning in with video enjoy, those who just listen get your butt before a screen ‘cause it’s worth the watch.

Imagine that Rifter in the Cinema. Quiet-quiet-WHOOM, so epic. Already like five groups of people began to call to boycott Impetus, as apparently this holo instead of being about some pilot that actually did work to serve the people, the woman that Takala plays was actually at Niarja on the Trig side and ■■■■.

A movie is a movie, I’ll hold judgement ‘til I see it – I’m glad Maret is going to get on the big screen as a main character. I’d say she looks good in rags and dirt, but she just looks good in general…

<< The following is from an interview on the same channel later that day, featuring Adel Freir >>


Gamis X - Ammatar Fleet Logistic Support, The Skyhook - 124.06.06 20:21

… No way! B!
Look who just entered the club!
… Who? Where?
The- ■■■■ … she’s at the bar now, but those people are blocking the view. She’s short.
So tell me!
Aria … Jenneth.
… Really?
Yeah, B! Go see for yourself!
… Okaaay.

… There! See?
… I don’t know. I can’t see her face.
I swear, B, it’s her! Come, let’s get closer! I want another drink anyway.
… What about our game?
Awh, ■■■■ the game! You win. But hey … if I 'm right … drinks are on you.
… Okay.

… See?! Told you! Hmm … what will I have? Something pricy…
Hold on … I don’t think that’s her. Her face … doesn’t look the same.
… You’ve had too much to drink. Your vision is impaired.
Heh! Speak for yourself.
Awh, you just don’t wanna pay.
No, I just don’t think it’s her.
Hmm. … Hey! Would you believe me if she has holes?
… Holes?
Yeah, you know … for jacking into the capsule?
… Okay. But how will we find out if she has them?
Well, she’s short … we can sneak behind her and … peek down the collar of her jacket.
… I don’t know … What if it is her and she sees us.
Ahahaha! See?! You know it’s her, B! Admit it!
Na-ah … Let’s go. Together.

…Gods and spirits.
… Okay, ■■■■, I believe you.
Told you! Hey … where are you going, B?
Out. Anywhere but here.
But … drinks?
Rain check.
Because she caught us peeking at her neck! Now I know it’s her, I don’t wanna risk gettin’ ghosted by a ghost!
… Wait! B! She’s not even in that corp anymore! She’s- B! B! … ■■■■.



The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has begun to circulate propaganda posters and holoreel shorts among Achuran expat populations with the hope that some of the materials might be smuggled into the Achuran homeworld of Saisio III. The propaganda campaign seems focused on how slavery would make traditional Achuran activities better and features three scenes:

  • An Achuran couple holding hands in an elaborate, high maintainance traditional Achuran garden while Minmatar slaves tend the plants, ponds, sands, and rocks in the background.
  • An Achuran family in a traditional Achuran tea room being served tea from a heavy, ornate tea set handled by Minmatar slaves.
  • An Achuran woman training traditional Achuran martial arts in a dojo using a live Minmatar male slave training dummy for practice.

Sedevacantist messaging is kept to a minimum in the campaign, the church’s empty chair logo and its slogan, “The Throne is Vacant” in Achuran script appearing only discreetly. Caldari authorities are expected to repress any sedevacantist materials found in Saisio.


Intercepted Home Guard internal memo, from the division of public affairs.

Aroroaki “Ax’l Thorne” Vanihasko has recently been featured in the Gallente periodical publication, “Runners Reach”

Attached is a link to the magazine submitted for evidence.

Evidence article A1

This has further drawn into question Thorne’s loyalty to the State as this is not the first time this individual has shown sympathetic support for the enemy. The list of incidences has now grown to over 18 individual infractions and consequently has now been elevated to code R1 scrutiny.

State Protectorate has been notified, and returned the following message:

“R1 status” is to be immediately removed by order of the State Protectorate internal affairs. Kaalakiota is aware of the infractions, and Home Guard is taking appropriate actions.

Further inquiry into the matter must be directed to Vankiiki Toraa.

((OOC: Special Thanks to @Clementine_Lafleur for their collaborative work in creating this magazine cover!))