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Leaked Production and Distribution Manifest - Alta ShipWorks Platform MHC-R3 VI Orbital Ring

Final Pre-Production Block 1 Sample Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Completed And Distributed To Select Entities or Sold Through Local Elements
First Batch of 12 Production Sample Block 2 Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Completed And In Process Of Distribution
Batch 2 Production Sample Block 2 Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Nearing Completion And Shakedown Ahead of Distribution
Batch 3 Production Sample Block 2 Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Mid-Way Through General Construction Phase, Systems Integration Starting Ahead of Schedule
Batch 4 Production Sample Block 2 Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Beginning General Construction Phase


An Alleged Hoax Communique Picked Up by Ammatar Fleet Intelligence






Varyazi pathfinders have completed initial reconnaissance and compiled WARPLAN BOYAR per instructions for recommendation to Special Operational Subcommander for the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. Suggested battleplan based on extensive operational experience in theater of operations prior to the weaving of Pochven against known associates of the DEATHLESS CIRCLE. Field experience matched against most recent GLAIN datavault entries on EDENCOM fortifications and covert operation reports.

PRIMARY WARGOAL focused on Fittakan constellation. Varyazi Clade recommends Teonusude II as an ideal beachhead for insertion with Haldovnik assault team to deliver rapid blow against the enemy’s regional headquarters using deployment methods previously pioneered by the Special Operational Troika for the Extirpation of Corrupted Narodnya. Personal entries of EDENCOM forces and surveillance of staging areas indicate institutional complacency and low morale while leadership has issued public denial of invasion threat. Therefore any preemptive strike against poshlost fortress systems and infrastructure can expect to meet little initial resistance. Khymorodnik subclade will launch simultaneous siege of Horaka I and II to relieve pressure on Fittakan raid. Following the bombing of Teonusude, Haldovnik raiding team will proceed to secondary targets in Gelfiven. Invasion from the south through Kenobanala from pact allies will prevent immediate relief of EDENCOM positions by Republic Fleet, offering a window of opportunity for exfiltration once PRIMARY WARGOAL is complete.

Expected outcome of WARPLAN BOYAR results in a significant blow against EDENCOM in retaliation for previous attacks made against Pochven facilities, permanently disrupts regional confidence in support for EDENCOM, and removes local strategic threat that would otherwise hamper future action against Ancient Enemy Azdaja in Zarzakh. Estimated enemy materiel loss and casualties enclosed with encrypted reports, along with several detailed battleplans. In the event of WARPLAN BOYAR approval, Varyazi wishes to formally request direct integration with Haldovnik Siege Elites during the operation as vanguard infantry. Varyazi soldiers have firsthand experience fighting in Teonusude that will prove indispensable during combat proving.


Villore Vignette – Capital News from the Capital System

Gallentia Primacy involved in Shootout at Aspari Nightclub – Senate Bureau Station Security confirm.

By Enzo Naudé

31st October FC240/YC125

It has been confirmed by Senate Bureau Station authorities that the shootout at the Aspari Nightclub on Level 13-B on Sunday night involved operatives of a terrorist cell claiming allegiance to the Gallentia Primacy, the Villore Vignette can report.

Station Security Rapid Response officers responded to an emergency report within the Aspari Nightclub, proceeding to engage the Primacy operatives in a firefight upon their arrival, resulting in the arrest of four terrorists, with five terrorists confirmed to have been killed. Several members of the Station Security response team are confirmed to have been wounded, some of them critically. The patrons of the club were able to evacuate, but many suffered injuries due to the chaotic situation that unfolded.

Eyewitnesses that offered their version of events to the Vignette all stated that prior to the arrival of the Station Security Team, there was a conflict between the terrorists and two unidentified individuals described as a Caldari male of medium height, and a Sebiestor female of below average height. These two were cited as being pursued by Primacy operatives through the nightclub, with both parties exchanging gunfire in the process. The two individuals were unable to be located by the responding officers once the scene had been secured and remain at large. They are considered to be armed and dangerous - members of the public are advised to avoid approaching them if seen and to alert Station Security if safe to do so.

Aspari Nightclub remains closed whilst detectives and forensic investigators conclude their investigative survey of the premises. Station Security are urging anyone with information to come forward and speak with investigators, under anonymity if required.


Devoid Mega-Casino Leads To Holder Spats as Accusations Fly
New Eden Leisure & Resort Report, YC 125/11/13

Soosat, Devoid - As the Emara mega-resort in Mendori has opened its doors and seen a respectable amount of traffic since, mainly in the form of off-duty EDENCOM forces in the system, the resort has had multiple issues arise in the days since. Attendance amongst EDENCOM forces has dipped in the past couple days, with some analysts attribute to the recent news of a defector within the ranks of the Ammatar.

“While it isn’t directly within the Mandate, the area around the Mendori resort is also administered by the Ardishapur. It wouldn’t seem unlikely that investigations are being carried out even in the areas surrounding Derelik,” leisure analyst Evotes Charis stated to the Report.

Not helped by the lack of guests, however, is the mudslinging that has dramatically increased in the past few days between holders from the Abthi and Kabo constellations in Devoid. Our previous report on the Emara Grand Mendori included comments from Upper Debyl V holder Meor Ashwan, who remarked that the Kabo constellation is “home to riff-raff who err in their devotion to God and the Scriptures,” amongst other derogatory notions.

This has provoked a response from Shahoun Piki, a holder hailing from the Kabo planet of Soosat IV, in which he directly stated that holder Ashwan is “a withered old hag that is simply jealous that “lesser” holders have managed to bring big business in to [his] sphere.” Speaking enthusiastically to the Report, the Soosat holder, who is himself of advanced age, also mentioned that “it is quite rich that she would make such statements on our devotion to God. I myself have heard many stories of the depravity that goes on within her holdings. Her sons consort with her slaves, you know. It’s one of the worst kept secrets in lower Devoid. And not only that, but I have heard that these slaves are body-modded! Much like those decadent whores you would find in a Caille pleasure hub, I’m sure.”

“She also manages her slaves badly, too,” Piki continued. “She’s one of the biggest importers of slaves in the entire area. And we all know it’s so she can replace the ones that die. I preside over a vast swathe of barren territory, enclosed from the elements of this world with habitation technology., and I have no problem with keeping my slaves alive. Only a holder as incompetent as her could mismanage such lush holdings as the ones she ‘manages.’”

While Piki is a noted eccentric, even by other holders in the Kabo constellation, such serious accusations would be likely to elicit a response. The Report will keep up with this developing story as it happens.


Leaked Production and Distribution Manifest - Alta ShipWorks Platform MHC-R3 VI Orbital Ring

Batch 2 and Batch 3 Production Sample Block 2 Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Completing Shakedown and Preparing For Finalize Distribution
Batch 4 Production Sample Block 2 Integrated Planetary Support Vessels Finishing General Construction Phase, Systems Integration Nearing Completion, Begin Shakedown Preparations Ahead of Final Distribution
Prepare Production Final Designs For Further Construction and General Private Distribution, Strip Down ‘Tidebreak’ Class Tertiary FTL Systems From Follow On Final Export Grade Designs To System Localized Application Ranges And Emergency System Local Self-Redeployment


YC125.11.15 // ATHOUNON VI

Recent developments on Athounon VI have raised eyebrows as the Caldari State’s Samanuni-Athounon Strategic Stargate gains official recognition from the CONCORD Assembly, integrating it into the wider gate network after substantial upgrades. A subsequent influx of Taayusaka-registered transports inbound from Black Rise, suspected to be carrying not only CorpSec reinforcements but also extensive infrastructure prefabs, has sparked some controversy, with the corporation’s CEO, Remilia Malitia, taking a central role in the reconstruction and fortification efforts of the war-torn city of Cieléclat.

Observers are questioning the motives behind Taayusaka’s involvement, given the corporation’s checkered history and allegations of unethical practices. General Malitia’s hands-on approach in overseeing the reconstruction of Cieléclat has done little to alleviate concerns, critics arguing that Taayusaka’s involvement in the recovery efforts may serve its corporate interests rather than genuinely contributing to the well-being of the local population.

An announcement on the behalf of the Cieléclat government was made by Premier Darmain Kuvier shortly after assembly of the corporate infrastructure begun, declaring that this project has their full consent. This announcement of a consented agreement with Taayusaka has only intensified the skepticism surrounding this deployment. Critics question the terms of the alleged agreement and whether the local authorities truly have the autonomy to make decisions independent of corporate influence.

In an effort to assuage concerns, the CEO of Taayusaka Eskeitan made the following address to the public:

"I stand before you not just as the CEO of Taayusaka Eskeitan or a soldier of the Caldari State, but as someone deeply invested in the well-being of this city and its people.

Today marks a pivotal moment for Cieléclat. Our presence here, the reinforcement of the city, and the ongoing collaboration with the Caldari State are not mere actions; they are promises for a better future, a future where Cieléclat thrives and prospers.

I want to assure you that every step we take is with the full consent and cooperation of Darmain Kuvier, your esteemed Premier. This collaboration is not an occupation; it’s a partnership, a partnership designed to uplift Cieléclat from the shadows of its tumultuous past.

The previous Federal administration exploited this city, treating it as a pawn in their political games. We’ve witnessed the consequences of their corrupt practices, the scars they left on the very fabric of Cieléclat. Taayusaka Eskeitan stands against such exploitation, and we are here to rectify the wrongs of the past.

The reinforcement and collaboration are not just about buildings and infrastructure. They are about investing in the people of Cieléclat. Our commitment to local employment, skills development programs, and community initiatives is unwavering. We’re not just rebuilding structures; we’re rebuilding lives.

Together, with the support of the local government, we are forging a path towards stability, prosperity, and a future where you can reclaim your rightful place as the architects of your own destiny.

As we embark on this journey, let us not forget the exploitation and corruption of the past. This partnership is a break from that exploitative era. It’s a chance for a fresh start, where your prosperity is untethered from the chokehold of the Gallente Federation.

I invite each and every one of you to embrace this opportunity for a brighter future. Let us stand united as we build a Cieléclat that shines as a beacon of progress and resilience for all of Athounon to witness!"


Placid Local News Roundup

  • Continuing Unrest Across Pegeler As Pirate Insurgency Causes Further Rifts Between District Memberstates and Federation Forces

  • Fear Errupts In Intaki As Neighouring Vey Is Assaulted By Guristas Capsuleer Agents

  • Mastir Reborn Technologies Inc Labour Dispute Is Settled Before Strike Action Takes Place; Some Union Members Complain At Supposed Preferences Given To Idic Practitioners

  • Comment Requested From The Intaki Liberation Front Regarding Armament Of Separatists By Guristas Forces Made By News Outlet Remains Unanswered

  • Richard Masseri Halts Book Tour When 14 Injured And 2 Killed After Bodyguards Fire Into A Crowd.

  • 14 Capsuleer Corpses Showing Extensive Postmortem Cranial And Spinal Surgery Found Floating Outside Intaki Prime Astral Mining Station.

  • Archavoinet Security Franchise Holders Put Up Valiant Defense Against Overwhelming Odds, Keep Gates and Spacelanes Clear of Roaming Guristas Forces Despite System Security Breakdown



“CONCORD Capsuleers Rumors” strongly returned as Angel and Guristas raids intensified.

Yulai, Genesis - The chaos spreaded from the recent criminal incursions in the recent days are under the eyes of the whole cluster and started to provoke the first consequences on the empire territories as the system of Floseswin disappeared from the Minmatar claimed CEMWPA systems database marked now as “Sovereignty: Angel Cartel” and the entire Eugidi constellation is completely unstable from all points of view: All the systems within have an intense registration of Angel Cartel-affiliated criminal activities and their iHub structures are close to vulnerability also due to the Amarr interference. We expect the constellation will fall in one week or less.

While all this occurs, even more people are requesting for a more coordinated response of all the possible authorities, as the previous rumors about founding a “CONCORD-affiliated Capsuleer initiative” of some months ago escalated with new informations about the requests: as you can see above a possible, single, simply sketchy logo has been leaked from an anonymous source that reports also a list of possible names of the theorical organization. Many of them have always the “CONCORD” or “EDENCOM” terms. There are rumors about the foundation of similar initiatives dedicated to ground activities who are starting to be seen on the planets of the insurgency systems but still, a direct official authorities (like CONCORD and/or EDENCOM) didn’t respond at these speculations and the people of the cluster are starting to get more personal initiatives. If a decision won’t be taken on time, this kind of social escalations could worse the situation as many independent “lawful militias” could be generated, starting to have conflicts between them too and increasing the instability around the cluster.


Boxing Fog: Unraveling Ché Biko

In a recent interview conducted within the confines of the Ikao system aboard the Asteros class frigate Axii Stan Monaki II, Ché Biko, a prominent Capsuleer, left me honestly perplexed. Known for his contradictory nature, Biko’s mystifying personality was aptly described by a fellow capsuleer’s observation, “I speak the truth, and people assume it’s a lie; he speaks a lie, and everyone assumes it’s true. Such is the nature of Ché.”

The tour of his frigate revealed a lived-in atmosphere. Despite the occasional haze of smoke, I uncovered the vessel’s primary purpose: providing emergency medical aid to those stranded in space. However, the journey took an unexpected turn when we found ourselves lost in an unfamiliar part of the ship, prompting Biko to attribute the confusion more to his choice of recreational substances than a lack of familiarity with his own vessel.

As we delved into Biko’s connections within the Capsuleer community, the contradictions among his associates added to my confusion. From explorers to mercenaries, his acquaintances seemed to have nothing in common on the surface. When pressed for an explanation, Biko responded cryptically, “Nothing? I’d assume I’d have something… I share with those I am associated with.” What? Perhaps the ‘Dry Weed’?

The interview took a darker turn when I confronted Biko about his connections to figures like Franco Phonaga, Yskari, Aria, Jenneth, Vincent Pryce, and James Syagrius—a seemingly ominous ensemble. Biko, positioned in the center of this web, claimed ignorance of any organized activities with these individuals, casting doubt on the true nature of their collaborations.

I couldn’t help but tip my hand during the interview, sharing a corrupted file from the late Adhanio Spessinot, who died under mysterious circumstances. The file he apparently died for hinted at a shadowy collaboration between seemingly unrelated organizations. Despite the appearance of a highly organized transactional collaboration, Biko adamantly denied any involvement.

The revelation that Biko was the chief arbitrator in a case involving MR-TI and Cathy Okagima added another layer of complexity. Leading doubt to the idea that he is a man not in the know. An unethical alteration to the SISOL’s charter by Okagima during the arbitration led to Biko’s resignation, raising questions about the moral and legal implications of the arbitration itself.

Drawing parallels to the Itsukame Scandal in YC 109, where Caldari corporations were implicated in a covert alliance with the Angel Cartel, the interview with Biko hinted at potential covert dealings. The corrupted file and the mysterious Spessinot Incident added an ominous layer to the already thick narrative, leaving readers to speculate on the true motives behind Biko’s connections. As we navigate this fog of uncertainty surrounding Ché Biko, it is clear that the Capsuleer world is not as straightforward as it may seem. The echoes of past scandals and the intricate web of associations demand a closer examination. Will the revelations from this interview lead to the unveiling of a clandestine operation, or are we merely boxing fog in our pursuit of the truth?

As we conclude this report, the ominous specter looms large over recent events, casting a shadow across the cluster. The surge in pirate activities has reached unprecedented heights, rendering the notion of ostensibly upright and reputable entities serving as mere façades for the Cartel even more unsettling. The legitimacy of these organizations is now in question as we navigate the treacherous waters of a truth where deception and criminality intertwine with a malevolent veneer of respectability.

Coincidence or collusion, you decide.

Ailer Stane
Reporting for See & Hear.


YC125.11.21 // ATHOUNON VI

In response to the recent Guristas attack on the Federation, Taayusaka Eskeitan has intensified its fortifications in Cieléclat, implementing a series of measures to enhance the city’s security and protect against potential threats. The corporation has fully activated its fortified structures, bringing in rapid-deployment counter-insurgency operatives and upgrading anti-orbital and anti-air capabilities. The move comes as part of Taayusaka’s alleged commitment to ensuring the safety and stability of Athounon VI and their holdings there.

The newly deployed counter-insurgency taskforce is equipped to respond rapidly to any emerging threats, ensuring a swift and effective response in the event of a pirate attack. This measure is designed to deter potential adversaries and safeguard Taayusaka’s holdings from the chaos that a large scale raid can bring.

Furthermore, Taayusaka Eskeitan has invested in upgrading anti-orbital and anti-air capabilities to bolster the city’s defenses against airborne threats. The enhanced capabilities are part of a comprehensive strategy to create a secure environment where residents can live and work without the constant fear of external aggression.

In a notable development, Taayusaka has extended an offer to other Athounon VI member states. The offer, which involves enhanced defense installations and the protection of Taayusaka Corporate Security, is contingent upon the surrender of these states. This coercive move has sparked outrage among those currently opposing Taayusaka, sparking heated protests opposing the Corporation’s offer.

While Taayusaka portrays these actions as efforts to safeguard Athounon VI against external threats, critics argue that the corporation is exploiting the Guristas’ recent attack on Placid to leverage its power and further stifle resistance.

Reportedly, the states of Qucrain, Rafriules, Acruasau and Châtellerault have agreed to a ceasefire and are currently negotiating with Taayusaka representatives.


In the deepest and darkest reaches of Aridia, a prayer service was heard in Local as golden ships of the Faithful, and even vessels from curious locals, came to be blessed by a Man of God.


Theodosius Savnar, Chaplain of Khimi Harar, speaks over the neocomm:

“Dear faithful and friends,”

“We are gathered here for a very special occasion, the blessing of a new station devoted to the Empire, the very first station of the illustrious Zaraevahr Initiative under the leadership of Prince Seraghis. In these lands far from the core domain of our empire, their light with shine brightly and bring justice and law.”

“Before we start, let me quickly address our friends here who do not share our faith. I think of our Caldari allies especially, but not exclusively. Although you may not find strength in a blessing, know that your tireless work in service of Amarr is lauded and thanked.”

“Let us start by reading from the scriptures, Prophet Anoyia 17:21”

“The angelic Apostles of Heaven sing praises for their children!
Our Lord smiles upon the world.
Where the Emperor rules in his name…
… Leading his people to glory untold.
Hearken the trumpets of Heaven
Hailing the people of Amarr.”

Amens sound in Local.

Theodosius Savnar continues: “Friends, you, the illustrious Zaraevahr under the leadership of Prince Seraghis, have built a house in the heavens, a station. Let it be your world, where you rule in the name of the Empress who herself rules in the name of God. Remember that ultimately God rules in your house, and that is as it should be. For: ‘unless God watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain’. From your new home, you will do Gods work: you bring the light of God to the heathen, and the sword of the Empire to its enemies.”

He pauses and invokes the Blessings of God:
“For this, I beseech thee, God, bless this station, guard its shield, armor and hull and let anyone who attacks it wail and cry at the sight of their intestines ripped from their broken bodies.” Protect those that reside in it, guide them and heal them and repair their ships so they can serve you better."

Amens again sound in Local!

“Here, we will use here fireworks! Let the light shine on Tet Hedu Ardante!”

Theodosius Savnar offers blessings to the vessels surrounding the structure: “Now, if you want your ship blessed, approach me and state the name of your vessel.”

Lunarisse Aspenstar > “TES Soruma Aquiun” in honor the commander of the 51st exploration corps that discovered Aridia and Mishi

Meja Lirnix > “Godfather” the one who looks after all those who munch resources to fuel the forges of the empress

Prince Seraghis > “TES Soliara, in remembrance of the Flagship of Task Force 641, and in honor of my Family, Homeworld, and those lost in the 7th Fleet in defense of the Bleak Lands”

Francophobia > “‘Sefrim’s Light’ for the lifesaving stability beams and repair systems of the Guardian class.”

And other requests for Blessings were heard.

Theodosius Savnar begins to bless each ship> “Lord God high in the Heavens, let your blessing be upon this ship, and upon all who serve and fly in her. May she succeed in protecting others and may your protection always be with them; in the name of the God, the Empress, and all the Saints. Amen.” Repeated for each ship which approaches…

Prince Seraghis > “Thank you, Brother Theodosius Savnar”

Theodosius Savnar > “The pleasure is mine mylord. Anyone else for a blessing?”

Prince Seraghis > “May this Athanor see such fortune as the Legendary Task Force 641 Raitaru. Surviving all challengers, and rivaling the Isogen Mines of Tzvi”

Theodosius Savnar > “Amen to that!”

The Service concludes.


YC125.11.24 // ATHOUNON VI

The spread of brazen Guristas insurgencies throughout the State-Federation CEMWPA warzone has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the colonies of Athounon, leading to a series of pivotal developments that have seen Rafriules, Acruasau, and Châtellerault agreeing to Taayusaka’s demanding terms. The increasing pressure from the Guristas threat has forced these states into a corner, with surrender being the reluctant choice to mitigate the impact of the insurgencies.

Under Taayusaka’s terms, Corporate Security forces have taken control of these compliant states, and their Federal Marine garrisons have been detained. The surrender of these states marks a significant shift in power dynamics on Athounon VI, with Taayusaka rapidly expanding its territory and influence.

In contrast to their neighbors, the State of Qucrain has opted to resist Taayusaka’s terms, choosing to resume hostilities rather than surrender to corporate control. The Governor of the defiant state issued the following statement:

Let it be known that the people of Qucrain vehemently reject Taayusaka Eskeitan’s audacious terms. We will not bow to corporate coercion or surrender our autonomy. Any attempts to impose control over our territories will be met with fierce resistance. Our people will not be subjugated!

As hostilities resume, we call upon the international community to recognize our unwavering commitment to sovereignty and justice. Qucrain stands defiant, and we will fiercely defend our right to self-governance against any corporate intrusion!

In response to the growing territorial influence, Taayusaka’s CEO, Remilia Malitia, announced the formation of the ‘Athounon Colonial Enhancement Initiative’. This initiative pledges to modernize and safeguard compliant states from foreign aggression in exchange for a wide array of concessions, including extensive mineral wealth rights, Corporate representation in local governments and switching the colonies over to using Sukuuvestaa Scrip. The announcement has triggered widespread unrest, particularly in Rafriules and Acruasau, where citizens have been expressing their dissatisfaction through protests and riots. Taayusaka CorpSec was quick to lend assistance to the local gendarmeries in pacifying dissenting civilians.

The people of Châtellerault, on the other hand, have shown a relatively positive response to the development. Their comparatively content demeanor may be attributed to a variety of factors, including potential economic incentives, a desire for regional stability, or existing negative sentiments toward Federal control, particularly in the aftermath of the Intaki invasion and increasing militarization.

As the Athounon Colonial Enhancement Initiative takes shape, observers are closely monitoring the unfolding events, expressing concerns about the implications for local governance, autonomy, and the rights of the people living within the affected states.


Hueromont Herald - 24.11.125

Concerns about increasing Angel presence in Old Hueromont as Matari Streetgangs pledge their support to the Cartel

A recent announcement from The Yetamos the largest Matari gang in Old Hueromont has caused the local law enforcements to be on high alert as the gang pledged their support to the infamous Angel Cartel. The announcement was made by the Yetamos front figure The Wraith who was a key figure in the gang wars in Old Hueromont that ravaged the streets four years ago.

My siblings of the Tribes. Today is the day where we take a vital step in claiming our place in this city. Today is the day where we will let Hueromont know that we will no longer be stepped on. Today is the day where the Angel Cartel welcomes us into the fold as their blood. Today is the day of Salvation!

The Deathless has brought us a new age. With the reactivation of the old Jove Stargates our allies - our family from Curse will be closer to us. And together we will gain the respect we deserve. Together we no longer have to fear the hatred against our kin. Together we are strong!

Angelus Dominii!

Following the announcement several smaller gangs have also pledged their support to the Angel Cartel. This sudden shift in allegiance could potentially spark another gang conflict in Old Hueromont, and the law enforcement have put out a warning to the citizens in the high risk areas.

The Yetamos had previously pledged their support to capsuleer Mizhir Devara following the attack against her in YC121. There had been speculations on whether the Yetamos were on Dr Devara’s payroll, however their ties had never been confirmed. The Hueromont Herald had attempted to get a statement from Dr Devara regarding the Yetamos’ alliance with the Cartel, so far without luck.


The following is an excerpt of a mail sent to the Warden of The Round Table

…A contingent of 100 marines and 50 scientists have been inserted into the Fulcrum as a research team meant to explore and study the station. Provided materials include, 100 cases of research tools, 10 units of sleeper data, 100 Warclone blanks, as well as a single Antikythera element, so as to see how different parts of the station react to such technology…


Important announcement, See and Hear

20th November YC 125

In a somber tale that echoes through the corridors of curiosity, we announce the departure of Ailer Stane. A dynamic force, he danced on the edges of controversy with an irrepressible energy, a modern-day maverick in the pursuit of truth.

Ailer, a relentless truth seeker, approached life with an insatiable eagerness that left an indelible mark on those who crossed his path. His views sparked debates, and his presence was a lightning rod for the unexpected.

Yet, as fate would have it, the enigma that was Ailer has encountered an untimely end. The circumstances surrounding his departure remain veiled in mystery, a puzzle that even the most astute minds are unraveling.

In a bid to defy the inevitable, a clone fashioned in the likeness of Ailer was poised to carry forth his essence. However, the cosmos seemed to resist this attempt at continuity, and the clone’s activation met an unforeseen obstacle. A peculiar twist in the cosmic script, leaving us to ponder the fragility of even the most ingenious plans.

The cosmic drama unfolds, and investigators now delve into the shadows, seeking answers to the questions that linger in the wake of Ailer Stane’s departure. As we stand at the crossroads of speculation and inquiry, we remember a young man who dared to challenge norms and seek truths yet unknown.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent

(This announcement is followed by this add)
*Are you a wordsmith with a nose for news and a voice that captivates? We’re on the lookout for a dynamic and driven reporter to join our growing team! *
Apply to Jorianna Gallaire


Pegeler Inquirer Headline Roundup, 11.27.125

  • Aftermath of Guristas Insurgency Operations In Pegeler Leave Multiple Planetary and Orbital Facilities In Disarray Over A Week After Conclusion
  • Federated Republics of Renarelle V Extend State of Emergency As Dug-In Stragglers From Guristas Mainforce Continue To Be Found, Struggles With Local Federal Marine Garrison Continue
  • Widespread Outpost Raids In Eugales Leave Dozens Of Independent and Memberstate sponsored Colonies In Chaos, Serpentis Rumored To Be Continuing Raids After Guristas Withdrawal Early Last Week
  • Rumors Of Unmarked Clone Soldier Forces Engaged In Sapper Operations Across District Against Federation and Memberstate Infrastructure
  • Rogue ‘Void Devils’ Clone Pilot Squadron Plunders Significant Resource Cache On Frarie V - Moon 1 Over Weekend
  • High Security System of Archavoinet Continues To Recover Quickly From Insurgency Despite Significant Span of ‘Lawless’ Status, Local Memberstates Attribute Efforts of Security Franchise Holders In Maintaining Clear Spacelanes In-Spite Of CONCORD and Federation Navy Retreats
  • Frictions Continue To Rise As Martial Law Instituted Across Multiple Habitation Platforms and Planetary Colonies Across District, Rioting Reported on Renarelle V, Aubenall IV, Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center, And Other Locations
  • Refurbished Station Off Of Eugales Gate In Archavoinet Continues Re-Initialization Of Primary Systems, Support Materials Continuing Inflow
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YC125.12.3 // ATHOUNON VI

In an anticipated development, Guristas raiding parties have been spotted entering the Athounon system, with multiple reports of ORE corporate facilities being attacked already flowing in.

Attempted landings on the war-torn planet of Athounon VI have led to a relentless and forceful response from both Taayusaka Eskeitan and Federal forces, which continue to be in conflict with one another simultaneously. In the midst of this conflict, Taayusaka and Federal forces have thwarted all attempts by Guristas raiders to establish a foothold on the planet thus far.

Many within both Corporate and Federal controlled territories have been vocally advocating for a ceasefire agreement in order to deal with the raiding parties. Taayusaka representatives have re-iterated that the delicate situation only permits them to reliably offer CorpSec coverage to territories that will accept their terms, as accepted by the states of Rafriules, Acruasau, and Châtellerault already, all of which have been receiving fortifications and dedicated corporate garrisons to deal with this exact situation.

The ongoing clashes raise critical questions about the motivations driving Taayusaka’s robust defense, as residents find themselves caught in the crossfire between the Guristas threat and Taayusaka’s continuing operations.



Intercepted Communications Traffic somewhere from the Free Athounon Planetary Area - 3rd December FC240/YC125

“We’ve brought online the first shipment of anti-air-artillery defences and drone control stations. This equipment makes the launchers we used to take down that transport craft a month ago look like a child’s toy. Additionally, we’ve also received fabricating equipment to produce further munitions. As long as we keep them fed with resources, we can continually produce what we need.”

“What about the next shipment? We need those additional stations and guidance chips to expand our coverage across the frontline, now that those traitors are entreating with the Corpies.”

“We’ve received word that some have been sent down but the rest? They’re still held up in orbital customs. Reports of Commando Guri incursions in system are interfering with normal Customs traffic. There’s four containers in orbit right now - and we cannot get to them or bring them down to the surface without them burning up in atmo.”

“And our benefactors? Are they able to assist?”

“They are not able to escort them to the planet surface at this time. State and Collective patrols interfere with their availability, not to mention the Guristas factoring into the equation.”

“We’ll make do with what we have, then. In the meantime, lets put these drones to good use.”

  • Orbital Satellite Still Footage of a Catalyst Navy Issue-class vessel escorting an inbound planetary shipping container to Athounon VI.

Athounon VI Low Orbit - Skimmed Communications Log - Taayusaka Eskeitan Aerospace Control












Petition for a “more-focused CONCORD-affiliated Militia” has started

Yulai, Genesis - After more than one week from the initial incursions of the Guri Malakim, the recent reports has shown an increase of average destability in all around CEMWPA systems that reaches even the High security ones. The Guristas pirates and the Angel cartel are targetting the faction who’s getting the advantage within the zone causing destabilizations behind the frontiers that can be exploited from the opposing forces, easily accusable to take advantage of the other side’ difficulties increasing more the hostility behind the parties and making literally the game of the criminals. There has been, in fact, no accords between militias of different parts for cooperations against one common enemy and any tentative to stop the unlawful ends almost entirely to a free-for-all battlefield.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that a petition from a group of baseliners has started and collected currently more than 1.000.000 signs about direct CONCORD intervention to re-enstablish and increase the security around the affected regions and “putting end at the CEMWPA, who’s continuing from 15 years to legally end milions of lives - if not bilions - like if it wasn’t enough for the entire cluster”.

Here’s an extraction of one of different letters that have been sent to the CONCORD:

Letter to Irhes Angireh, CONCORD Inner Circle CEO

The following letter has been desperately consigned to the CONCORD authorities. More of them will follow.

Messrs of the CONCORD,

I am nobody. I am a number. I am statistics. So I’m not worthy to put my name here or written below and when you’ll receive this letter. I am probably died, like many of us condemned to costantly live in a permanent and legalized battlefield and having no choice if not staying here and die.

The situation within the CEMWPA systems have to be seen with human eye and not with numbers, camera feeds or, most importantly, media and propaganda between different political forces. If we’re used to see costantly switches of authorities who guarantee security to the civilians with their different methods, now there’s a third part who’s worsing our conditions from any point of view. Every day I go out of my colony apartment hoping to see it intact when I go back home at the end of the work; quality of life drastically worsen without any increase in security level, salary or further services to improve it. Not only the employees but also the employers are blocked in this situation that force them to dismiss poor people and increase taxes to survive. This is not a “workers-vs-capitalists” situation; this is a thing that involves every single human in this condition, no matter the ideology, country, religion, culture, society etc. etc. .

If the migration flows from the Lowsecs weren’t enough, now I also hear even the Hisecs are in danger. If we ever have the condition to depart and manage to run from this miserable life, where can we go? When will systems like New Caldari, Luminaire, Pator or Amarr will be directly sieged by the Deathless? Will be there a place considered “safe” somewhere in this cluster? While I make these questions, one friend of mine lost his brother, another one his wife, another one again his son. I write this letter before a catastrophe happens to me, to make you understand this is not a thing I desperately write because something bad happened personally to me.

I hope you heard about speculations to create some authority who could regulate this crisis without precedent. I already think asking to abolish the CEMWPA will be too much for you, because you have to keep calm those gods who manipulate our lives and I don’t blame completely yours for that. But I think there could exist some god who could be responsible of their power and that could use that for a better good even for subhumans like us. We want you help them to create something who could convince them to do the right thing and cooperate different parties against one common enemy. Why don’t EDENCOM do that? Is that an organization made only against triglavians? What happened to the old era of the joint operation against the Sansha’s Nation? Why can’t a similar cooperation be created again?

Many of us - in this moment 1.436.914 people, exponentially increasing - are requesting similar responses through different messages, different letters, different testimony. Probably I won’t ever know those answers, because, has said before, I will probably be dead when they will come. So, after annoyed you for too much time. I thank you in advance for your availability, for disturbance and I hereby farewell you forever.


As mentioned before, similar letters of different people have been sent to any possible authority in those systems and they report different tragic stories, one worse than other, and various statistics about crimes, victims and literally warcrimes. CONCORD still have no declarations about these requests nor it has about the general situation that’s escalating right now.