Secret Santa 2019

Yeah, I see that and figured as much. Guess @Aegis_Muutaras got double Secret Santa which is where the line got messed up.

Anyway, I didn’t create this thread, I was just trying to help get it back on track.

But yeah, it’s not cool getting overlooked and bypassed. I do have a Bowhead sitting in assets but I earned that the old fashioned way, I built it.

However I did manage to find the next best thing, hope you like it and good luck.

@Space_Anarchist Merry Christmas.

Confirmed @Space_Anarchist received Contract gift.

Looks like the next person on the Secret Santa gift list is @A4443_Suicide_Gank

Everybody needs to realize that I didn’t create this thread, I was just trying to help get it back on track and in doing so, I’ve now invested way too much time, effort and ISK to accomplish that.

In my opinion the rules on how this event is conducted should be revised to insure no mess-up’s happen again.

From now on, please direct all questions, problems or issues to @AMK_Fighter_Otsolen

lol, I now have a hankering to go crazy in a fully fit PVP max damage Tornado


Thank you!!!.

I believe @A4443_Suicide_Gank is waiting for a gift from the next secret santa

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that is correct :slight_smile:

@DiDDleR received the Tengu, thx a lot dude :slight_smile:


This is the gift exchange for the 1%.

Fine, comrade grinch - you get one piece of carbon for Christmas then.

Alright, alright…I guess you kind of have a point…what are your suggestions?

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I’m not TRYING to be grumpy - I just came on here to see what was up and Yikes! People trading supercaps and keepstars. Good for them :slight_smile:

Who was trading a super cap or a keepstar?

I was exaggerating. Golems and whatever…

I have more of a Catalyst budget and Vexor aspirations.

I chuckled. I would love to participate in this thread, but that would sadly break some of the Rules. Love the holiday spirit though, keep it up!

Also I have 0 isk. Please don’t send me any, it will just go into the corp wallet and promptly be ignored. That thing could have trillions, and I’ll never know, because I never look at it. What am I gonna spend it on, corvettes?


heehee yeah you guys do a great job, after all you do put up with people like myself lol

Merry Christmas ISD’er



@Xeux - that’s not a problem at all, spirit that counts yadda yadda. Give a catalyst to someone in a starter system or whatever.

Just to show no hard feelings…commie ;)…have a present.

Hopefully you’ll take the destroyer and shoot the fireworks off on the amarr or jita undock.
Difficult to fathom why people want to faf about with drones when they could be melting things with the purefying light of wonderful lasers… Of course, Amarr do use some droneboats as well, if one insists on that sort of somewhat cruder weapon…just sayin’.

There is your vexor, and a backup for when it explodes gloriously in a cloud of red glowing dust.

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Lol. Right on!

It might take me a couple of days to get them handed out, but I will get some destroyers into the hands of the newbros.

In the meantime, I fear that I have derailed this thread (again).

To recap, A4443_Suicide_Gank is hoping for a fitted golem or tengu for wormhole sites - after providing a generous upwell structure to his recipient!


Week 1 is over now and we saw a lot of nice gifts that have been exchanged, like a Rorqual or a Bling Rattlesnake.

At this point I also want to say thank you to @DeMichael_Crimson and @Complex_Math for helping everyone to Keep the chain on Track and giving extra gifts.

But please from now on, to make it simple for everyone to understand:
As mentioned in the 1st post: Only post when you want a gift and participate
When you receive gift: EDIT your Post where you requested it and added screenshot of your gift, dont make a new one please.

So we can avoid people getting skipped or receiving multiple gifts(which is not very fair tbh - spirit is 1 gift per 1 gifted person)

Next in the Chain: @A4443_Suicide_Gank who hopes for a fitted Golem/Tengu for WH sites.

Keep the gifts coming :slight_smile:


Can I offer an additional suggestion? If you send a gift, and the person doesn’t confirm receipt in the thread - you should update your own screen shot to show that your gift was accepted. (If this won’t work for whatever reason, let me know and I’ll delete this post)


@A4443_Suicide_Gank I hope Santa got this right with L5 subsystem & missile skills it will do over 700 DPS and has a 500 EHP/s active tank with neut protection o7

EDIT: Contract has been accepted

I would like a Battleship fit for running null sec Sansha escalations (10/10 DED) please…

Thank you @MUNOI for the Dominix fit! Merry Christmas


I hope that Santaclause got the right ship for you to run 10/10 sites


The Dominix will do the Job just fine

I am Looking for a fitted Ikitursa for Abyssal PVP like this one:
Wanted to try it for so long


looks like santa needs a long time…
I hope he did not get stuck in delivery queue

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No need to worry bro, there’s still plenty of time left, especially since the OP said he would give out the last Secret Santa gift.

Ah eff it, tis the season. She isn’t kitted out like the one you posed, but she’s full of abyss mods with ammo and hookers to boot. Should be a giggle to go get blown up and have a good time.

She was built to get murdered for my first Eve birthday. It won it’s dual vs a Golem and came home alive.

Looking for something special from Santa. I joined just a year ago and have enjoyed the ride. leaving it a bit open ended.

EDIT: The most random pile stuff received lol