Should the Game consider Tourists?

Hmm, still have a few months to go. Don’t like to waste money if at all possible. So, I’ll make and sell some stuff. Just bought a T2 cruiser , will fit it out, do some diving into tourist style areas, shower death all round, kill rats for Africa, gather their bones, boil them into soup, sell the soup for profit and avoid arseholes like you.
Fly in Grace,

What about Soweto tourist? I never said Soweto. Don’t know of any Soweto? Oh, you mean South Western Township? Google is wonderful.

Never played any game in God Mode - no point. However, those games were not sandbox games where you had no control over your sandbox.
I wonder if you ever played Baldur’s Gate?

CCP has abandoned the idea of new customers, all that matters is the small core of addicted subscribers willing to keep dozens of accounts active through a lack of a life or botting. Great post though.

Because a normal alt can be engaged and killed normally. A tourist scout has a 5 minute invulnerability timer which can be reset by rotating through multiple tourists.

Hmm, that I did not consider! I do not think devious and that is devious! ■■■■! Back to the drawing board.
Ok, back at the board:
Another exclusion: No account with more than one character can support a Tourist. Simple. Thanks for the nudge.

So really its for your benefit because you dont want to fly a Cov Ops Frig or Interceptor properly

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Hi, I don’t actually agree with your assessment of my thinking. Almost every game on Earth has ‘modes’ of play to suit the hardcore or not. Baldur’s Gate is a typical example of when a player has no option really - the game will destroy you time and time again by sending you into situations that, if you accept them, then you had best be well-equipped. It is a classic for those reasons but not for ‘every’ player.
Eve is similar but less hardcore - if you only trade from a station until you can’t move for ISK, then the game suits you. If you manufacture you might never undock - this style might suit you and you become of value to Eve. Why is it that the trade hubs formed in HI-sec? Why not LO or NULL? Why ARE there sectors if Eve is so hardcore?
Ok, I never said that my idea is the ‘answer’. I said that it is a suggestion - that is all. Why not run it for a term? See what happens ito new players participating. New players are given so much now that they almost cannot fail! “Daddy, buy me some PLEX please so I can kill the wicked man who shot me.” Pay to Win - there is an 'L" missing somewhere.
To be a sandbox, the game needs to have scope for children’s imagination and there needs to be a section of the sandbox that is protected from the ‘kick it over’ types who seem to predominate - because they can, I suppose. It is false to call Eve a sandbox game - it is not. It is carefully constructed and maintained to keep a certain Status Quo among the players that the game aspires to - It wants to be hardcore and keeps it that way - as long as the revenue come in.
Anyway, nice talking with you,
Fly safe.

There is a way to safely explore New Eden without needing to kill anything, although things may be trying to kill you - that’s the nature of this game after all - so I would suggest to use a cloaking device at all times. That way is called Singularity, the test server. A new mirror was taken just a couple of days ago, so you have access to it, via the Eve launcher.

As to creating “sanctuary mode for tourists”, as long as they are not allowed to mine, manufacture, trade, use weapons on npc’s and players i.e., behave as real tourists, sure. In other words, people not capable to handle a game like Eve are better off looking for another game, just like a monopoly player can not be a tourist in a chess game.

You are using the term “tourist mode” as a poorly disguised excuse to create pvp immunity for your play style., which is to profit from the game’s economy. We already have plenty of tourists, that’s why the economy is in the state it’s in, with all of us in a shortage phase. You’re either a member of the New Eden population, with all the ups and downs, or you are not.

Why not ?! Plenty of softer games out there. The rest of us happen to like this one because it is the exception.


Yes, thanks for your careful analysis, Wadiest. I have not used Singularity but can one play the whole game (sans killing) on the server? I must look at it if that is the case.

The idea behind the Tourist is to get the ‘feel’ of the game without the instant death experience - the TIMER protects them, not invulnerability - they get a chance to run away - but only PVP, not PVE. I play PVE quite happily and take my losses as they come, and they do. I trade, mine, manufacture, run l3/4 missions, research, invent, crush rocks into minerals, sell them to players who need them, salvage wrecks and sell/use the salvage. I do not shoot people - call it a failing! I don’t steal, either - damn! Another fail.
If you read the whole article (it is quite long) you will know that any aggression on a Player cancels the Tourist flag immediately and, in fact, gives the poor Player a 30 second timer where he/she/it is invulnerable to the devious ex-Tourist.
I object to you inferring I am a cheat - I am not. I play the game to my best ability as so do you, I imagine. You might be an excellent PVP’er and loathe Mining - too boring etc… Live and die by the sword stuff. Well, that’s your choice and my suggestion does not influence your game in ANY WAY. You can carry on killing noobs if you can catch them - think of it as a challenge to your killing skills.
You seem to have missed the point of my question on why Eve actually has sectors: I am not inferring by the question that Eve is too hardcore - just the opposite. (sorry, have to go. End part 1) TBC

Eve is a full-time, PvP everywhere Battle Royale game A virtual universe. It doesn’t make sense to allow players “opt-out” of that world, especially in a competitive game where intel on your opponent’s activities is a relevant part of the game.

As has been said, you can pretty safely already move around New Eden with the existing slippery ships with minimal risk. But there is suppose to be risk everywhere, so just making a spectator mode, or PvP-off mode isn’t in the cards.

Eve has sectors so all sorts of players can play this game - including those that want to play a cuthroat competitive game where you can always interact with your opponent. There are various shades of how this works, but why do you think CCP should satisfy your curiosity or whatever is motivating this and take that gameplay away from players who want to live in more dangerous space with less restrictions?

If you want to tour the game, there is the test server. Otherwise, leave the people alone who want to play Eve in their full open-world PvP sandbox alone, and stick to the spaces with more restrictions designed for players who don’t want to play in as hardcore a mode.

This kind of confuses me, you seem to want space tourists so you can get about easier yet you say here that the game isn’t hardcore.

I believe at least 1 person has been to all the systems, so it is possible to do without being a tourist. Having tourists would kind of make that person’s effort less meaningful.

Why not forget tourists and just go and see the things you think you want to see. Of course you won’t as the risks outweigh your desire to see those things.

I agree, there should be no sectors, no CONCORD it should all be essentially null.

Part Two: Why does Eve even HAVE sectors if it so hardcore:
This is not so much a question as a statement - the ‘answer’ is that it is NOT hardcore at all - you hardcore players think it is whereas CCP do NOT think that - very few people would even START to play the game if they were thrust into NUL Sec as non-blue in the first minutes of life in a beginner’s ship. There are thousands of games out there (I imagine) where players get to choose the level they start at. Some even go on to play at the DEATH level - after a little experience, of course. I do realise that games like that mostly do have F10, but some don’t - hardcore!
I do not imagine that any hardcore killer of the innocent would want to play at Tourist level for too long - maybe a few minutes to help find a new home somewhere in deep space. Once settled, I imagine, they would relinquish the Timer and play as normal.
I am also puzzled why responders keep on suggesting I get into a slippery ship and travel everywhere cloaked. I, personally, can do this and have done so. Lost my first ‘cloaked’ when AFK and lost my latest ‘slippery’ to a Fleet on a mission very recently. It has taken me a long time playing to build up enough ISK to buy these ships so I cannot imagine HOW a newbie without skills nor ISK CAN buy these items in order to survive with little problem in Eve. It may even be a conundrum :slight_smile:

This IS a problem I did not foresee. I have since proposed that any account with multiple characters cannot support a Tourist character. I am not sure how to handle DUAL boxed accounts however.
My thinking is:

  1. Scrap Tourism (too easy);
  2. Limit a Tourist standing to a TIME frame from initial logon to EVE ie “say” 5 hours playtime (probably the best solution all round);
  3. Change the name to ROOKIE PLAYER, or Amateur Player, or something like that.

A bit rhetorical, but I’ll try to answer:
IF Somalia wanted to attract Tourists (like Disney) then they would ensure the environment was cordial and acceptable to the tourist - this would be the only way UNLESS they marketed their country as a Pirate’s Paradise where ‘YOU TOO’ will attack FOREIGN PIGS and KILL THEIR SHIPS for your OWN GLORY. You might DIE in FLAMES! p.s. not for the easily seasick person.
In my first post I mentioned the fact that a tourist MIGHT enter a war zone only for the experience. This was based on a beautifully funny book called “The Colour of Magic” by (recently passed) Sir Terry Pratchett. Read it or watch the movie and understand how a Tourist might want to experience a place fully. Sir Terry, of course, created his own World - Discworld. Marvelous place!

Except if you started in Null youd have no trouble being recruited into an organisation and going blue. Unless, you chose not to, of course.

What if I told you it was mostly homages, satire and spoofing of previous books he enjoyed?

Hello Ramona,
I just enjoy his work. He is acknowledged as the creator of Discworld. All great artists have to be inspired by something, and he had the knack of amusing me. So, well done to him. I remember him fondly and that is the way I’ll stay.
What would I say if you told me? i would say you read contentious stuff just to be critical of successful people. Probably gives you a sense of superiority over the author by demeaning his work. Terry probably was as cynical about his subjects as you are about him - it is all over his work - but I cannot place him as a plagiarist and I don’t want to.
Starting in NUL is the epitome of being the Sowetu Tourist - that is fact. ‘Probably’ does not cut it.
Kind regards,

In what way was I cynical? And no, an artist creates a homage to something they feel fondly for.

No it isnt. If you had the option to start in Null at the start, then Null Alliance recruiting agents would be all over those systems like they are all over starter systems.

Youd immeadiately have a job in the Null Sec equivalent of a low level office with some perks, and some responsibities.

Youd be more Wikus than Prawn

G_d, I hated that movie - not the way it ended but its authoritarian intentions. They are doing it now - trying to force foreigners out of areas just because…
You are obviously a Saffer and I don’t feel like arguing with fellows about a trivial suggestion that would have absolutely no impact on the HARDCORE world of Eve. If you don’t like the suggestion for a reason or two then state them. I do listen to you and have taken on many different tacks after good advice. I need good information which is difficult to get as all tell me.
Why cynical? That’s how you came across - that’s all.